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i.jwNjorrfiMOi Ml 


Ikawkno »i_*ce or tmc 

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^^y' •'• 

: ^^>:^4>:. 


■JUN 1 2009 , 

PLYMOUTH. MA 02360 / 


'. ■■':■/■■ 

.-•V . ' >, 



/<•• - ..,^y-' ^ -: 


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^^^"/'^ .,^S^ .^,^.^.^, .,,y ,:^-y^^,— 





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' ,;*^*'< 



• / c 

t" ■>:.r".*'Ci,J 


~j~ime to sau goodbye. 

r laces that I've never seen or expen'encea with c/ou, 

now /shall. 

I'll sail with Ljou upon ships across the seas. 

^eas that exist no more, I'll revive them with you. 

Ifs time to sau goodbye. 

(^uarantotto, jartori S- Icterson 




American Cancer Society 


GOLD Team 


fn the fight 
nst cancer! 

T'Jti^S S(xviuu^ S<it^ <^oid l&Mt 

nsy BO, 2008 





(PO^S Junior (Prom 


Links . A 
Country W 


Junior (Prom Court 

(pat Xir^Cand, (Brett Chashov, JiCCian Wfiite, Joey TCynn, Mcote (DadifC, T(yCe (Payson 

Jessica (Brown, (prom Queen Sarah (BramfmCC, %inQ Jonathan QCaudio, J4my Za^ 


-WM^ '--■ y-->fjaw a n rTS» - 

#MT#B1]KP ^T g®# 



r. A 




fi i 






^'~ - 

■ r^., 








V^-^ /(-jpi 

t»f>x;. • ^^' 

Many, many tHan^ to the parents who gave time andheCp to ma^ 

O^oSerfest '08 a tremendous success. 

Lindsay and her mom, Janice SiCva ; Sara and her mom, CheryC^BramhaCC; 

Jess and her mom, Linda (Brown;, <I)an and his mom, %athy 9/iurphy; 

Andrew and his mom, Jeanne Qahitt; Sheita and her dad, Tom Tey 



A ^outhers Marsh 

i GolfOub 

7^^ Annual Ryder Cup 
October 17, 2008 


PNHS eolf Team 


PNHS Faculty 

Overall Tournament Status 

Faculty 4 Students 3 




Lady Xagies 


JAC£ Soccer Cfiamps 


Jknnouncinfj the J^omecominfj Court 

King Anthony Clark with 
Queen Elizabeth Hogan 

J{ationaC J{onor Society's Car Wasfi 

SeptemBer IStfi 




-■ 1- -< • 

Army Operation Domination 

Hcllrwoed - Cetiind the Scenes 


ski Lodge 



Class rf 'M 





■ ^^^^1 E^^^^^QR^nn^^^ ■■■■i ESB^ ^^B^^ 

Thanksgiving Day Game 

at Romano Field 

Plymouth North Eagles 30 

Plymouth South Panthers 6 

Joe Flynn threw for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns, kicked a field 

goal and 3 extra points. Jannieson Wood scored 2 touchdowns 

while Matt Brouillard and Matt Walsh each scored 1 touchdown. 

Seniors Tom Maclnnes, Corey Kneeland, Ryan Milian and 

JJ Savoia had a great ganne. 

Manj Mortensen 

Mary Callahan 
Vice Principal 

Derek Thompson 
Vice Principal 

Kevin Farrell 





Meaghan Abrams 
English Department 

Kimberly Allen 
Social Studies Department 

Tracy Anzuoni 
Educational Support Staff 

Joanne Axon 
ELA Tutor 

James Babb 

World Languages 


Mary Jane Banullle 

Special Education 



Donna Bamjs 

Michael Bastoni 
Technology Education 

Christine Belnionte 

Special Education 


Christine Benoit 

Kristen Bilbo 

Special Education 


Diane Blaisdell 
Mathematics Department 

Gary Boccaci 

Teresa Bonetti 
Educational Support Staff 

Jackie Bouley 

Family & Consumer 


Judith Brisbois 
Educational Support Staff 

Nancy Brown 
Educational Support Staff 

Dana Bruggeman 



Jason Burgess 

Special Education 


Joseph Burkhead 

William Burkhead 
Athletic Director 

Jane Burt 

Physical Education 


Michael Cabral 
Mathematics Department 

Michael Canauan 
Adjustment Counselor 

Donald Cauicchi 

Mario Cedrone 
Credit Recouery 

Maureen Chamberlain 

Dauid Clark 
Social Studies Department 

Melissa Cole 

Special Education 


Emerson Coleman 

Physical Education 



Gloria Comeau 
Educational Support Staff 

Elaine Connell 

Special Education 


Kelli Conte 
Educational Support Staff 

Meredith Cosseboom 
Educational Support Staff 

Barry Coujgill 
Marketing Department 

Jennifer Crane 
Educational Support Staff 

James Crosby 
English Department 

Andrew Daitsman 

World Languages 


L. Sheldon Daly 

Special Education 


Maria daSilua 

r^ancy Dawson 

Virtual High School 


Denise Day 


Terese Dentici 

World Languages 

Wanda DeSchamp-Saoard 
Educational Support Staff 

Melanie Dolloff 
l^athematics Department 

Colleen Donlan 

Educational Support Staff- 


Carol Downey 
Educational Support Staff 

William Drew 

Physical Education 


Andrew Dugan 
English Department 

Donna Eddy 

l-fealth Education 


Darcie Enea 

Physical Education 


Rachel Fallon 

World Languages 


William Farrell 
Social Studies Department 

Nancy Flanagan 


Clare Ftouuers 


Main Office 

Eric Foley 

Physical Education 


Margaret Foley 
Mathematics Department 

Dorothy Follette 

Student Services 

Penny Freeman 


Main Office 

Hymeld Gaignard 
Mathematics Department 

Brunnie Getchell 
Guidance Counselor 

Janine Giatrakos 

Special Education 


Patricia Glynn 
Science Department 

Linda Goggin 

World Languages 


Barbara Grauelle 

Special Education 


Jo-Anne Gretemeyer 
Guidance Counselor 



Judy Gallagher 
Educational Support Staff 

Douglas Griswold 
School Psycholoyiat 

Christopher Gusman 
Mathematics Department 

Jeremy Hales 
Social Studies Department 

Nicole Harkins 
Educational Support Staff 

Sherie Harkins 
Art DepartnierU 

Michele Haslett 
English Department 

Joelene Hoffman 
Social Studies Department 

Elizabeth Hughes 
English Department 

Mary Humberd 
Mathematics Department 

Cynthia Hunter 
Educational Support Staff 

Susan Hurley 



Donald luas 

Special Education 


Jessica Jackson 
Science Department 

Michelle Janise 
English Department 

Donna Johnson 
Educational Support Staff 

Daniel Kaiser 

Judy Kaiser 

Eileen Kelley 
Secretary-Main Office 

Kathleen Kotros 
Educational Support Staff 

Johnna Lanibert 
Educational Support Staff 

Lynn Larracuente 
Social Studies Department 

Sharon Lasky 
English Department 

Kim Latosek 
Educational Support Staff 


Bryant Lefebvre 
Mathematics Department 

Michelle Letvison 

World Languages 


Laura Lincoln 
Security Resource Officer 

Tanya Little 

Educational Support Staff- 


Sonya Lopes 

Margaret Madden 
Special Education-CARE 

Megan Magna 

Educational Support Staff- 


Emily Jo Manley 
English Department 

Gary Mason 
Educational Support Staff 

Virginia McHugh 
Science Department 

Alfred Merrifield 

Karen Merrill 
Science Department 


Marta Monteiro 

Steven Moore 
Social Studies Department 

Ann Motyka 

Physical Education 


Michael Murphy 
Educational Support Staff 

Justine Naper 
Allied Health 

Kathleen Nee 


Main Office 

Alida Nickerson 
Adjustment Counselor 

Andrea Norton 
Guidance Counselor 

Jill O'Reilly 
Educational Support Staff 

Dana PerlouJ 
Social Studies Department 

Donna Petrangelo 
English Department 

Kathleen Plante 
Educational Support- 
Nurse's Office 


Rory Plants 
Mathematics Department 

Jonathan Porter 
Music Department 

Janet Prolman 

Mary Quinn 
Science Department 

Pamela Quick 

Meghan Quirke 

Linda Randall 
Mathematics Department 

Brian Raymond 
Music Department 

Euelyn Raymond 
Main Office Substitute 

Patricia Reardon 
School Nurse 

Lisa Richard 
Science Department 

Elizabeth Robbins 
Science Department 


Elaine Robinson 
Speech Pathology 

Maureen Rosa 
Secretary-Data Processing 

Nancy Rozak 
Science Department 

Maryjo Sabaleivski 
Science Department 

Catherine Sampson 
Art Department 

Christine Sampson 

Special Education 


Robert Savage 
Technology Education 

Cynthia Scanlon 

Katherine Schram 
Marketing Department 

Erin Serrilla 
Educational Support Staff 

Joyce Sherman 

Diane Sherman-Colerick 

World Languages 



Scon Shirley 

Educational Support Staff- 

Behauior Para 

Robert Siloa 

Steuen Silua 

Susan Silva 
Educational Support Staff 

Lonnie Sininions 

Health Education 


Deborah Smith 

Special Education 


Kathy Smith 
Educational Support Staff 

Diane Soares 

Patricia Spinetti 

Mary Ellen Stephen 
Science Department 

Mark Tanguay 
Guidance Counselor 

Marcia Tatalias 


Sytuia Thornton 
Music Departmenl 

Christine Travassos 
MCAS Tutor 

Deborah Travers 
Educational Support Staff 

Robert Trepanier 

Marcus Urann 
Mathematics Departmenl 

Timothy Ward 

Social Studies 


Barbara Webster 
Educational Support Staff 

Julie Webster-Byram 
Educational Support Staff- 

Kathleen Williams 
Educational Support Staff 

Dorothy Woods 
Secretary-Main Office 

Jon Zucchi 
Music Department 

Elizabeth Zurolo 
English Department 






Arizona Senator John McCain wins 
the Republican nomination for president 
and names Alaska Governor Sarah 
Palln as his running mate. Palin is the 
Republican Party's first female nominee 
for vice president. 




. inriijiiiyitMa)lipilBiiir-%i 









" i^ 

Obama's grassroots organization i 
and innovative Web campaign is 
credited with inspiring young and 
first-time voters to participate heavily 
in the election. 



*fi.JS?»-l III/ 


•* -ar 

y i1 ; Til '-f«.H!5^-HilililJ 

The values, fashion and 
personal vitality of the Obama 
family resonate with Americans. 
Public interest in the first family 
rivals that of the interest in the 
Kennedy family in the 1960s. 


M|J Barack Obama makes history 
as the first African-American to 
win the presidency of the United 
States. The former Illinois senator 
, promises an era of change that 
■g captures the imagination of 
^ voters nationwide. 

I Electoral Votes 

Obama 365 
McCain 173 


In January 2009, president-elect Obama ( 

attends the ultimate power lunch in the White 
House, meeting and getting advice from 
President Bush as well as former Presidents 
George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. 


^ <:y^O/rf!{,,fy ^j;. 

During the ( 

ceremony, Malia 
Obama captures 
the moment from 


AP Pholo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais jt __^ _ 


^ . <'jpp^ 


3hP^v i| 


^Hh^v ^ 




^^m n 





(AJ Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president 
of the United States before millions in Washington, 
DC. Obama's inaugural address calls for a 
"new era of responsibility" in the face of economic 
decline and a pledge to choose "hope over fear." 



cBoseBlho pe] 



I^M'. ^i*^? 

•M' .' .♦, <*- 


ft fv 

Unewploywent rate hits 16-year high in January £009 




^^ With buying power declining in the consumer 
marketplace, companies natiotiwide are forced 
to lay off workers. The national Unemployment 
rate hits 72 percent in December and is rising 
steadily. The hardest hit states are Michigan, 
Rhode Island, California and Sbuth Carolina. 





Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images 

(a) Detroit's struggling "Big Three" automakers, 
General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, request 
and are eventually offered a bailout package 
of just over $17 billion in December. 

Many retailers are forced to file for 
bankruptcy or go out of business after 
being unable to rebound from Ifie fiarsh 
economy and a very disappointing fourtfi 
quarter of 2008. 

In September, Google and General Electric 
partner to develop clean technologies. 
Modernizing the national electric grid to 
enable wider deployment of wind, solar and 
geothermal energy will be an early priority. 


Brad Pitt launches the 
"Make It Right ' project to 
build 150 green-sensitive 
new homes in the New 
Orleans Lower 9th Ward, 
which was destroyed by 
Hurricane Katrina. Pitt 
contributes $5 million to 
the project. 

V t» * 

. .• "• 



The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics 

performances in Olympic history. 

,(▼) American swimmer Michael Phelps 
• • makes Olympic history with eight gold 

*. medals. Phelps sets three world records 

in his five individual wins. 



^v^ w 


1 :^ 



_ ■ f 


§ 1 










■ 1 £ 
• ' 1 

^_ \ 




1 ^ 



i. . 





Stephenie Meyer's runaway 
best-seller, Twilight, becomes 
a hit movie starring Robert 
^attinson and Kristen Stewart 
as Edward and Bella. 


^ '^- ' 



i4^ ^> 



Slumdog Millionaire, a surprise entry 
from India about teen life in Mumbai, 
and Brad Pitt's The Curious Case of 
Benjamin Button, about a man who ages 
backwards, monopolize Academy Award 
nominations with a combined total of 23. 


Rapper Lil' Wayne takes home four 
Grammies, including Rap Album 
of the Year for Tha Carter III and 
Best Rap Song. 



^^ Due to low ratings, MTV's flagship show 
Total Request Live shuts down in November 
after a 10-year run. 




<- -y 


Britney Spears rebounds from 
years of personal challenges with 
her fifth No.1 album, Circus. She 
becomes the only act in Nielsen 
SoundScan history to have four 
albums that debut with 500,000 
or more copies sold. 








R&B singer/songwriter 
Ne-Yo brings out his 
third album, Year of the 
Gentleman, which debuts 
on the Billboard 200 at 
No. 2. The album garners 
six Grammy nominations. 






The video for's 
song "Yes We Can" 
garners more than 1 .3 
million hits on YouTube 
and becomes an anthem 
for young voters during 
the presidential campaign. 

,. WJl 

,'/ s \ 




Fox's American Idol adds a fourth judge to the 
popular show. Grammy-nominated songwriter 
Kara DioGuardi joins regular panelists Randy 
Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. 










Rocker David Cook, 
with 58 percent of the fan 
votes, beats balladeer 
David Archuleta in the 
2008 finals of Fox's 
American Idol. 


Class of ZOOS 


Justine Achille 

Congratulations class of '09 for making it this far! 
Thank you to all my friends and family for helping 
me get to where I am now. I've had some great 
memories over these past four years: running!, sopho- 
more clique days, sleepovers. and endless hours of 
laughter! Good luck to everyone in everything you 
do, and remember: "Carpe. carpe diem, seize the 
day boys, make your lives extraordinary" -Dead 
Poets Society. 

Kayla Almeida 

"Nobody gets to live life backward, look ahead that 
is where your future lies." -Ann Landers. These four 
years at Plymouth North High School have gone by 
so fast, it's unbelievable. I will always remember all 
the great memories I made in high school. To my 
friends, family, and boyfriend, thanks for being there 
for me and thank you Mom and Dad for making me 
who I am today. Good Luck class of 2009; this is 
only the beginning to the rest of our lives. 

Tiffany Page Aguiar 

"Our lives are before us. our pasts are behind us but our 
memories are forever with us."- AiioMyinoiis Mom S Dad 
thank you for all your love and support with everything I 
have done ¥ Frank- enjoy high school, good luck! Thank 
you to all o( my teachers and my coaches: Coach Foley. 
ColemuM. Perloui. Cojj'm. Burkhead and PlaiUe. Soccer Girls 
¥ sui cb ad ACL champs! Basketball and lacrosse; ¥ "Truly 
great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impos- 
sible to forget." SMGC crew; Will, thanl^s for everything 
¥ bm I'u) eu) good luck guys, keep in touch Semper Fi. 
"Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go 
forward and make your dreams come true " Ralph Waldo 
Emerson. Good luck Class of 20091 


Nick Anastos 

Mr. Lefebvre. Ms. Zurolo. Mr. Plante. Mr. Burgess, 
Mr, Hales, and Ms. Manley-Thanks! Go confidently 
in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've 
imagined. -Henry David Thoreau. (keep singing Ms. 



John Allen 

Renee Andrews 

"in this vast network ot sharks and minnows, where the minnows 
outnumber llie sharks a million to one. why is It that we yet to 
converge? To take on the upperhand? Why have we been so scared? 
Well not today. Not anymore This Is us growing up Slill young, 
but no longer impressionable We have come to pillage We have 
come 10 burn. We have come to incite the not We ha\e come to 
take It over, (set your goals)!" I want to Ihank m^ mom and grand- 
mother for believing in me and guiding me in the right direction 
through the rough limes. Dad-I might not get to see you that olten, 
but I just want you to know that you're such a big part ot m\ lite 
and my soul. You will always be my role model and guardian angel. 
To all the seniors, good luck in the luturei 


Kelsey Anti 

'In every life you have some trouble, when you worry 
you make it double, don't worry, be happy." 
::BobMarley Mom. Dad, Hillary- Thanks for every- 
thing, love you so much. Nonnie. Papa, Auntie. Uncle 
Jimmy, and Jess < 3 Thanks for always being there. 
Girls and Guys < 3 You mean everything to me. 
Countless memories, most forgotten : ) I wouldn't 
trade them for anything 

Kerry Lynn Anti 

"Sometimes what you want isn't always what you get. but 
in the end what you get is so much better than what you 
wanted" -AnonymousMom. dad. nonnie. papa. auntie. uncle 
iimmy.iess.krystale thanks tor everything you've done (or 
me throughout the years I love you guys so much.Declan. 
thanks for always being there for me. I love you. "I get by 
with a little help from my friends "-JL. girls and guys¥i 
wouldn't have wanted to spend my high school years with 
anyone else. Rachel and Nikki. thanks for helping me get 
through everything these past couple years. memories-fresh- 
man year.Halloween. football games. new years. homecoming 
05. pep pimp.lorrest rides. feb vaca 07. parades, 
boston. fh 05 06 07. .^rd and 4th of |uly. Class of 09.1 wish 
you all the best. 

Ariane Renee Bernier 

"A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on 
forever, "-unknown 

I cant believe we finally did it class of 09! Its been a wild 
ride and we've shared so many memories over the past 
four years. And I wish you luck in all that you do. The 
future is ours. Let's get it! Thanks to my Mom. Dad and 
family for always believing in me. and putting up with me 
all these years. We made it! To Chanelly. Mini-me. Lili. Ti, 
Laura Balls. Fresh. BTB. DAB. Lisha. Tata. Suave. Pimpin. 
CS. KL.KR.EB. AM. MF.DD.TP.JC and all the rest, you 
mean the world to me and I wouldn't be who I am today 
without you. You're no longer only my friends . . . you're 
my family. 

Angela Bertoni 

Jacquehjn Best 

Delaneij Blute 

How Ya' Doin'? John F. Kennedy once said "Efforts and 
courage are not enough without purpose and direction". 
This is very true for me. If I did not have the direction and 
guidance given to me by my parents, then I would not be 
the man I am today. I would like to thank my parents and 
my friends lor all the support they have given me over the 
SD, .IB. DM. MH, AC. The poker nights were awesome 
sliliough I have yet to win. Pipen' YOU ARE GOIN DOWN. 
Good luck to everyone in the class ol 09, Your Future is 
uhat you make it. Make it the best you can. We have to 
use time as a tool not as a couch— JFK 

"Take responsibility lor yourself because no one's going to take 
responsibility tor you"- Tyra BanksvThe tour yrs here have been so 
much funvl did winter and spring track. v\hich was a blaslvl would 
like 10 thank my Mom. Dad. Sister lor the support they gave me 
My teachers lor helping me. Mr Burgess. Mrs Mo. Mrs Schram. 
Mrs. Blaisdell. Mrs. Enea. Mrs. Connell. Mrs Sampson. Mrs Harkins. 
Mr Tanguay. Mr, Thompson Favonte people: SS. BQ. AD. JC. 
DH. AP MPvMemones: Scarecrow Hill. Homecoming. Prom. Foot- 
ball Game. Baseball Game. MSOD» I want to thank my teachers 
Miss Jodi. Miss Lynne. Miss Katie. Miss Jocelyn that I will miss at 
MSOD »l love you so much* Good Luck CLASS OF 09!» 

"Remember when the only problems with boys were coo- 
ties? Your parents were superheroes and your worst en- 
emies were your siblings. Race issues were about who ran 
the fastest and war was a card game. Lite was so simple 
and carefree but what I remember most was wanting to 
grow up, "anonymous Mom S Dad: you're still m\ super- 
heroes. Thanks lor everything Chandler, you know me 
better than anyone S you still manage to put up with me. 
Sisters by chance. Iriends by choice, I wouldn't ha\e made 
it this far without my FRIENDS-Emily. anne my best friend 
always. DE S SF forever! <3 LR. AW. BAB. CB. Good 
luck to everyone S always remember lite is too short to be 
anything but happy. 


Philip Boisoert 

Lindsay Borgen 

Sam Bramhall 

"The man who removes a mountain begins by carry- 
ing away small stones" Chinese Proverb. High school 
is like a mountain and to get through these (our 
years I had to make sure I took care of all the small 
things and I made it! Many thanks to Big L Mr. T 
DD AB KD JL TF DS. you're all awesome people! Of 
course I also need to thank my parents, so thanks 
so much! I have tons of great memories from these 
four amazing years of XC. "Only those who dare to 
fail greatly can ever achieve greatly." Robert F. 

"But where we ended up really wasn't ihe point. It was the 
things we saw and llie people we met along the way."- 
OTH. Spirit week, powderpufl. "there's a legit fire, "I wanna 
dance with somebody, allanta. got spirit?. go blue or go 
home,statechamp parade, chicken filet, carwash. black 
monday,serioritas.3rd left,24l,sox parade, bSm.tory's, 
NH, Mexico, squires, 09 so fine. Mom. Dad, Kyle,Gram. Glenn, 
STraci:lhanks for always being there and supporting me, I 
love you, Laurenilamily, no big deal. ToryibreakfastSsunrise, 
frisbee,|ohn mayer,big whoop. Sarah:thanks for all those 
years. Friends; thanks for all the memories, "We might be 
laughing a bit loo loud, ah, but that never hurt no one"- 
Billy Joel. And to the class of 2009. thank you for four 
unforgettable years. 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Sal, Liz, and Ben. K.P.' T.F. 
J,D. T.L. K.P. K.A. J.L. C.R, J.L. D.G. D.S. D.H. 
SO. J.B. C.N. J.C. CD. E.M. L.P. S.F. S.B. L.B. 
P.K. R.K. B.B. D.R. T.O. T.R. T.J. K.P. E.P. L.P. 
Good times with PNXC-WFSU, hanging out at the 
Beach house. Club house. Shop, 64 Curtis Drive, 
Green Destiny, Rebecca, JJ, Ron Burgundy, 
Chiltonville Rides, It has been a great year. 


Sarah Nicole Bramhall 

Mom, Dad, Jared- Thank you for all your love and support 
throughout the years, I love you! Jessica, ten years of memo- 
ries and more to come! I love you and thank for being such 
a great friend! RK, BM, S Friends, love you all*! Dance 
team, Perlow Soccer, Plylax, SMGC crew, MSOD, Nick's 
Big Event, Boca, MV S Ptown. PB. Secret Santa. 
goatSshoelace, Live, scandalous, 3rdS4lh, Spirit Week, 
FIRE! Homecoming, Prom. "I wanna do something better 
with Ihe lime I've been given and I wanna try lo touch a 
few hearts in this life; Leave nothing less than something 
that says 'I was here"'-Lady Antebellum. Good Luck Class 
of '09! I'll miss you all! 

Joseph Brigida 

"Roll on Roll on Roller Coaster We're one day older and one step 
closer" KR Pad. thank you for your hard work and dedication. 
Mom. thank you lor continuously supporting me I love you both 
Pete, you have had a huge influence on me and I appreciate every- 
thing you have done lor me Lia and Libby. thank you lor all the 
good times and laughs. Love you. My boys, thanks for the wild 
limes. Baseball. Soccer. State Tournament. Tmac's. Ben's, JJ's, Ant's, 
Corey's, Plantation Rd, manlown, Chaz's gym, ponds, sailin', MP 
rides, 341, Springsteen, Petty, DMB, 3rd i 4th, CC. UMASS trips, 
cookouts, shoes, point, ski trips, Celts parade. Sox games, new 
years. "Let's take the good times as they go. and I'll meet you 
further on up the road" B. Springsteen. 

Amanda Nicole Brisbois 

Congratulations and good luck Class of 2009! Thank 
you so much Mom and Dad tor everything you have 
done for me so far. Nick, Ashley, and Alex you guys 
are the best. PN Dance Team- I have had so much 
fun dancing with all of you. "The future belongs to 
those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."- 
Eleanor Roosevelt 

Chanel Lee Britto 

David Broderick 

Joshua C. Brooks 

"Our deepest tear Is not that we are inadequate, our deep- 
est fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. "Marianne 
Willamson. Aunty Lea thankyou so much lor everything. 
Devin. Frank. SLandyn < i you. Dnuts you're the sis I never 
had. A special thanks goes to my family who showed me 
love and support; Mom. Pad. Johnell. Mizz, Khan, Tree. 
maSpapa. GramSgrampa. MP, FA. and many more. I love 
you all. Friends: BaBiiia. BTB.delane.titi. wiener. KL. 
Fresh, smell.CS.WK.AM.TP.RA.RS. LK(you are special to 
us).krishanna.and anybody else I didn't mention. PN 
Bball<3 wutz good mathletes: doug, sizzle, tang. PB, square) 
"Channel 70!" Ddawg. you're the illest person I know lol. 
Good luck class of 09'. I'll miss you. its been real. P.S. 

Thank you Mom. Pad. Jenna. Kevin, and everyone else that 
supported me over the past years. The coaches and players 
of Plymouth North Football, thank you for the four great 
seasons, though we all still fear the "Burk". Yoda once 
said. "Po or do not. there is no try" Live without regret 
and without limits. Basketball games, BK lounge, and 2A I 
with the specialists. Piantedosi's Butcher Shop. Weight 
room. Friday Breakfast. The years at Plymouth North were 
all but dull, and will go down as the best years of our lives. 
Congratulations to the Class of 2009 and always remem- 
ber you only live once. "So dig in deep, hold your ground, 
and make the best of today for tomorrow may never come, 
but yesterday will never leave" 

"The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones 
that look like they cannot be done"-Arnold Palmer. Thanks 
to everyone who has made a difference in my life. Mom, 
Pad. and Wyman-I appreciate all your support over the years. 
Without you I wouldn't be who I am today. I love you guys. 
Friends thanks for the great times, they will never be forgot- 
ten. Memories: Golf Team. PECA Conferences. Boston Sport 
Domination. Red Team. Perlow. Boxing Mrs. Chadwick. Team 
Y, An Unfortunate tennis accident. Fallon Period 5 Spanish. 
Nicks Big Event. Discrete Math and many other great times. 
Throughout my life many people helped me along the way. 
Once again thanks and good luck to the Class of 2009. 
"ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!" -Kevin Garnett. 

Matthew Brouiiiard 

Jessica Weld Broiun 

Emily Ann Bryant 

"Sfiow class, fiave pride, and display cfiaracter II you do. winning 
takes care of itsell. "-Paul "Bear' Bryant Thanks to Mom + Dad Thanks 
to Tim-I-John lor being role models FAV people RM BM JE Beever 
Tmac TR MW DB JJ BM DT TH JW JD NA RB BC PC -I- a lot more 
loo many to name. All the girls you know who you are "Mom I'm 
sleeping over Maloney's" Bryans basement New Years 08 Home- 
coming 07.08 Prom 3rd + 4th July JJ's 17th Football Dinners 
Emily's house Tory's House Summer 08 Tmac's Close calls China 
Pilgnm Lazertag Girls getting grounded MP Crew + 2 FTBL Capts: 
FlynnyClarkyKneeland its been great FAV class Mr Planle Mr Hales 
Mr Farrell Ms Manley Coach Moore Thanks 10 all my coaches 
-I- teachers over the past 4 years and to Mr Tanguay 

Mom Dad Canssa Adam S Andrew. thank you tor everything. I love 
you so much. "You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart and 
now whatever way our stones end I know you have rewritten mine 
but being my (riend"-Wicked. Sarah. love you always. I couldn't ask 
lor a better best friend. Dave, you're the best* My 
three are amazing. Friends. I love you S thanks tor the memories. 
J VSoccer.PlyLaxCampRoche.BlackMonday. Homecomings. Prom, 
Spirit Weeks, Nick 'sBigE vent, Boca, Maine. Skiing. Neighborhood. 
MASC. PEC A, JessicaLive. Tory's. Antonia's. Sheila 's.xoxo,3rdS4th. 
MV.SecrelSanta.StaleChamps.Ptown.24 I . Concerts. legitlire!"We 
may never have our reason to shine but here and now this is our 
time"-Rob Thomas. 
Good Luck Class ol '09(SO FINE)» 

"In this great future, you can't forget your past"- Bob Marley 
Thank you so much Mom. Dad, Kate, and Al for being with me 
through m\ past, present, and in my ever nearing future, where ever 
It may lead. I love you Nana. Papa. Grandpa Jake. Nana k. and 
Uncle Tim. I wouldn't be who I am now without you. you are tor 
ever with me Lexie. thank you so so much lor everything, you are 
my best friend always Thank you to all my coaches and teachers, 
without whom I would not be where I am now Mrs. Rosa vou are 
the woman, love you PN Field Hockey and PlyLax ladies, you girls 
are amazing' All my friends and family. I love you all. and to the 
class of 2009. in the words of Confucius. "Where ever you go, go 
with all your heart " 



Cahlin PrisciWa Burton 

"You must be the change you wish to see in this 
world." -Gandhi 

Thanks to my friends and family; you all mean the 
world to me. Mom, Pad, Bobby. Tyler, Courtney 
thanks tor everything, I love you all. 

"One of the greatest most underestimated resources 
in this country is youth . . . let's be the action gen- 
eration." -Hanson 

Courtney Helen Burton 

Thanks to everyone who has been there and supported 
me throughout the years. Mom. Dad, Bobby, Tyler, 
Caitlin, Diane, Uncle Skip and the rest of my family: 
thanks for everything. My friends, you've meant the 
world to me and I couldn't have done it without you. 
The memories I've made throughout the past four 
years will last forever. Soccer girls, I've loved every 
minute of it-ACL CHAMPS! To the class of 2009, 
good luck with everything. "Celebrate we will, cause 
life is short but sweet for certain." -DMB 

There's been a lot of good times with everyone, TS, 
KP, TL. JL. TO, JC, DR, CD, CK, RG, JD, SH, 
AL,AM. Skating everyday downtown after the CVT. 
Sitting at the tables not knowing what's next. "Wel- 
come to Buxton's second home. "-Kyle Payson. "Life 
is one big road with lots of signs. So when you're 
riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. 
Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury 
your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake up 
and Live! "Bob Marley 

Andrew Cahill 

Nicole Calvino 

Antonia Brook Coppola 


"The dictionary is the only place where success comes be- 
fore work. "-Anonymous, 1 can't believe the last four years 
have gone by so fast. Choosing North was one of the best 
choices I have ever made. I want to thank my family: my 
mom. dad. Michael. Nan and Gram. Thank you for every- 
thing you have done. I love you. I would also like to thank 
my teachers and all those that helped me along the way. 
I'd like to thank my friends (or all the good times we've 
had: Christina. Mike. Dave. JB. SP. DM. AB. DM. LP, AD 
and all the rest: good luck. And to the class of 3009. best 
luck to all with college and your life beyond. "If you'll not 
settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed 
at what you can accomplish in your lives. "-Vince Lombardi 

"Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he 
was," Robert Louis Stevenson. My 4 years at Plymouth 
North have flown by, I'd like to thank all my teachers for 
all the help they've given me. I'd like to thank my parents 
tor pushing me and keeping me on the right track. I love 
you guys, I'd like to thank my friends for all the good 
times together (KG. EB. LF. ED. RA and KB). I wish every- 
one the best of luck in their futures. I leave North with 
memories that will never be forgotten. It's hard to believe 
that this day is actually here and we have gone from teens 
to adults. I hope everyone makes the best of their futures. 
Go Eagles! 

Thank you Mom and Dad, I'm so grateful to have two wonderful 
parents that I've grown so close to Tanya. I love you big sis. You've 
been such an influence by helping to shape me into the person I am 
Thanks lor the laughs Tnstan, Emma and Jenna, I can'l wait to see 
you girls turn into young ladies! Friends, thanks tor the memories 
AZSWRKJBCD Ollicers. loreign exchange students. ModelUN. 
Tmacs. Oxtest. I wanna dance w somebody, girls tourni. Bear Hunt 
ers. DMB OAR Petty 31 I Jrdtelt. pimp mobile, "squid", shepil, 
Marylous girls. Jstooges. 2-11, powderpull Lady Eagles, team 
dinners. ACL! Goodluck class ol '03 "Think ol the tun thai we had 
not canng until the next morning. It leels so good to go through lile 
with your eyes hall open, "DMB 

Erin Carey 

Philip Cash 

Justin Cassiani 

"It ain't over 'til it's over."- Lenny Kravitz. Mom. 
Dad. Connie. Kevin. Skooter. Amanda. Kerri. Bran- 
don: thank you all for everything. Prom 2008. IHOP. 
3/21 08. Narragansett, 6 U 08. 10 25 08. 
MaroonS. Erin Careys! Double jump. "Seventeen is 
just a test. "-Ronnie Winter. AH, SF. JL. KF, KG, 
NC, KA, AM, Mg, JA. Good luck Class of 2009! 

I'd like to thank my family for helping me get through 
these past years. Mom. Dad. Nick. Nina, Noni. 
Grampa thank you. Papa I could never thank you 
enough for everything you have done for me. "Time 
you enjoy wasting was not wasted"-John Lennon PN 
Golf, state tourneys, bus rides. Mama McCosh sand- 
wiches. Baseball, Perfection State Champs 26-0. 
Ernie's 241 great times, DECA ATL, cards. Pond 
nights, Tmac's. Oxfests, Squids, The Last Resort, The 
CAVE "You already know". Close Calls, Club Car. 
Friends, we had fun while it lasted. Good luck to the 
class of 09'. "We were wild, we were crazy, we were 
mostly young"-Kenny Chesney 

"What up!!" Favorite People: Gabby. Scott. Jackie. 
Curtis. Amy. Jess and Dani Have great memories 
chillin' with my friends and taking long walks. Happi- 
est when playing basketball and listening to my i-pod. 
Many thanks to Mom and Dad. Joanna. Josh and 

Tina Marie Chandler 

Alexander William Chapman 

Brett Alan Chasnoo 

Mom - we have become so close this year; you're like my 
best friend iS Dad - thank you so much lor everything you 
have done for me over the years: Josh S Jared I wouldn't 
have got away with anything these past four years if it 
wasn't lor you: I Love you guys so much. Jayden love you 
buddy, to the nights we won't remember with the Irlends 
we'll never forget: Bntt (bbl) Beck Maybug BrI BrI love 
you so much: ND DA AZ JW. T-Samp thanks for always 
being there for me. Amy you're like my big sister love you 
frousin! Good times at: hockey, caddy. Gwen. Feb vaca 
07'. Prom QS' . Coops. Shizz's. Cheerleadlng. Good luck 
to the class of 09' "In this bright future, you can't forget 
your past"- Bob Marley. Mer-Cmer- (JL) 

"Here's to the nights we felt alive." -Eve l5. The last four 
years have been full of memories I will cherish forever I 
think the people I owe most are my family: I love you guys 
so much and thank you. To all the guys from Plymouth 
North hockey. Its been an honor to play with all of you. 
And to my friends. Dave. Andrew. Sleph. Jen. Greg. Scott. 
Klrslen. Ashley, and ail the rest. I love you all and thank 
you for everything. There are far too many good times to 
list, but you remember them all College will take us all in 
different directions, but I do not believe tor a second that 
our paths will not cross again, and I look forward to seeing 
you all again somewhere down the line. "I know I'm leav- 
ing, but I'll be back another day" -Oasis 

~Abo\e all I would like to thank m> Mom 4.Dad tor all the support 
o encouragement throughout these laslvearsothighschool Tonn 
brotherTi(lerthan\1orbeingtherelorniethroughitall.As for soccer and 
basketball lourne\ times. baseballganiesM\bo\sTrTJoc,Clceel.Ffi(fiMi). 
TR.JB.JS.JW.PC.PmipiM.MW.MB.DM.DT.MH.rt.nB.Krebs ^ouall 
have been there lor me. the good £ bad. For the ladies JW. Crazii 
Nifcbj. MS.CM.LP.TA.BM.eC.SW.EA.KE.AZ.Pnlly. its been real. 
The good times. Core\s Ca\e.Tmacs.JJ's.Cosgroves.o\m\X(th 
Flair. Ants casa, Savards. Ft S N H, tnps »ith Tom£-Joe\,^4 lErnies. 
MPrides.tastlood "Everything happens tor a reason "Anonvmous. 
Keep Living the High Lite! Congrats class ol 09' I'm outa here" 
inspiring words oi Ms. Anzuoni ~ 




Anthony Clark 

John Claudio 

Kianna Cobbett 

"Donl hit at all if it Is honorably possible to avoid hitting; 
but never hit soft" Theodore Roosevelt First I would like to 
thank my parents I wouldn't be half the man I am today 
with out you guys and to Jake and Heather for all the 
laughs Jessica thank you for your support and the good 
times we've had and will have All my boys Brou Mlllan J- 
dirty Flynny Maloney and Beave we've had some great 
memories Treld T-mac J. J Kneeland Football Kneeland no 
one runs on our side Flynny me and you at the 50 theres 
no place I'd rather be on a Friday night than underneath 
those lights the great times at maloneys.pull through, the 
MPC everything I'm not made me everything I am 

its over, we're finally done, its time to take over our lives 
and step Into the real world are you ready, well lets go 
make the best of It. Its been fun ya dig chlllin at the beach 
house "no windows no way" haha. Ma and Tay thank you 
for being behind me this whole way, making sure you see 
me graduate I love yall. To my sisters KIka, Tasha, and 
Krystal thanks for pushin me In the right direction. To all 
my friends you already know the deal Bobo, Tonis, Daver, 
Sammy B, Covy, Buxton, Devln. Ambam, Amanda, Becky, 
Mary, B-Coops. Chop Chop, Sampson, Chaz, Payson, Bean, 
Drew. Rosie, DJ. Billy, JV fo' life. The rest of the seniors 
thanks lor the good times Plante you the man Just re- 
member guys "Every sunset has a sunrise". 

"People will forget what you said, people will forget 
what you did, but people will never forget how youl 
made them feel. "Maya Angelo Many thanks to the ' 
marching band! You guys were like family to me. I 
had so much fun and I'll never forget any of you. I'l 
miss you all. Do it up next year! Much love to the 
square. Thank you Elijah and your "kind of kiss that 
made me know that I was never so happy in my 
whole life." (The perks of being a wallflower) 

Elizabeth Anne Colbert 

"Love all. Trust Few. Do wrong to none." -William 
Shakespeare. "Never shall 1 forget the days I spent with 
you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me 
yours." -Ludwig van Beethoven. Best friends: CM, AP, AB, 
AP, SM. I love you all! Memories: PN Softball, 3rd of July, 
Chadwick's class freshman year, ballet, hall days at Panera, 
AP Bio video, PGSL. photoshoots by the bonfire, and Home- 
coming '08. To Mom. Dad. Abby. and Anna, thank you so 
much for your love and constant support. And to the Class 
of 2009. live life to the fullest and appreciate every day. 
Best of Luck! 

Clay Conley 

"All In All Is All We Are" - Kurt Cobain 

"You probably know who I am, and if you don't - 
you probably aren't reading my senior bio" - Clay 

Remember The Fun Times 

Thanks Everybody, especially Mom and Dad 

Brittney D. Cooper 


2 The Class of 2009: I wanna let every I kno its been lun 
chillin 4 the past couple yrs, thanks 4 makin school bear- 
able an my Xtracurricular activilys AWESOME! Every I 
make the most out of life, so I day wen ur life flashes b4 
ur eyes its worth watchin. So many good times at mi casa 
along w plenty ol other unforgettable (or unlorgettable) 
memories w definitely more 2 come. Thanks Ma. 4 keepin 
me So Fly w my Hot Shoes and The Pink Cadd> and 4 
Icllin us get away w so much we love an appreciate every- 
thing u do 4 us. I Love U Guys!!! Sherry, Weina, Tiner, 
Mer, Bean, Fitzy, Steph-ney, D-Ron, J-Lay, JonJon, Kelsey, 
D-Lain, LWeina, Sharpie. Tonis. Dave. knobb\ . Karla. 
WHOOP WHOOP!!! (Okey dokey) 


Joe Costa 

Andreu) Cullioan 

Nicole Marie Dolii'l/ 

I 8 Years . . Four of them at Plymouth North, They weren't 
i kidding when they said It moves tast. I've learned a lot, 
I but not just in my classes . . which maybe I took a little too 
lightly, but real lile stuff . . like friendship is only as real as 
the people in it and lucky for me. I've finally found the real 
ones. Dream team, this is how we do; glow sticks, as- 
sorted parlies, techno, balloons, car raiding, all the good 
stuff. Mom. its been a long, curvy road, but we've made it 
and even though it wasn't easy, you were always there, 
thank you. Pat. you've basically prepared me for every- 
thing; when your hungry, grab a cookie. Class of'09. these 
are our lives, and so far. we've certainly lived them well. 

Thanks Mom and Dad for always being ttiere, help- 
ing me through the good and the bad, love you both. 
Jared, have fun w/ith the rest of high school, make me 
proud. Nate, you're a great kid. don't ever change. 
Friends, thanks for all the good times and the memo- 
ries. Good Luck Class of '09. 

"And if all you ever really do is the best you can 
Well, you did it man"-Montgomery Gentry 

"Everyday seems the same as the day before, but when 
you look back so much has changed" — anonymous Mom 
Susie -t- Jimmy I love you all so much • I'd be lost without 
you thanks for being therevTristan welcome to the 
family!Tori Kailah Bri Kerry Joey Corey Brett Taylor thanks 
for gettin me out of trouble for as much as we got into it 
vCM.MS,MJ-l-especially KB! Playing by the rules isn't as 
much fun GoodTimes;FreshmanYear.Halloweens. 
February Vaca '07. Hockey Express.Shizz's House. Tom 
Pet ty. Six F la g s. Foot ballGames. Parades. Forest Rides. 
lA I .CVT. Sledding. WaterStreetCrew.Homecoming'05. 
Prom. Boston "In this bright future you cant forget your 
past — bob marley. "Congratulations to the class of '09 » 

Victoria Danner 

Curtis Datri 

Dylan John Davis 

"That feeling thai you get at I 7 or I 8 that nobody in the history o( 
the world has ever been this close loved as fiercely laughed as hard 
or cared as much'-OTH Thanks to all my friends for the endless 
amount of memones; Camp RochelSlate Champs. there's a legit lire, 
picture scandal. JrdLeft, Got Spirit? Secret Sanla. PNN 
sumolove.FH&Soflball w Kim. girls tourney. eggsecuters frisbee. 
seriioritas.go blue or go home, bigwhoop. cuddling scavhunl,7 min 
nettles. today was a day just like any other prom, iohnmayer.dyno. 
sunnse breakfasts & never ending convos. Lou Foley Em 6 Jess love 
you girls to the moon beslfriends! Max love ya buddy xoxo Mum g 
Dad I couldn't begin to thank you enough, love you more! 
Seniors; you rock, don't ever change 

Thanks to Shane G. Phil B, Kyle L. man leant, kingfish. anime 
club. Tim O. Derek R. Hannah M. Dennis W. Ben W. my 
teachers, classmates, and coaches, and the Romano family. 

Special thanks to Mom. Dad. Gnllin. Morgan, and Katelyn C. 

Memories: man camp, travel trips. Hedge Elementary. Camp 
Bournedale, boy scouts, beach club, warped tour. prom, and 
hanging with Iriends. 

Favorite quote; "Own it!- Jay Craft 


Kyle V. Decker 

"An Honorable person does not look the other way" A Friend 

Awesome People. KZ. PB. LK. SM. KC, JA. AB. JW-B, MH, KL. and 
all the other people who made my 4 years at PN great! 
Memories, XC practice. Uno's Nights. Papa Ginos. The Waterfront, 
nights out in Bourne, and just hanging with my triends 
Many Thanks to. My lamily tor pushing me through these 4 years, 
my teachers lor helping me along the way. and my Sensei lor show- 
ing me the Way ol Karate. 

Schoo l Activitie s: Cross Country. Wrestling, and Spring Track. 
Happiest when; being with friends, running, watching Americas 
Funniest Home Videos, or doing Karate. 

Conj dePasquale 

Much love to the friends and family; I couldn't have 
done it without you. To all iny friends, KEEP IN 
TOUCH! Respect to the crew- bobo. daver. odizzle, 
bean. b. sammy b, tyger. tyler. becky weiner. stalker, 
bcoops. RALLYX 09. Vanessa, I love you. To mom, 
thank you so much, I wouldn't be here today with- 
out you. To dad, thank you for everything. 

Jordan Depina 

First I would like to give thanks to my parents Kelly 
and Al, and also my brother and sister Jerome and 
Brianne. My parents told me that "with God all things 
are possible". This quote has stuck with me and has 
helped get me to where I am in my life today. This 
quote has also helped me with all the accomplish- 
iTients I have made with my skateboard. I am always 
happiest when I am on my skateboard, or doing 
anything involving my skateboard, and spending time 
with my family. Other than skating I am hanging 
out with my friends. And as my friends would say. 
one of my favorite quotes would most defiantly be 
"what's up ladies?" 

Allison Dexter 

Ashley Dion 

Alyssa Drecu 

"Life isn't measured by the number of breaths you 
take, but by the moments that take your breath 
away." Seniors 091 It finally came. I want to thank 
my family for everything they have done for me. To 
my friends, you're the best. Thanks for all the great 
memories. Lady Eagles, ACL Champs! Thanks to all 
my coaches. Good luck to everyone. Live. Laugh. Love. 


"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as 11 you'll die today." 
-James Dean 

Its hard to believe that these lour years have gone by so 
fast. The memories I have made throughout my high school 
years are everlasting. Thank you mom and dad for guiding 
and supporting me. you have been my liacktione through 
it all. Thank you Samantha. for always being there lor me 
and being a shoulder to lean on, I hope your senior year is 
an amazing one. To my (riends. 1 want to wish you all the 
luck in the world with your futures and thank you for hold- 
ing me together through tough times, Fiom girls' night to 
cat fights I will miss it all. Volleyliall #2 I am going to 
miss you ladies! Good luck class of 09! 

My four years at Plymouth North have been the greatest 
of times. Favonle people: Jackie. Jas. Corey, Nicole. Sam. 
Lindsay. Dougie, Jessica, Ashley. S Katie. Happiest when 
in science with Mrs, Connell. English and cooking with 
Mrs, Sampson, gym with Ms Motyka. and ceramics with 
Mrs, Harkins, Thank you. mom lor being there lor me 
through everything. Thanks to my lamily and Iriends Mrs, 
Crane: you have really helped me in school and in lile I 
leally appreciate your hard work. You are a great role model. 
Thank you. Nanna and Auntie Maryanne, "Vou have so 
much power to bring awareness, prevention and change." 
- Ashley Judd 


Conor Duggan 

Scott Durocber 

Erica Duval 

Thank you to my Mom and Pad lor always pushing me to 
do my best, supportmg me. and helping me out whenever 
I needed it. Caitlln thank you for being a good role model 
and always being there - Brendan keep working hard in 
school and sports, thanks for always chlllin. good luck to 
both of you. My boys. I will never forget the good times: 
pn soccer, oxfests. t-macs, the pond, mantown. squids, 
plantation road, new years. Celtics sox pals parades, best/ 
worst limes in the club car. dmb. oar. Springsteen, late 
nights at bennyts. 241 Tuesdays, the girls, neighborhood. 
Thank you to my teachers and coaches. These have been 
the best 4 years of my life - Keep it real 2009 "Celebrate 
we will, because life is short but sweet for certain" Pave 

"If you admire somebody, you should go ahead tell em. 
People never get the flowers while they can still smell them"- 
Kanye West. To all my family: Mom. Pad. Pavid. Lisa. 
Ash. Thank you lor always encouraging and supporting 
me. I love you guys! PB. Molly, and Ryan. I cannot say 
how much you guys mean to me. I consider you part of my 
family and I love you guys too. So many good limes. Friends! 
Ppl G-baby Hail JLP SF. BK parking lot and New Tokyo 
with Ryan. 5th period Fallon's class. Half day Wendys- 
PZZ. Taking down poker nights and Hearth n Kettle break- 
fast with Higgins. Horrible scary movies with MKR. Enough 
memories to last a lifetime. Special thanks to everybody I 
couldn't fit in! Good luck class of '09! Weezy baby. 

I would like to thank my mom for making sure I did 
well and for always being there for me, I Love You. 
Thank you Ryan and Leslie for being good and help- 
ing out. I love you both so much. Thank you to my 
friends for making my high school experience memo- 
rable. I will never forget all the good times we shared 
in and out of school, I will miss you all. Thank you 
TKB for being in my life, I Love You Boo! 

Makayla Elliott 

Justir) Ellis 

Stephanie Katherine Feeney 

"The longer you live; the higher you fly; the smiles you give; the 
tears you cry; and all you see. is all your life will ever be"-PF Mom. 
Pad. £ Dave - Thanks lor putting up with me through the vears. 
always being there when I needed you, and supporting me along the 
way. I love you so much; you mean the world to me To all my 
friends- love you all. thanks lor making these past couple of years 
unforgettable. Spint week, powderputt, Senioritas. EK!. "legit lire". 
Roberta, PNN. "fat kid. white hat". State champs. PNDT baby; 
we're a family, not a team. Coach Katie. MSOD;Kate » Jodi. JW. 
NF.SB. new years. 3L. peace and love, pound it. no big deal. And to 
the class ol iOCS. I wish you the best of luck with whatever road 
you take. '09 so line» 

First of all I want to thank my family, especially my 
Mom and Dad. I never could have done this without 
all your help. Anthony. Ryan. Beeve, Brouillard. and 
Maloney, I'll never forget all the good times we had. 
MP, Bryan's basement. "Pull threw!" PECA in ATL. 
everything and everyone else I can't remember, it's 
been fun. 

"It's not always easy and sometimes life can be de- 
ceiving I'll tell you one thing it's always better when 
we're together ."- Jack Johnson Llnlorgettable times 
with unforgettable people: PTS, 4S-48, the RV, em- 
porium, indoor snowball fights. MD friends, moon 
boots, GS raves, philly. Tuesday's hamburger, pin 
the veggies, chawda van, cup communication, paula 
cole, chenny, the sable. JenSAmanda, always. "So 
go on, go and take on the world, take my words 
and say good-night and never say good-bye."- Tak- 
ing Back Sunday 


Lauren Fender 

Shaijna Ferguson 

Tyler Ferreira 

The past four years have been great at North. I've 
made awesome friends, especially the girls on the 
soccer team. ACL! Plymouth North has also taught 
me the value of education. I want to thank my fam- 
ily for pushing me to do well in school; Mom. Dad 
and Sarah.. My favorite times at North were; 07' 
and 08' Proms. Friday night football games, going 
to OS' baseball games and winning the ACL my Se- 
nior year. 

To my family; 

Thanks for all your love and support. You have given 
me the strength to reach for my goals, even when I 
felt like I couldn't. You mean the world to me! 

To my friends; 

Diedre, Katelynn. Jade, Nykki. Chelsea, 

Patricia, Aja, Nick, D|, and Kalani 


Thank you for each bringing something great and 
different to my high school years. I wouldn't be here 
without you. I love you guys! 

How can you (it I 8 years worth of memories in a para- 
graph? You can't. I couldn't have gotten by without a little 
help from my fnends Joey P, Sam. Bones. Sheila, and The 
Dr. - Emm and Cait - thanks for the talks and your endless 
advice. Mom and Dad. there isn't a word big enough to 
say how much I love you. Thanks. Vance - your words of 
wisdom always help. Nesia, Drum. Run. and Ski. Brewster, 
and of course PNXC - WFSU. The Beach House. Be your- 
self. Smile and Laugh. Have fun. Make noise. Let the clocks 
forget time. Listen to Bob Marley - "Emancipate your- 
selves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free 
our minds " Love and Peace. Ine . . . 

Sheila Marie Fey 

Adrian Figueroa 

Amber Finnigan 


"Everybody knows it hurts to grow up. and we're still fight- 
mg It. "Ben Folds. MomSDad; love you more than the stars. 
Zak. Chris. Dan. Ben. PalSMal; love you bugs. Bri. tyier. 
girlsSguys; loveyou.thankyou. I'll never forget those epic 
occasions; CampRoche; musicals; Gossip Girl xo; MASC 
bust; soccer; PNN; thomas; we didn't start the fire; 5th 
Ernie's; Boston; blackmonday; 1620; soltball; 3rdleft 
NVO?; eggsecution; apollo; Elias; SPIRITWEEK; undefeated 
beach. Officers; LOVE you crazy overachievers. "Promise 
me you'll iieuer forget me, becnuse if I l(ioui](i( i/oii would 
I'd iieuer leoue."-w.t.p. good luck class of ICG'S- WE DID 
IT! Ohninesofine© 

"Never, never, never give up", W. Churchill. To think I spent these 
last four years of high school trying to weasel my way out of every- 
thing and It worked. I would like to thank all ol the teachers that 
that taught me and helped me thru these lour years ol high school. 
I would like to give thanks to my g, mom lor always being on my 
case and my parents (or being supportive. Mr. Tanguay thanks tor 
busting my chops I would never have been able to do it without you. 
Mrs Cole thanks lor being there lor me, Mr Thompson thanks lor 
helping me stay out ot trouble I am really going to miss this ghetto 
school, to bad their making a new one when where gone. I wish 
every one in my senior class the best of luck. "It's something unpre- 
dictable, but in the end is right, I hope you had the time ol your 
life". Green Day SENIORS OH 9 OH YEAH!!!!! 

I would like to say Congrats to the seniors, we made it. I 
would like to say to my mom and dad thank you lor always 
being there and taking care of me. I love you so much To 
my sister Katie and my brother Dennie I love you To all 
my friends good luck. To Renee Andrews my bestie I love 
you and thanks for always being Iheiv. To Erica Duval I 
will never forget you. To my grandparents I love you lioth 
so much. To my aunt Jill you were such a moral support 
and I wanted to say thanks and I lc>ve you. My most unlor 
gettable memoi7 was lieing al prom ol 'OS with Alexas. 
Knsty. Renee. Erica. 



^^^^V '^P 

1' l| 

^L V "^ 

.[ HK^ ^^^^1 

/ ' 



Nicole Fi'tzpotricfe 

Mom you're my strength you have guided and supported 
me in all I've done I owe everything to you. Dad no matter 
where I go In life I'll always be your Prlncess# I . Britt 
you'll succeed in whatever you do DREAM BIG lly. JKP 
32407 we stand strong heres to the future lloveyou, al- 
ways. AH stay scandalous our shady route BFF. Friends 
AZ,AG.TP,BG,TC - never forget the good times; tent nights, 
BCOOPS house, freshman yr, April vaca07. promOS. 
COOPS lly girl bff MSOD Miss Kate S Jodi, JW.ME.SB- 
BUMPA. Mighty Ducks, you're family, our dance parties 
§ class talks, I love you girls always m my heart. Class of 
09 "Go confidently In the direction of your dreams live the 
life you Imagine" Thoreau 

Rachel Fttzpatrick 

First of all I want to thank my mom and my brother 
(Fitzy) for putting up with me when no one else 
would. I also want to thank my best Girls Michelle 
C. and Becka R. for being there through the good 
as well as the bad, we've had so many good times I 
can't even start the list. Muffin! I Love you Guys! I 
also want to give a special thanks to the Alternative 
High School without this opportunity I wouldn't be 
where I am now. 

Ben Fleming 

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by 
the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So 
throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. 
Catch the trade winds In your sails. Explore. Dream. Dis- 
cover." -Mark Twain. Thank you Mom, Dad, Bobby and 
Cam for being here. Love you guys. Thank you Papa for 
being here for me. Thanks to everyone else that has helped 
make my high school career as much fun as it was. PN 
Soccer, Duggan Brig Wes James Hughes Bret Roark Humbo 
Mark and Jimmy Kerr at UMASS. Billy's house - pond - 
woods - power lines. BR JL NR WR JF JS KW AT DR AL 
CC AC JC SD. Good times guys, live life to the fullest, no 

Kerri Ann Fletcher 

"I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched to- 
gether with good intentions."- Augusten Burroughs 
favorite people: gm,,gp,iw,hv,jc,sg,an many 
thanks to: Mom, Dad, Angela, Bruce and Glen 
Michael for all of your support. 

Joseph R, Flynn 

"Everything happens for a reason. "Anon. Mom you're the 
most important person In my life. I don't know how to 
thank you lor everything you've done for me. I love you. 
Jay thanks lor being a great brother to me. "YAYA" you 
waited for this day, thank you for being the biggest male 
role model In my life. I'll always love you, RIP. Shelby I 
appreciate everything you've done for me I love you. My 
boys Train, Brou, Tmac, Brett, Corey, Reid, Phil, JJ, Dub, 
TIaw. ND, RM, PK, JW, MW, JK, BM. Everyone else. Base- 
ball State Champs 26-0. nothing like it. Football good 
times. Thanks you to all my coaches along the way. Good 
luck class of 09. It's been good. 

Lauren Foley 

"Being grown tip, isn't halt as lun as growing up. these are the best 
days ot our lives "-AAR. Fnends, thank you tor all the crazy times and 
never ending memories Got Spirit? Go blue or go home. Dnvin' the 
Dyno! "There's a legit lire!" State Championship, parade, meow, bath- 
room petition, nde your bike to school day. Fun Fndays! PNN. Who 
ya gonna call? New Hampshire, Mexico, eggsecuters, bSm. tield hockey, 
Softball, cuddle nights, rock on, parties we got away with and ol 
course woogies all around. Kimmy Baby, thanks tor everything. Mom. 
Dad, Enc and Tassiebelle, thanks lor putting up with me. Tory, big 
whoop, today was a day just like any other. Lindsay, you're my sister 
and you're stuck with me. Stay classy '09. 


Sarah Kramer Forman 

Joe fortini 

Brianna Rae Garland 

"When it comes down to it. being grown-up isn't half as 
fun as growing up. "The Ataris. Mom SDad. I can not thank 
you enough for all your love and support through the years, 
I love you. PavidSChandler. I couldn't have asked for bet- 
ter big brothers To my friends- thanks (or all the countless 
memories: Prom, splrltweeks, slatechamp parade, 
Mexlco07S09. theres a legit fire!, road trips. 5lh, Friday 
night football, got spirit?, ghostbusters, NH. PNtennis! 
Coach-thank you for everything. Lizzy- good luck next year! 
Lindsay- who would have thought 7 years ago. And David, 
thank you for always being my constant. I'm gonna mjss 
our Fridays. "Wherever you go, go with all your heart. "- 
Confucius. Congrats and best of luck class of 2009! 

"Better To Be A Racer For A Moment Thati A Spec- 
tator For A Lifetime" - Mike Shiman. "You Can't 
Win If You Crash. So When I Crash, I Crash Hard, 
Because I T17 To Save h Until The Last Possible 
Second." - Bob Fiannah. These Four Years Flew By, 
And I'm Glad To Be Gone, Glow Sticks, And Techno 
Twins. We Are The Dream Team Never Forget. Why 
Tip Toe Through Life Just To End Up At Deaths 
Door Safely? 

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beau- 
tiful lips, speak only words of kindness: and for poise, walk 
with the knowledge that you are never alone. "Audrey 
Hepburn. MOMV thank-you for being my best friend, 
you're my everythinglDAD. I'll always be your little 
girllJOSH-fJER.Iove you guys!ASH-thanks 4 always being 
there. AMY GREEN, my little actress. V ya 'hunnl"bff! TRIN- 
ITY thanks 4 laughln @ me when I fell In my car!"ah-ha!" 
We got game like EA! SHEILA-I love my blonde! Cara(olive 
eyes) we are a mess, love ulMITCHELL.'Leroy, you're fab! 
But I might have to run u over w/ my Volvo! Joe C. my 
Mama Mlas buddy, thanks 4 all the advlce!Thanks 2 all 
my teachers,esp. Mr PlanteS Ms Hughes. Good luck to 
every! in the future! 09 SO FINE!V 

Anna Garvin 

Matthew Gear 

Devin Gilmore 

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool 
than to open your mouth and remove all doubt " - 


"the people that- matter don't mind and the people that 
mind don't matter, "-Coll from the real world, high school 
has been a fun and crazy rollercoaster adventure and I am so 
lucky to have had so many memorable people with me for 
the ride, to my friends: Audra. Caitlin, Amanda. Brittany, 
and Tori, i love you guys and thank you all for the memories 
and sticking by my side through It all, to my Mom and Dad, 
Justin, and Belinda, I want to thank you for always believing 
In me and for encouraging me to never stop reaching for my 
dreams to my sister Lyndsey, I've always lieen closest to 
you. thank you for always looking out for me, and last but 
not least, congratulations to us. the class of 2009! 

I just want to thank my Aunt and Uncle because without 
them I would not have made It through these last 4 years. 
Amber Lopes, you have pretty much been my sister lor the 
last I 5 years and I love you so much and always will Never 
give up on the bomb 32 's! Or the dip dip gus gus' Haha, 
Kelsey Salwak, you will forever be my seal, I love you and 
you are my liest friend I don't know what I would do witlioul 
you. You arc always there for me when I need \ou. all ol our 
trips to Marshfleld :) Captain kangaroo! Amanda. Bobo, DJ. 
Rosie. Ricky. TMAR. Clayton. Kaylcc. Shauna. John John. 
Daver, Tony, Kellene Cabrals Srd period class! E\cr>onc I 
missed Im sorry and I love you all! Good luck class ol 2009! 

Heather Marie Groden 

Amy Green 

Nijkol Greenleaf 

"With each new day I put away the past and discover the 
new beginnings I have been given"-Angelo L, Wozniak. 
We did it Class of 2009! Thanks to all my friends and 
teachers for making my two years at Plymouth North worth- 
while, I would first like to thank my parents tor all of their 
support and lor pushing me to do my best; I couldn't have 
done it without you. I would also like to thank my brothers 
Zakk and Jacob, and know that you can do anything you 
put your mind to. Good luck to everyone and best wishes 
for the future: K.L. N.C. S.M. KG. K.I, A.S. and everyone 
else! 07 Promv Homecommg* Stucco»S.E.M.A.S,C.¥ 
Live. Laugh. Love. Good luck Seniors 09\ 

"But totnorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun"- The 
Beatles. Thank you to my Mom and Dad for all your 
love and support. I love you. Ashley, words can't 
describe how thankful I am to have you, I love you. 
Lo- you keep me young, best friends. Bri- you've 
helped me through so much. ly. Mel. Mitch. TP Bl 
NF SZ, all my girls you know who you are. Never 
Forget- Girls and Boys of 08 < 3 nights at the Greens, 
table talks CVT, rides, tents, Lo's. Tcarps. Bcoops, 
Starcreations, movies at Brennas S Dane. To the 
Class of 09'. Good Luck! "As the present now will 
later be past, and the first one now will later be last, 
for the times are a-changin "- Bob Dylan 

Christopher Griffm 

Koren Gutoioski 

Mory Elizabeth Hakkiia 

AllhtHigli llie lest have been graded, the homework has been checked, 
the detentions have been served, and the moments have been made, 
the memones and friends will never be forgotten. Now its lime to 
make our dreams . . reality. "In this bnght future you can't forget 
your past" -BMarley . Grammy, Mom.Marley.Wes I owe it ail to 
You for making me the person I am today Love You , . C.A.M look 
at where love has taken us. Every moment you're m my thoughts 
and dreams . . . Your love is what keeps me keeping on our future Is 
ahead and the past has been remembered or forgotten. You will 
always have the key to my hearl-6» 1 4 v06-Auntie. Ted6Kara,Gnltin 
Family. Cousins. Kaden. Missy. Keith JW.NE.EW.AM.AZ.RM. 
NR.WR.JS-Keep it Real'^-j: 

"Live every day as if it's your last" anonymous To think that 
we have made it through the last four years. I couldn't have 
done it Without the help from my friends and lamily. Mom 
and Dad. thank you for everything that you have done lor 
me. You have helped me out tremendously. Steven you're 
the best older bro. Cheryl you have always been there and 
have given me such words of wisdom. Christine my favorite 
cousin my other half I lo\e you* To all my friends. I love you 
all. Fun times. Prom 08 homecoining. DECA NH VB Powder 
puff Summers at iny house. Summer 08 First trip to Ziggys 
Tm a banana ■ RP HM DR Kl HG EK AH AD JL JW AT BE 
SO BM JF ALyou're my favorite. Good luck class of 09! 

Finally! We did it class of 09! Congrats! I couldn't have done 
it without my family and friends who ha\e never let me down 
and always make me smile I thank my moin and m\ beauti- 
ful sisters for always being by my side. I lo\e and will never 
forget my friends, girls and guys, who ha\e made this all 
worth while Our memories will never be forgotten or re- 
placed Bnttney. Becky, and Tina, thank you for making me 
laugh, srnile. and never changing who you are. I love you 
girls! John Lay. I couldn't imagine high school without you. 
love you! Everyone else; DC. CB. AM. CM. BI.KA. 


Mattfieu) James Happei 

Kaitlyn Hayes 

Amanda Carolynn Hayter 

"Life's a journey and hall of the fun Is getting there" - 
Dad. Well this certainly is true as I look back on these four 
years: football. Christian fellowship, drama club, the musi- 
cal, drumline. marching band, stage band, so many good 
times. Thanks to my Mom, Dad. and sisters for raising and 
putting up with me. thanks to my friends, really, thank 
you. and especially NP f (8, 10/07). Thank you all for 
everything and wherever you go or whatever you do, good 
luck. "Be slow in choosing your friends; slower in chang- 
ing." -Benjamin Franklin. "Never shall I forget the days I 
spent with you Continue to be my friend, as you will al- 
ways find me yours" -Ludwig Van Beethoven 

The past four years flew by. I can't believe we are already 
seniors. I wouldn't have been able to get through high 
school without my mom and giga, thank you guys for ev- 
erything. You were always there for me and encouraged 
me to do whatever I wanted. No matter what I did you 
were always there for me. Rachael and Kat I love you two 
and will miss you. You're always there when I need you. 
Most importantly my friends! I wouldn't have been able to 
survive without you. You all know who you are! Especially 
Lauren! BESTFRIENDS FOREVER! Field Hockey girls much 
love! The memories I have made here will last forever! Con- 
gratulations class of '09'. 

"You must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer 
you wail to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all "- 
Dead Poet's Society. Amazing people, much love: EC. SF. 
JL(BW). Dl. ACL. BM. AG. and boyfriend. Thanks for the 
amazing times! < 3-Philly-apple |acks-48 in 48-hot dog- 
tater-whatever you like-Filzy-Emporium-Sheels and 
CHENNY-Paula Cole-Tenyaki-Caveman and Malaria-the 
website-fine print-slank-Narragansett-early crashers-skip- 
ping the last step-faceplant!-RJA-lace painting and Gatsby- 
inferno-the color red-CONNIE!- watching It-awkward PJs 
moment. Nadia and Heed: much love. Erin. Steph. and Jen: 
never forget the good times<3. Janice: I will never forget 
you. And remember: "Seize the day. make your lives ex- 
traordinary. "DPS. 

Michael Higgins 

Sean Higgins 

Amanda Hill 

"Leaders aren't born, they are made And they are made just like 
anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to 
pay to achieve that goal, or any goal"- Vince Lombardi. Thanks 
Mom. Dad. Auntie. Marc. Kevin. Melissa and Kan lor helping me 
become Ihe person I am today. I love you all. Friends- Dave (my 
other brother) Lauren. Cahill. JB, SD. AD, PK. MH. JE. CS. PC. 
DM. TL. MR. JB. TR. SF. BM. SMGC Crew, and more Golt (I- 
4v;4c) Hawaii 5-0. 8x Baseball (I l;.2|v;3v.4v) i6-0 State Champs. 
DECA-BOS. ATL. Wanna role play? Kalhy - everything I've accom- 
plished began with you. I miss you. RIP Through ilie past I 7 
years of my life, there have been so many people who helped me 
become a better person. To all of you. Thank You! 

"With great power, comes great responsibility." 
- Ben Parker 

High School at North has definitely been interest- 
ing. I've had a lot of good times with all my friends. 
EW. ML, JM, JN and all my other pals. Peace 

"Do or do not there is no try " - Unknown 

"Surround yourself only with people who are going to litl you higher " 


"Many people will walk in and out ol your lite, but only true inends 

will leave footprints in your heart" - Eleanor Roosevelt 

I love my girls, from "ballin" '05 to "tail" '03 I want to thank my 

parents for being my personal tavi drivers, supporting me through 

the years, and helping me to achieve my goals Anything is possible 

I should have listened that someday my III brother would grow big 

ger then me - pay back I love you papa, thank you. love Mandy 

Mr. Bunny volleyball outside hitter #12. winter spring track shot 

and disc thrower oood luck class ot '09! 


Timothy Hitchings 

Elizabeth Anne Hogan 

Mark Holmes 

"Some believe in destiny and some believe in (ale I believe 
that happiness is something we create,"- Sugarland. Mom 
and Dad thanks for supporting me in everything I do. You 
are the sunshine o( my life, I love you both. John Patrick 
thanks for being the best brother. I'm going to miss you 
next year. Chris thanks for keeping me laughing buddy, 
you are the funniest. To my friends, I don't know how I 
would have survived without you! Thanks for the memo- 
ries! I love you all. Good luck class of '09. "We all take 
different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take 
a little bit of each other everywhere,"- Tim McGraw. 

"Life has come a long way since yesterday, and it's not the 

same old thing over again. Just do what you feel and don't 

you fool yourself." -Ziggy Marley 

stay salty, get weird, shepit, shepley, long hair don't care. 

I'm sayin'. word 

36 mat, salty crew, all my boys and girls; ;you know who 

you are 

2 for I , ox-fest, tmacs, t-laws. squids, concerts, pond nights 

playing sports, kickin' it, cards 

mom, dad, and ashley: I love you; thanks for always being 

there for me 

hockey, soccer, baseball, peer mentoring, model un "If I 

could do it again I'd do it the same, not one regret i wouldn't 

change a thing" -corey smith 

Ashley Howard 

"As long as you're green you're growing, as soon 
as you're ripe you start to rot," Ray Kroc. I want to 
thank my family, friends N.G., S.F., K.K. J.S,. CM., 
and my McDonalds family for fielping me get through 
my high school yrs and those tough times in life. 

Deidre Hudson 

'"And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly every- 
thing was on fire; tliere was bnlliancy. there was beauty. When you 
were gone, when the meteor had (alien over the horizon, everything 
went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the 
light. "-Edward Cullen 

Wow. (our years ago Id never have imagined I'd be graduating 
Irom high school. Through the years, my mom and dad have helped 
me so much. My Inends: Shayna, Jade. A|a. Nykol. Pani. Becky. 
Katelyn. Kristy. Megan. Cyndi, Frank. Kalani. Hill. Paly, you all 
made high school bearable and so much tun. I've had a lot ol great 
expenences at Plymouth North and I wouldn't trade them for any- 
thing in the world. Thanks North, it's been a great four years. 

Gregory Hughes 

Greg. Hughes. Hughzie. G-Baby Keepin busy. Varsity Soc- 
cer Team: great seasons, great times at UMass. no re- 
grets. Winter Track. Spring Track. Tennis, soccer at the 
dome, math club. NHS. band, ping-pong. Memories: Prom 
and party bus. leaving lor lunch "on time". Halloween — 
Obama to ghostbusters to latsuits. Homecomings, after 
homecomings, half-days, vacations, snow days without any 
snow, the '08 election. Family: you made everything pos- 
sible, I love you. To all my Iriends, you are the greatest. 
ZJPHADM Go and do something incredible. See you around 


Brenna leronimo 

David Haig Ingalls 

Katherim Mary koine 

I want to thank my family for always being there and sup- 
portmg me. Mom. thank you so much for everything. 
Dad, John. Megan. love you. And my little brothers S 
sisters. Brooke. Charlie. Laicey. Camden RIP 4.18 02 in my 
heart v.Zachary.Gianna. love you so much. My Girls-CM KA 
CW AG MH AM TC SW LD EA AR AB.Iove you all. 
you.RG best¥ All the good times-Carlys.Frenchys.Andrews 
shed. Bretts beach. Amys. shop parties. CVT rides. woah 
rides. SB¥. forest rides, tables. snowboarding.NH. Summer 
OS.Ptown OS. S many more. Andrew King, I love you so 
much. thank you for everything V'When one door is closed, 
don't you know, another is open?". -Bob Marley. It's been 
fun North, good luck Class of 09* 

These four years went by way too fast. One minute I was 
walking down the unfamiliar halls of the portables and the 
next I am walking down the aisle on pretty day! There are 
too many great memories to list, from aimless weekend nights 
to prom. So many people have helped to make this the best 
time of my life. Thank you to all of my wonderful teachers 
who have helped me to discover more than just my academic 
potential. Thanks to Ms. Manley, Tracy and Cait for the 
insanity of drama club! Thanks to my family, I love you guys 
and I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks to Kirsten 
and Alex and all of my amazing friends for all the awesome 
times, and for always putting up with me! Good luck! And 
remember your fate is what you make it. 

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when your ridinfl 
through the ruts don't complicate your mind. Flee froni 
hate mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, pud 
your vision to reality. Wake up and live." - Bob Marley To| 
my Mom. Dad. and Billy. Thank you for everything M 
couldn't have done it without you. I love you! To my friends ' 
may life take you down the right road. No matter where ' 
you go always remember where you came from. 
HM.GT.BM.KG.RP.HG.JL.SF.AL.ZP.and KY. Love you all' 
vMFY you'll always have a place in my heart, Love you 
Bub. Always remember keep your head high. Life goes on. 
Special thanks to my Grandparents. Aunts. Uncles, and 
Cousins. Robert and TJ love you guys always! 

Tabatha Jeppe 

Nicoletta Katsikis 

Lauren Kelleher 

First I would like to thank my family especially Tara. my mom. my 
brother Matthew and my dad who has gotten me through every- 
thing, I love you All you're the sister I never had thanks tor always 
being there even when you're far away, love you Emily I'll never 
forget you best Iriend thanks lor everything Nicole, thanks for 
making sure I didn't die V Amy, you always know what I mean. To 
all my triends, thank you lor the memories; CC.M5.SB, OAR, the 
Fray. Panera talks, seXC, the tab 5, Conor, no one on the corner 
has swagger like us. "teei brush ya hair. " Celtics games, Oktoberlesl 
= broken nose^, anyone seen my purse?, McCauleys, Torys New 
Years, ASZ, SAM MKB. Thanks you for everything. Good luck 
everyone, "Love life. Be Brave" 


"Turns out not where but who you're with that re- 
ally matters "-DMB Thanks to my family for all their 
love and support. Mom, thank you for being there 
every step of the way, Emily v best friend, no one 
can sing Enrique better than you vRorrie-Barbie and 
Ken for life. Seniors-thanks for all the good times 
Prom '08 FIRE! Linda DMB secret santa Nick's Big 
Event PlyLax black Monday DECA New Years at 
Tory's 3rd and 4th Gymnastics "Take what you can 
from your dreams, make them as real as anything " 
Congratulations and good luck Class of '09! 

These four years went by too fast. It feels like yes- 
terday I was a freshman. High School has been a 
great experience, but I couldn't have made it with- 
out my mom and dad. You guys have been the big- 
gest support system and I love you very much. 
Johnny thanks for always being there, now you have 
the house all for yourself. Thanks to all my friends 
for being there for me. I love you all. Kaitlyn Hayes. 
you are the best liest friend anyone could ask for, 
so many good times. "In this great future you can't 
forget your past. " B. Marley. Congrats class ol '09. 




Rosemary Helen Kelly 

Eric Kent 

Katelynn Ketnjon 

¥ "May t/ie lofiid a/uioifs tie nl your bacfc"-/nsti Blessing. 
Mom, I will never be able to thank you for all that you 
have done for me. I love you so much! Dad. thank you for 
everything! PatSDanny thank you for IS years of sup- 
port, laughter, and love! Amy Sawah Josie RP and 
myofficers¥ Friends "LOVE YOU". Piylax. concerts, 
mancave. proms. ptownSMV. Boca. JessicaLive. 
secretsanta. skitrips. "shepit." xoxo. pond nights. Squid's. 
Ginos. "long hair" Tmac's. JJ's. Ben's. Savard's. 
goatsSshoelace, FIRE! scandalous, scavhunls. snilin'. 241. 
MASCBust, BlackMonday. the point, backyard shoes. 
Phil's. 3rdS4ths. "get uieird" .musical, meow. PNN. "Let's 
tofce the good times as they go, and I'll meet yon further 
up the road "-Bruce Springsteen ¥ 

First I'd like to say thank you to all my Iriends lor making 
my whole high school experience amazing and mind blow- 
ing fun. You guys were there for me every step of the way. 
I love all our crazy conversations and inside jokes ... ah 
we be some crazy kids. Story time! Ok, N.G can sing and 
I like to mess up words. So one day we were just hanging 
out listening to music and then the song "If you want to' 
be my lover " by the Spice Girls came on. We ended up 
changing the song . It's amazing. We're coming out with 
an album, just kidding. That's |ust a sample of all our cra- 
ziness. So many good times I'm putting into my memory 
lane. Aww good times. 

Nicliolos Kerr 

"If you ain't first, you're last " - Ricky Bobby. First 
of all, thanks Mom and Dad for supporting me in 
everything that I do. John and Pat, thanks for being 
there and playing Halo with me. Joycelyn, congrats 
on finally getting those braces off. To all of my 
friends, thanks for all of the fun times we've had 
and good luck with everything. PN baseball, Span- 
ish 4 with Rachie, Donna's class, Foley's and 
Lindsay's, football games. Red Sox parade. New 
Years Eve, prom. Six Flags, oktoberfest. Class of 
09, it's been real. 

Patrick Kirkland 

"The Greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure "- 
Sven Goran Eriksson. Thanks Mom Pad and Kara, Thank 
you for every thing. Lot of good times, MPC boys. Never a 
dull moment. PN golf team, great times, going to basket- 
ball games. SMGC crew. Higgy. TIaw. Sug. CM. MS, SB, TA. 
To the main crew, Clarky, Milian, Brou, Ellis. Maloney. JW 
good time. "Pull Through" The Grand Marquis Bucks, 
Guitar Hero, Deathbed. " Hey mom I'm sleeping at 
Maloney's". Flynny. Tmac, Kneeland, sammy B, JJ, .lohn 
John, J Lay, Brig, Chaz, Good luck boys and Good Luck 
Class Of 2009 

Corey Allen Kneeland 

I first want to thank my tamil\ mom. dad. Amanda, and Knsten tor 
everything yoir\e done. I couldnl ot made it VMlhout \our lo\e and 
support To all those who stayed true I hope the best to you. My 
boys T-Mac. Brett. Joey some of the best times ot mv life Nikki and 
Kailah always there with KB. Rides. Football games best lour yrs. 
Clark56 my Warrior. 0\'s. The CAVE. T-Mac's. Brett's g>m. Tables. 
Brou, Flynn. Clark my fellow captains. Pinehills. CVT. Joe\ Vt SB 
everyday. Pond Hockey "Brett dangles". Sampson early grave \ard 
visits. Linds and Chris. CM the gts. all the visits to Bucklown, Team 
dinners. Baseball games. Pond nights. Freshmen year. Cosgroves. 
Morton Park. Keep livin' the high lite Stay up 09' it's been real. 
"Everything happens tor a reason." 


Jennifer Lijnn Labrie 

Adam Lenders 

Timothy J. Lawrence 

"This is tiie part where you find out who you are; 
And these are your friends, those who've been there 
from the start . . . "-The Maine. It's not so much 
the days that I'll remember, but the moments and 
who I shared them with: SF. AH, PI, CW. AL, AC- 
You've made the good even better. Without you there 
would have never been: RV parties, long drives and 
much McD's at Nelson Park, Serena. PTS, cup com- 
munication, homecoming or old school AC dance 
parties. I wouldn't have it any other way<3 Good 
luck class of 2009! 

"Adam Landers doh my Gawdd" - Corey Woolson I 

will miss you guys we had great times! Thank you 

mom for always being there for me and everything 

you've done. 

Do what is right, happy, and live your life the way 

you want! 


Kl and B-MAN! I Love you guys! Good luck and 

have fun! Honor, Courage, Commitment! Marine 

Corps HOO HAH! 

"Live everyday like it's your last". -Anon. Mom and Dad 
thank you for everything you have always been there for 
me and I'm blessed to have you here I love you. Courtney 
and Caitlyn love you loo. Gramps I'll always be thinking of 
you, R.I. P. Alex I'm so happy to have you in my life thank 
you for always being there I love you. good times. 36Mai. 
Mark. JJ, Brian . . . Boys JF, TM, PK, MW, BL, JP. PN 
Hockey The best of times Thanks Boys Thank you Coach 
Greene you've been great these past couple years. Good 
Times up the pond with Alex, at JJ's. Tom's Uncles. My 
basement with the 36Maf. Thanks to the class o( 09'. It's 
been a long and fun road. Good Luck! . . . 

--»k i!W> 



John Lay 

Thanks to my family: Mom. Dad. My sister and my 
grandma. Good limes with my friends. Buku Bucks. Good 
times fishing with KB.. CBT and Jazz Snake Runs. EK. 
and Matthew M.. Camp Lay all summer baby. Fat kid white 
hat. all my people. Tina Marie Mer-C-Mer. Tonis the bonis. 
Danger Dan and all the rest. No Windows No Way! 2 for 
I Tuesdays, the Corner store to the tables. Jing May Woo, 
NyR, and my co-pilot Ambam, Peace out Plymouth North 
"I believe everything you do comes back to you. So every- 
thing 1 do bad. I'll suffer from it. But In my mind. I believe 
what I'm doing is nght. so I feel like I'm going to heaven." 
- Tupac Shakur 

James Lehon 

Tfmofhy J.W. Lockett 

Thanks Mom. Dad, James, Caroline, Melissa, and 
Caitlin for the support you have given me over the 
years and for putting up with all of my shenanigans. 
I love you all and thanks lor all the help in High 
School. Good luck to all my friends with whatever 
you do in life. 

"Be the change you want to see in the world." 
Mahatma Gandhi 

Amber Lopes 

Danielle Lopes 

Kaijla Lopes 

"Sad enough to say that alone I can barely light a 
match, but together we can burn this place down."- 
Four Year Strong. Thank you Mom. Dad. Rebecca. 
Auntie Cindy for everything the last four years. My 
friends too. I love you! Amanda, my biff. I don't 
know what I would do without you. Devy. I love 
you. always! Camp Lay. co-pilot. BTF and ADTR 
shows. Booger. Hup Hup. Sunrise, team blue. Super 
Tramp (T.O.) "We seen the best and worst of you 
but we're sticking through-FYS. See you later PN! 

"Friendship is the only cement thai will ever hold the world 
together" -W, Wilson. Mom. Dad. Chns: Thanks for al- 
ways pushing me to do my best! I couldn't be who I am 
today without you. "I'll lean on you and you lean on me 
and we'll be okay" -PMB. Molly. Hailey. Jenny. Boys: Love 
you all, "I hope you had the lime o( your lile" - Green 
Day. The Shed. Log Cabin Love. HMUN. Walmart Runs. 
Waterbed. 6 Flags. BuffChix. Tent Nights. Get Buck in 
Here. Slip N Slides. Road Trips. Stuco -I- More. Friends; 
You'll always be in my heart. To the class of 2009: 'Here's 
to the nights we felt alive. Here's to the tears you knew 
you'd cry. Here's to goodbye. Tomorrow's gonna come 
loo soon" -Eve6. Congratulations. We finally made it! 

Thomas F. Maclnnes 

Bryan Moloney 

Dave Marathas 

I love Tyler Reid. I would like to thank my family. Mom. Dad. 
Dan. Alex. Love all of you. I want lo say what up to my boys 
Corey Flynny Brett Clarky Brou Phil Hitch JJ. And like to say 
watup to all my lady friends. Many good nights around Ply- 
mouth. JJ's Coreys the Shed. Oxxfest even my own house, 
many good memories. Im gonna Miss PN sports hockey. 
Football, Baseball. 26-0 undefeated state champs "Nothing 
Less than Perfect". Foul if we didn't right Phil. Ernie's 2 for 
I with my boys always a great time. I would like lo thank all 
my coaches Follette. Mr. Siever. and Coach Burkhead. All 
my other boys. Flaw Beeve Maloney Milian. Just remember 
"Everything Happens lor a Reason". "Practice makes per- 
fect Im relaxin at rehearsal" ■ Lil Wayne 

"Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying. Whom shall I 
send? And who will go for us?'" And I said. "Here am I. 
Send me!" Isaiah 6S Throughout high school my friends 
and family have stood by my side through the good times 
and the bad. For your love and support. I thank you. Good 
times will live forever in our memories: Pull-through. There 
was a guy in that car! Mom. the boys are coming over. 
Sarah B friends and love forever, thank you. TA good luck. 
Gillespie § Schmidt good times. The boys: AC RM .IE MB 
PK JF TR DB MC. Never a dull moment "It's what you do 
right now that makes a difference." Sgt Strueker ARMY 
STRONG HOOAH!! 7 9 Q'S - the adventure begins. 

"It's all been done and it's all been said we're the coolest 
kids and we lake what we can get "Brand New. Friends 
thank you for everything. Cory. Tyler. Mike. The Crew, the 
fort, the basement, the cliffs, nyr. Third Semester. Should 
have known. Bukubucks. No windows No way. hero prease. 
Fuht. BEAN, supa scene, ski fast ski safe. son. kpp, rallyx. 
aannndd now. hooves, crab people, camp lay. snedious. yeuh. 
Big thanks to the Higgins and the Depasquales. I can't thank 
my lamily enough for everything and all your support with 
all the ridiculous things I did. Especially lo my Mom lor the 
countless random 1 2:00 phone calls to bring me something. 
Thanks lor every memory. Never forget '09. This ones lor 
you RBI 




Hannah Marsh 

Audra Martin 

Billy McMister 

"High school IS a lot like toilet paper; you only miss it when 
it's gone. "Kate Kulikova 

Mom-thanks for putting up with me. Pad- No matter how 
old I get. Ill always be your little girl. Aalyx. you're the best 
sister ever! 

vMy amazing friends: I love you all. best of luck! 
DRSKG: Love you both, you've always been there for me. 
Memories: Prom. Dance Parties. Richard!. Summer '07, . . . 
Oh. . .Justice. Concerts. My girls. Friday nights at the pond. 
"The longer you live, the higher your fly; the smiles you give. 
the tears you cry; all you touch, and all you see; is all your 
life will ever be "Pink Floyd 

"Perhaps the only limits to the human mind are those 
we believe in. "-Willis Harman. Thanks so much to 
my Mom and Dad and especially my brother and 
best friend Craig, and my twin sister Caitlln. I love 
you guys, thanks for everything. Good luck to my 

Caitiin Marie McAlister 

Emily McCauley 

Sarah Ashley McCormack 


"Its been a wild ride, I wouldn't change a minute" - 
311. Mom Dad Craig and my twin brother Billy I 
love you all so much thanks for everything and al- 
ways being there! NMW. Babygirl. My girls and guys 
love you! Tmacs Oxfest the Cave Saqulsh 31 I 
TayswiftRascalFlatts. PNBasketbali. NTD. Ruby. 
KIckIn back no stress. Got Spirit? Get Weird. 
Congrats and good luck 2009! "While we're young 
and beautiful, living free and easy, here without a 
worry" -Carrie Underwood. 

""Troubles they may come and go but the good times, they're 
the gold, and if the road ahead gets rocky, just steady as we 
go."-DMB- Nicole- at least we think we"re funny, best friends 
always booboo. Tabby. Tm sorry but we'll be awkward for- 
ever, best friends. Tory- those never ending convos. sorry 
about the alligator, love you always. To all my friends, so 
many memories: Prom 08. secret santas, Tory's .state 
champs¥. LB's. poolside at Foley's, girls tourni. deadly car 
rides with AZ. Linda, d-line. MV. eggsecutors. playground 
hopping, sumolove. Mom Dad Katie Laura Allison- thank 
you for all of your support. I love you, "Be courageous and 
be brave, and in my heart you"ll always stay, forever young." 
Rod Stewart Good Luck "09* 

"'lt"s when you cry just a little, but you laugh in the middle 
that you"ve made it." — Jason Mraz. To Dad, Mom. Rachel, 
thank you for motivating me to be the best that I can be. 
To all my friends, thank you. I wouldn't have been able to 
make it all these years without you. I love you all. 
Memories: Chadwick's class freshman year, midnight rider, 
PNN, Panera Bread half days. NVC. DMB. XC puddle lump- 
ing. Foss. pool hopping. Homecoming 08. and soltball. 
And to the class of 2009. best of luck to everyone and I 
can't wait to see you all in the future! 





^^n^lL i^^^^l 

R^|k Jd^HH 

Emily McCune 

Alison McDonald 

Samantha McDonough 

"\ilhen you think back on all we've done. I hope you're proud. 
When you look back to see how far we've come. It was our 
lime to shine and nobody could hold us down. And no we 
won't forget." -Carrie Underwood 
Congratulations class of 2009 and thanks for making the 
past four years absolutely amazing. Dad and Mom. thanks 
for always pushing me to do my best. Maggie and Colin 
thanks for putting up with me over the years and being there 
for me when needed. Girls and guys, much love. "There is a 
legit fire!". Black Monday, eggsecuters. "Fat kid white hat". 
Senioritas. "no big deal". Maine, and lacrosse ladies. Oh 
nine, so fine! 1620. you will stay in my heart forever. So 
here's to you. class of 2009 and best of luck for your future. 

Thanks to my Mom and Dave for pushing me And 
not giving up when I was at my worst. Buckwheat 
no matter how far away I go I'm always going to 
there for you. v ACL champs! What a way to make 
my Senior year. Thanks girls for a great season. 
Amanda! And Buddy! I can't thank you enough for 
always being there for me. And by the way I'm so 
winning the thousand dollars! Its over, I'm done, 
time to get out! 

"In every life we have some trouble- but when you 
worry you make it double. Pont worry. Be happy." 
Bobby McFerrin 


Love to my family, friends, the square. SS, 
middle", and so many others! 

I don't want to scare you, but there's a disease go- 
ing around that turns people into trees- SF 

Katherine McGrath 

Sarah McKeen 

Rome Mellor 

"Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I 
may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, 
believe in them, and try to follow where they lead." Louisa 
May Alcott. I will never forget all the good times at Fryeburg 
Academy or my new friends and experiences at North. 
Memories with my teams: soccer, lacrosse, and skiing mixy 
mixy on the bus. Sundays at Brelton woods w Susan, sum- 
mers at the vineyard, hibachi nights, labs w, SW and AC. 
Thanks to my friends. SH. LC. SM. AC. MM. TE and every- 
one else who has been apart of my life, you know who you 
are. To my parents, thanks for always being there for me. 

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne 
back ceaselessly into the past" - F. Scott Fitzgerald. 
Thank you for all of the support and love from fam- 
ily and friends. Best of luck to the class of 2009! 

"If you have true beauty, it will reflect itself in oth- 
ers," -Anonymous. Mom, Dad. Brianna. you're the 
reasons why I've turned out to be who I am today 
Take advantage. Too much rock for one hand 
Friends, '09, always S forever. PNN S anchor love 
Pop. lock, and drop it. Late-night adventures, Se 
cret Santa. Rascal Flatts. Boston, Sayin', Homecom 
ings, and Prom. Abercrombie 334. Spread your 
wings but never forget your roots. Life's good, but 
I just want to be a trophy wife. 


Caroline Meteli 

Ryan Milian 

Brittany Eiizabeth Mitchell 

"You better start livin' right now, cuz days go by" Keith 
Urban Lite is flying by. so enjoy every second of it. Mom 
and Dad-thanks tor always standing by and supporting me. 
no matter what kind of crazy activity I decided to try. 
Amanda-even though we sometimes fight, you're the best 
sister I could ever ask for. good times at JoBro concerts! 
Nama and Poppy-thanks so much for all that you do for 
me. Friends-What a quick four years! 1 have loved every 
minute; you're all amazing Good times at iParty, late night 
newspaper sessions. XC. softball (champs), drama. MSOD, 
band, photo shoots by the bonfire, PNN, concerts, etc. 
And to the class of '09. dream big. bigger than anyone 
else-because if you don't have dreams, you don't have much 

High School's been great. Whether its IVIPC. "A . . . I'm 
sleeping at IVIaloney's," PullThrew! or China Pilgrim on 
Sat nights, we always found a way to have a good time. I'll 
never forget the hot summer days preparing for football 
and the feelings of playing underneath the Friday night 
lights or not being able to hear myself think in bball games 
when the crowd noise fills the gym. Thanks to all my fam- 
ily, friends and teammates along the way; these years have 
been great, and I could not have done it without you. 
Before I look towards the future I want to take a moment 
to remember the past and enjoy the present for we have 
our whole lives to be boring adults but only moments left 
of worry-free adolescence. 

This War Is Ours. 
Yes I will lead you through the smoke and flames on the 
frontlines of war. and I will stand my ground until the end 
and we conquer them all. So I will fight my battle until 
fall and I conquer them all. 
This Is War.-ETF 

III make my stand right here with my friends! Thank you so 
much to my family, friends and, teachers for helping me 
through the most difficult parts of my high school career. 
I wouldn't have been able to make it without you Heather 
V. Gabby P, Amanda N, Amber L, Joe F. Matt G. Stephen 
D, and Daniel James G Just leave me your Stardust to 
remember you by. White Horse beach enough said! And 
Congrats class of 2009 we made it!!!' 

Cortney Miranda 

Here's to the memories we'll never forget. Friends be happy 
and keep your head high. May you succeed and make the 
future that you dream . . To my Mom and Keith thanks for 
always being there and believing in me. Kaden Quinn your 
Cor-Cor loves you. I cant wait to see you grow up. C.J.G 
time with you has been everything. It's been a long ride. I'll 
love you Today Tomorrow and Forever. There's always sun- 
shine behind the clouds Angel 6v 14*06 

here's to the future and wherever it may take us! Thankyou 
for making me the person that I am today 
Nana. Guga.Meme. Papa. AuntieDenise Tommy. Cousins- 
Auntie Nikkig Tina. Grammy. Anne. Marley.Wes.Auntie RI.P 
MemePapa Morley your still with me everyday 

Hofeeem Moore 

Carly Moreau 

"eventually all the pieces fall into place, until then, laugh at 
the confusion, live for the moment, and know that every- 
thing happens for a reason-sarah jessica parker—mom S 
lindsey. I love you thanks for everything. 
girls»bi.ka,cw,am,inh,'t ask lor any 
better! matt. I love you. thanks lor always being there, you're 
my everything* 1 .28.02 in my heart forever- all the good 
times . . . cvt woah rides, the tables, frenchys. SB», sum- 
mer 08, hockey \press, bretts beach, the shed, my house, 
brennas. NH. shop nights, basketball, ptown. forest rides, 
snowboarding. and soo many more Thank you to all the 
people I love. I couldn't have done this without youw 

1- "^ 

& \ 

1 lH 



Bk Jtl ■ 

■1 ''f ih^^^h 

Rico Moreno 

Shout out to: Chris, Courtney, Nick, Zaki, Ruska, 
Cazal, Wess, Livy, and Ariane. I will miss you guys! 
Joey Flynn you're a stud. Many thanks to: W.Farrell. 
Ms.Manley, Ms.Jaruse. and Dr. Griswold You all 
made senior year fun. Lorraine I love you and I will 
never forget you¥ 

Kmanda Lynne Morey 

"Where does life take you in the end. I guess we won't 
know until it's over, until then live, laugh, and love like 
everyday is your last." —Anonymous. I want to thank my 
family and friends lor everything. Dad. Mom, and Andrew 
I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you. I love 
you. To the Girls and Guys it's been a crazy ride, but I 
can't imagine it without all of you vLove you Guys! It 
came so fast and now we're done, but in the end we will 
have the memories that we made forever. Here's to all of 
the late nights, early mornings, and fun we had in between. 
To the people we met parties we went to. and places that 
we are going. Good luck class of ^009! We finally did it! 

^xanAon Muir 

"Sooner or later we all discover that the important mo- 
ments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birth- 
days, the graduations the weddings, not the great goals 
achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They 
come to the door of memory unannounced, stray dogs that 
amble in, sniff around a bit and simply never leave. Our 
lives are measured by these. "-Susan B. Anthony. Hello 
friends and family. Id like to thank you for your Iriendship 
and support throughout the years. We have had great times 
and 1 hope it continues. Thank you so much AL AG JA SM 
KN KC AH EC MS JL CT RP and the rest I can't fit on here! 
"The language of friendship is not words, but meanings. It 
is an intelligence about language "Thoreau 

Dome/ y\urph\.} 

Fours years gone by in the blink of an eye. (Yeah, I know 
that rhymed). It's come to an end all too quickly. I've got 
to say thank you to my parents for always being there for 
me, and to my sister for always offering her support. I 
know that I have memories that will last a lifetime: home- 
coming, poker nights. Period E Spanish. I didn't learn Span- 
ish but I had a lot of tun. That old saying, that High School 
is the best tour years of your life; let's iust hope that that's 
not true. I'm looking forward to good times ahead. To the 
friends I've made, people I've met and people I may never 
see again, it's been fun. 

KvnanAa E. Nostas/o 

Everyone has those friends that get them through 
their high school years. And I have mine: A,L. S.D. 
D.G, B.D, M.P. H.V. R.A. M,G, S,S. C.N. A.G. J.H, 
M.A. J.S. B.M. K.W. G.P. K.F. Amber Lopes always 
has been and will be my best friend, I love you Biff. 
"A free lesson to growing up; make the best of their 
worst, and never compromise what you feel is right. 
I make a point to be powerful when I speak. Be the 
one to give them nightmares when they sleep. Never 
back down for anyone." -A Pay to Remember 

Cd\\.\\n D \^oxio\^ 

"You'll find that life is still worth while il you iust smile. "- 
Nat King Cole. Thanks to everyone who has ever touched 
my life- friends, family, and the square. You will always 
have my love. The past four years of my life have been 
memorable, and I will always look back fondly. Mom and 
Dad. thank you for everything you've done for me, raising 
me to be the person I am now. I'll be forever grateful. 
Thank you to all the teachers who have helped me along 
the road. MS- thank you for everything you have shared 
with me over the years. I will always remember that. I'll 
miss all of the band kids, good luck guys! Make us proud! 
AM, MG, HV, AN, GP, KF, AH, JL, BM, I love you guys! 



Anthony O'Donmll 

Brittany J. Oliver 

Trinity Pacelh 

Wow! Four years has gone by extremely fast. I can't 
believe I'm done. Starting out as a freshman it seemed 
like I would be in school forever. Now as a senior, I 
almost don't want to leave, keyword: ALMOST! If 
only my grandma could see me now. I miss you. Ma. 
I love you and thanks for all of your support. Danny, 
you're next kid. Good times with my best friend Kayla, 
fires on the beach and our Jetty outings. I never would 
have made it with out my friends: Nel, BAB, Wieners, 
and anyone else I forgot. Congratulations senior class 
of '09. We did it! 

"Don't write your name on sand, waves will wash It away. 
Don't write your name in the sky, wind may blow It away. 
Write your name In the hearts of people you come In touch 
with. That's where It will slay." -pravsworld 1 would like to 
thank the people who have a place in my heart; my family 
Because of you Mom, Gerard ,Joy, Papa and Grandma. I sur- 
vived my high school experience. Thank you to my friends 
who are just like family; BG, BD, AG, NF . . . I can't 
mention everyone who has blessed my life, but you know 
who you are! Bri I want to thank you for every day we 
spent together; you're like a sister to me. You encourage 
me to be the best I can be We made memories that will 
last a lifetime. I've laughed and I've cried, and through It 
all I realized who I truly am! 

Ashley Paton 

"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the 
influence of the human spirit. We are all in this no- 
tion: The potential for greatness lives within each of 
us." —Wilma Rudolph Thanks to my mom, my dad, 
and my sister Britney for helping me get through 
the last four years. FRIENDS, I could not have made 
it without you! Great times on Plyno XC, I will miss 
you girls! 


Lauren Paton 

Peace, love, and memories. Thank you Ma and Diddy for 
everything you have done lor me. Casey have fun In high 
school next year! 1 620 Girl and Guy friends, I love you all 
¥ crazy times together: "There's a legit FIRE!", Got Spirit?, 
championship games, "fat kid white hat". Black Monday, 
eggsecuters. "long hair don't even care". Gym with Flair, 
"kickin back no stress", Ox-Fest, "get weird", 2 for I 
Tuesdays, spirit week, Seniorltas, Powderpuff girls, Kim, 
Southers Marsh Crew ¥ Eagles field hockey and Softball 
girls I'll miss you! Cheers to the classO of 2009 . , , Good 
luck and stay classy! "Thank God even crazy dreams come 
true," -Carrie Underwood 

Kyle B Payson 

I want to thank my mom, dad and Spencer for al- 
ways being there. For the good times I have had 
down at Pochet, how lucky I am to have a place 
that's home away from home. Thanks to Boston and 
Bosco for making music that will someday be heard 
around the world. Thanks to KB, TL, JL, TO, JC, 
and the CVT for all the good times. 
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then 
they fight you, then you win." 

Daniel Perry 

Gabheile Pestana 

Charlie Phachansiri 

"Nobody knows what to do. You just close your 
eyes, you hope for the best. I really think they're 
happy if you just make an effort." 
- Jerry Seinfeld 

"All of the people who are trying to make the world 
worse, aren't taking a day off. how can I? Light up 
the darkness ". 

-Bob Marley 
A special thanks to the people who made me who I 
am today, KF, HV, BM, AN, AL, SD, CN, IS, and 

Special thanks to my parents who have supported 
me throughout these four long years. I couldn't have 
done it without you guys. To my sister and brother, 
thank you too. Thanks to all my friends who have 
helped me with everything and making high school 
a fun time. To my fellow students; Tim Doyle, Nick 
Beaumont. John Sharp, and Billy McAlister. Thanks 
Bra. Thanks to my Baby. Shia Keo. for always being 
there. —Hoi Huk Joi — Beauty isn't in the eye of 
the beholder, it's in the eye of the beheld-Sandra 
Keo. And to all my seniors, good luck and Me Love 
You Long Time. 

Loured Plourde 

Patricia Ponte 

Racheal Pozerski 

When I left my sophomore year I was worried I wasn't going to 
graduate with everyone I've known for years, but now I am and it's 
hard to believe. It felt like I never left, and I have no regrets coming 
back Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me this opportunity and 
supporting everything I do Chris and Joelle. thank you for putting 
me first in your life and being there when I needed you the most Mr 
and Mrs Pickett, I can't thank you enough for all that you've done 
for me- Kacey. Kon and Emily. I can't imagine my life without you, 
I love you all! Friends, thanks for all the unforgettable memories. 
Lady Eagles ACL Champs Baby! A lot of people made me who I am 
today, thanks again. I couldn't have done it without you! Good 
Luck Class of 2009! 

I left all my comforts and luxuries to confront all my 
fears to live this experience as much as I could and I 
have learned a lot. Thanks to my parents to make 
this experience a reality and for always being there 
when I need them. Thanks to my brother and my 
new and old friends for all their help. Thanks to my 
host family, the Carpenters, and my host sister 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. "- 
Dr, Napoleon Hill These past four years have been unforgettable 
and I can thank m\ friends and family lor that Thanks MOM. 
friends I don't knov\ v\here I would be without vou gu\s Thanks 
for creating the memories of "poleski", si\ flags, nh. beachin' it. 
Ziggy's. and new experiences. And I can't forget "I was waiting tor 
a commercial , . . It's a movie! " "Quick take the wheel'" "Vou're 
freakin" hilarious dude!"-KG "You've been coned!" "I'm a banana!"- 
KG "Bobcat Rawr!"-Tory "Haha, we're such losers!"-KG. Thanks to 
everyone, this has been the best four years of my life. 


Alana Gilmore Pradhan 

John Prince IV 

Mijles Ramey 

Thank you Mom and Dad for turning off the light 
when it was too many hours past bedtime. Thank 
you Robert for throwing pebbles at my window. Liz 
for the liberal flavored ice cream, Caroline for Imag- 
ine in the mornings, Mike for the car talks, Sarah 
for the great stories and Elizabeth for walks down 
Las Ramblas. And if I only learned one thing it was 
this: "Do not be too moral. You may cheat yourself 
out of much life. Aim above morality. Be not simply 
good; be good for something. "Thoreau 

Mom and Dad. thanks. You've always been there and done 
everything from 6 AM games to three-hour college road 
trips. Thanks lo everyone else in my family too. Erika, good 
luck. You'll do well in whatever you do. I can't believe that 
it's time for us to graduate. Doesn't freshman year feel 
like yesterday? I owe lots of thanks to my friends: R.R, 
W.R. G.H. M.R, D.L. J.W, S.D. D.B. J.A, We've had years 
of good times together (sleepovers. summer parties, and 
car rides). Activities: Hockey, soccer, track, math team, 
NHS, SFH. Sluco. MUN. Good luck Class of 09! The jour- 
ney isn't over - this is |ust the beginning tor all of us. "Go 
confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life 
you have imagined. " - Thoreau. 




Molly Reardon 

Tyler Reid 

Jordan Remy 


"Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive 
them. "-Bob Dylan. Mom- Thanks for everything. From trips 
to colleges lo trips to England, you've always been there. 
For the past four years, you've been my best friend. I love 
you. Sam £ Rache- after years of fighting, and stealing 
your clothes, I've finally realized you're all right. Love you 
both. Dad. 6'22, 04. I love you, and miss you, although I 
know you have only slipped away into the next room. 
Friends. HC DL JW, and the boys. From tent nights, to 
3:00 AM Walmart trips, we've had the best of limes. I 
love you all. Class of 2009- "Do not go where the path 
may lead; go instead where there is no path, and leave a 
trail"- Ralph Waldo Emerson, Good luck 

I love Tom Maclnnes, Milian, Bchaz Kneeland, 
Clarky, JJ, DB, Marathas, CoryD, Liam, Brou, Cash, 
Flynny, Higgs, AmyZ, Tory, and tnany more. Thanks 
to my family for everything. North Football you guys 
are like brothers to me. Third Semester we've had 
our fun. Tmac's. JJ's. man cave, chillen at the pond, 
241, "giggidy" -Quagmire 

Karia Ri'bei'ro 

Mom and Dad thanks for always believing in me and for 
inspiring me to never give up. Little sister thanks for stay- 
ing up with me and making my hours cramming lor tests 
so much fun. Thanks to all of my friends for being there 
when I needed the most. Thanks to Mrs. DaSilva for the 
good advice. The bizarre things I've done, that I'll remem- 
ber to be lots of fun. The friends I have sadly lost over 
these four years but also the many I have gained. The end- 
less memories! The mistakes that I have learned from and 
the experiences that made me grow stronger. Class of'09 
we finally made it. Let the good times roll and good luck 
to each and every one of you! 

"Every story has an ending, but in life every ending is just 
a new beginning." Up Town Girls 

Wesley Richard 

Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your support. Also, 
thanks to all my friends Nick. Brian, Adam. Chris, 
Courtney, Jimmy. Jon Jon. Devin. DJ, Amber, Kevin, 
James, Ben, Dave, Brendan, Rachael, Jimmy, Derek, 
DIee. Sean, Becky. Jill, Stack. Shippee, Joe, Rico, 
Dale, Ryan, Andrew. Mikey, Mr. Plante, Tony, Dave 
Cashing, Mike, Brittney. Tim, and Charlie. 

Derefe Riley 

Thank You Mom And Nikki 


That's What She Said. Buku Bucks. Fat Kid White Hat 


Superball '08 

Fishing. Friday Nights On The Pond. Fake Band. Before And 

After School Activities, Comp Lab With Mrs. A 

And Last But Not Least Everyday I Ever Spent With Hannah 

Marsh. Those Are The Happiest Times 

"Its Not The Moments We Should Remember Most. But The 

People We Shared Them With." 














. M 








Ryon Roark 

Wesley Robinson 

Nick Rodrigues 

"Cfiange is inevitable, except from vending machines""- Robbert 
Gallagher, We all have come Irom dilferenl places, yet we have all 
been united here. To all ol my good friends, thank you for the great 
times. Without you all I wouldn't have been able to procrastinate so 
well. Greg. Wes. Scott and James- you guys are my boys and I'll 
never forget everything we have been through. These four years 
with you have meant so much to me. Never stray into the BK park- 
ing lot at night. New Tokyo baby. We are a great class that has had 
great times To my family; thank you lor always supporting me, 
Varsity Soccer; great years boys, we are still the best. Finis Origine 
Pendet- the end depends on the beginning. Call me in ten years (or 
a date ladies. Weezy! 

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things 
you are. the things you never want to lose." - The Wonder Years. 
Mom and Dad- Thanks a lot. Between college road trips, late nights 
waiting for me to get home, and weeks of job searching for me. 
you've always been there. Even though we sometimes argue. I've 
come to think you're all right Colin- Sometimes I want lo punch 
you in the face, but I've come to realize you're a champion. Best 
Friends- GH. RR. JS. JP. SD. AC. ER. RH. BM. JK. and all the girls. 
You guys really know how to have a good time and I love you all G- 
Baby. you've my hero and don't ever forget our jello filled pool. 
Roark. stay away from pools with covers brother Eddie, I did slap 
you. it wasn't that squirrel. 

Many thanks to my friends and family. Mom and dad. Thanks for 
being there the whole way. My friends, You guys are awesome. 
Wesley!. Ruuska. Adam, my cousin Dylan. Jon Jon. Chris and 
Cortney. Jimmy. Ben. James W. Andrew. Devin. Amber. Amanda. 
Toe. Deve. DRock. karla. Thimas, and Rico, Rico I'll miss you dude. 
Good times. Love all you guys, and the people I may have missed. 
DianaLee Hln. I love you so much. I can say. With much confi- 
dence, you've made me a better person. We've accomplished so 
much together, and have had The best times of our lives, and lots 
more to come. Forever "because" 

Good luck class of 2009! 


Dave Rogers 

Daoid Rountree 

Brian Ruuska 

Wow guys. I can't believe It's over. These have been the 
best years of my life and I really look forward to the greater 
day to come. Mom, dad I couldn't have done It without 
you. To all my friends, thank you so much for being there 
for me. You've made these past 4 years more fun than I 
ever could have Imagined. We've only just scratched the 
surface on how exciting our lives ahead of us are going to 
be. -No windows, no way! Haha. good times guys. I hope 
the best to everyone after high school and I just want you 
all to remember one thing. You only get one chance in life. 
Go big or go home. No looking back, no regrets. Live you 
life and enjoy It! Haha, one love. 

"Do what you will, always walk where you like, your steps, 
do as you please I'll back you up" Douc Madlieuis Band I 
would like to thank my whole family for everything. I love 
you all. To my Wyndemere and Curtis buddies I couldn't 
ask for better friends. Jess thanks for all the memories. PN 
Football Golf Welghtroom Math class raps DECA saving 
the school one day at a time Homecoming Prom OS "raise 
the roof" Southers crew you're all nuts. 3L Tweeter TREOS 
Camp Roche Ski trips The beach house The barn Plymouth 
Beach July 3rd 5 4th Maine Thomas couldn't have done it 
with out you. I want to thank all my friends. "How grate- 
ful I was then to be part of t 

he mystery, to love and to be loved. Let's hope that is 
enough." Bright eyes —keep it real 09— 

It seems the clocks stop ticking but time still contin- 
ues. I want to thank everyone for my high school 
year including my parents, my grandparents, Ben. 
F, Adam Zaki, Wesley. R. Nick. R, Jimmy. L, Joe 
Osbourn, Kyle Lyolis, Rico Moreno, Paul Quintal, 
Jean Quintal, Ms. Manley, Shamwow, and Nick. G 

Taylor Sampson 

Jarr)es Sanderson 

Jessica Saunders 


I can finally get out of here. But I would owe it all to 
my mom. my dad, linds, drew, Jake. Everyone was 
right; this was the fastest four years ever. There 
have been so many memories with so many people. 
Shans, gilly. tide, reno. horse, bones, moose, french, 
shats, countless nights at frenchys. hockey, tables, 
chiltonville. L's. up north trips, my boys at the cor- 
ner store, bigbird. forest rides, cvt. summertime, 
skips, cabs, hotels, to all the ladies. Too many list 
but I'll remember every one of them. Peace out north 
one love. 

Mom, Dad, Jason thank you for everything Ava Concert, 
Sunday Football 
Soccer OS 


"If we can, we will leave this letter and a song for you 

And we'll write once a day, and put it through the sea to 


We'll regret all those things we thought of. but didn't ever 



Thank you God, my Mom and Dad and the Saunders 1 6 
for all their support. "Its at the edge of a pedal where love 
waits." William Carlos. Anthony thank you for always ho 
lieving in me. Lauren we've had so many good laughs lo 
gether. "Enter through the narrow gate lor wide is the 
gale and broad is the road that leads to destruction and 
many enter through it. but small is the gate and narrow 
the road that leads to life and only a lew find it." Matthew 
7: 1-3. Throughout my years in high school I think that the 
most important thing thai I have learned is to never lake 
anything too seriously including myself. 

Justin Saunders 

JJ Saooia 

Ryan Schneider 

PN Hockey, PN Football. Ply Lax }6 maf Law. Mark. 
Brian. My boys for life Flynn. Clarky. Beeve. T mac. 
Brou. Kneeland. Treid. DB. Phil, Cait, Maura, LP. 
Tiff Krebs. Synsky. Liam, Walsh. Cuomo. Mom and 
dad thanks for everything I love you and I'll miss 
you. Bob you're a great football player and every- 
thing you get you deserve. Times at T Mac's OX 
Fest. T Laws cookouts. A hero is no braver than an 
ordinary man. but he is brave five minutes longer. 
-Ralph Waldo Emmerson 

Who ever said it's not whether you win or lose that counts 
probably lost. Thanks to my mom. my dad. my sister, my 
brother Neil "Spades", and to my friends: NS. DC. JL 
AN. The Hockey Boys. Mr. Plante. and FLAVAAA FLAWV, 
Some of my favorite memories of high school were ceram 
ics with Sampson. Brou. and Buxton. Student Services 
Going to Mr.DaRosa tor passes, we'll miss you. Pinball in 
gym class. Mary Mortenson's singing. Majastee. Attempt 
ing to drink a gallon of milk In an hour. Nook. Hockey 
basketball, and football games and finally givmg all the 
teachers a hard time. RIP TM We Love You. Stay up das 
of 09' 

I Curtis Seoigny 

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens" Jimi Hendrix 
thanks for all the great times K.A. J.L, J.S. P.B. 
A B. S.M, D.W. D.C 

Missy Shepard 

I loved my time at PNHS. Thank you to Ms's 
Petrangelo. and Rozak with a special thank you to 
Ms Lewison. Thank you to my Mom and Kate for 
believing in me. I will miss you - John, Anna and 
Brandon. "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what 
people say you can not do" Walter Bagehot 

Carissa Siloa 

"Enjoy yourself. These are the good old days you're going 
to miss in the years ahead " 

My favorite memories summer jam 07. OS. monsterjam. 
July 3rd. cheerleadlng. Ms.Manley class, six flags, winter 
07 08. Prom OS. Good times with S.Nolan. B, Nolan. 
J.Sanders love you girls Also: KS.WK.AF.YM.LW.AB.BO. 
JM.PW.DB.MJ.BR.SH.GB.CB.JS.TW.ED I want to thank 
my mom my dad. step dad and slop mom. my brother sis- 
ter my grandmother and my friends I love you guys thanks 
for everything GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 2009! 


Christina Siiva 

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice: 
it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be 
achieved, "■William Jennings Bryan, Thank you so much to 
all my teachers and friends, and most importantly to a 
family who has always been there for me. Plymouth North 
Field Hockey. I love you all and will miss playing together. 
Thank you to all my coaches, especially Miss Allen, for 
making me stronger. Friends: Andrew. Lauren. Josh, Allison, 
MH, AP. DM, CT. Dl. RP. and all the others who have 
made me who I am. and helped me through the toughest 
times. Good luck Class of '09, we finally made it! "I find 
that a great part of the information I have was acquired by 
looking up something else on the way, "Franklin P, Adams 

Jade Siha 

I have participated in many chorus events, plays, and recit- 
als. These moments and the people in them have shown 
and taught me many things. The years spent in high school 
will remain with me for a very long time. The lessons learned: 
the moments shared will remain with me forever and for 
always, I thank PNHS and everyone within its walls for 
helping me become me, I especially thank my parents, 
friends, family, teachers and counselors. Thanks KZ HK 
MQ "Without change we would not learn without learning 
we would not grow without growing we would not ma- 

Jasmyn Siha 

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are the 
tiny matters compared to what lies within us,"- Ralph 
Waldo Emerson, Leaving Plymouth North I will have 
no regrets. My- turn, NPFH, PN basketball, and the 
DECA crew, thanks for the good times. Mom and 
Nana thanks for everything, I love you both. Chelsea 
you are my ride or die, my best friend, my sister 
thanks for everything. I love you. Stay up. Fav, 
People: JW DS MD CS GD KJ BB CB JC, three 
amigos, and BNC, We finally did it. Class of 09', I 
wish you luck in whatever you do. Keep your heads 
up high. Over and out- JFresh. 

Lorraine Smith 

Scott William Souk 

Svenja Spanuth 


"I believe that everything happens for a reason. 
People change so that you can learn to let go. Things 
go wrong so you can learn to appreciate them when 
they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn 
to trust no one but yourself. And sometimes good 
things fall apart so better things can fall together"- 
Marilyn Monroe 

Thank you mom and dad for pushing me to try hard, 
and helping me succeed. Congrats to the class of 
'09. Rico I'll miss you, I love you. Forever and ever 

Many thanks to my family, friends, teachers and coaches 
throughout the years at PNHS, I was so happy I couldn't 
wait to go and I wondered how everything was going to end. 
Now so fast, four years are gone. It's time to move on to a 
new chapter in my life, I had a great four years at PNHS, 
There were many good times like playing hockey with my 
teammates, I like the coaches and I will miss them all. I want 
to thank all my friends, you guys are the best! I would like to 
thank my mom and dad and brother Brian and Cosmo, I love 
u Guys. I have so many memories, like Homecoming, the 
Prom, and football games. Great times with my girl, Jackie, 
Good Luck Class of 2009, best class ever. 

"It's a dangerous business going out your door. You step 
onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, tliere's no 
knowing where you might be swept off to, "(JR. Tolkien) My 
feet led me to the United States, to Plymouth North High 
School. I had a great time and would like to say "Thanks" to 
everyone. My parents in Germany who made this year pos- 
sible who always supported and encouraged me. my siblings 
who I learned to value again. My hostlamily, two people 
who shared their life with me. My Inends, thanks lor loud 
music in the morning, for awesome lootl\ill games, lor the 
best Field Hockey season, lor so many experiences, lor e\er 
lasting memories, thanks lor showing me what it means to 
be an American. Viel Eriolg class of '09! 

Michael Stanton 

'Speak what you think today in hard words and to- 
norrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words 
igain, though it contradict everything you said to- 
lay" - R.W. Emerson I would like to thank my friends 
and family, especially my mom. dad. and brother, 
or all they have done for me and always supporting 
Tie. The Sophomore "Click", prom. Helen Keller, HK 
parties, PNN, EK, parking garage, Buddy tent-nights, 
the shed. Good luck class of 2009 you're unforget- 

Maura Sweeney 

"Sooner or Later we'll be looking back on every- 
thing we'll laugh about it like we knew what was 
happening "- Michael Tolcher. Mom. Dad. Samantha 
I love you. thanks for being there for me I don't 
know what I'd do without you. Girls and guys love 
you! Babygirl. oxfest. tmac's. the cave, ruby 
roadtrips. get weird. Let the good times roll. 
Congrats and good luck 2009. "Hope your dreams 
stay big and your worries stay small." RF 

Colleen Taijlor 

I can't believe high school is over. The past four 
years have gone by so fast. Of course I have to 
thank my parents and my nana along with the rest 
of my family. I've had so many good memories over 
the years. Eveiy great time with the field hockey 
team. Also I have to thank my coach Miss Allen. 
Also to all my great friend. Lauren and Kaitlyn we 
had so much fun. And all my other friends CS. RP. 
BM. EC. AM. NH. KB. and all my other friends. I've 
had so much fun and I'm sad to see it over. Con- 
gratulations class of '09. 


B^ "^ 

^^ \ 






Aja R. Thaler 

Katahna J. Ulich 

Harlan Valenziano 

"When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of 
your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when 
it comes to an end. "-Twilight. Thanks to my family 
who has supported me in everything I've done and 
for pushing me to do my best. I love you all. Thanks 
to all the friends I've made. Thank you for accept- 
ing me and for making me feel like I belong. Thanks 
Deidre. Shayna. Karen, Adam, Jake, Alexis, Audra, 
Erin, Rachael, and everybody else!!!! 

High school doesn't mean anything. We've all heard it 
before. But at the time prom, senior year and wlio's who Is 
so Important. Now I understand what they meant. I'm look- 
ing at four years of college and lifetime to en|oy. So high 
school isn't a life Lxit a block in its foundation, I would like 
to say thank you to everyone who has made the first block 
In my life solid and easily placed. "Destiny Is not a mailer 
of chance, but a matter of choice. It Is not a thing lo be 
waited for. It Is a thing to be achieved," - William Bryan, 
I choose to lietter myself thanks to the good times and 
experiences called high school. 




Heather Ashley Vickery 

Favorite People: GP. BM. JH, ME. AN. KF. CN, IS, 

Many Thanks To: Mom, Megan, and Joe 

Memories: Manomet Beach, prom, camping, 8/25 

Favorite Quote: "The joy of life comes from our en- 
counters with new experiences, and hence there is 
no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing 
horizon, for each day to have a new and different 
sun" - Chris McCandless 

Kevin Wallace 

Jacob Wall-Burrey 


James Patrick Walsh 

It's been a short 4 years of high school, but I am ready to 
move on. I've met a lot of cool people and made a lot of 
good friends; you all know who you are. I want to thank 
my Mom. anyone of my friends that knows her or has even 
just met her knows she's the best. To my old middle school 
crew don't forget the good old times. Chris Griffin good 
luck, Steph Wilson good luck, Jill White you're the illest. 
Mike Bolle is the man. To my brothers. Nick Eulrazio and 
Evan Willey. Good luck in the Marines. Ill be there soon. 
"Marines Die. that's what we are here for. But the Marine 
Corps live forever, and that means YOU live forever." - 
Gysgt R. Lee Ermey 

S E M P E R F I Peace out class 09 

Nicholas Watson 

Jillian Kerry White 

First oil I want to thank my mom. dad. and Taylor lor bemg the best 
family in the world, love you always! Steph + Britt I love you girls so 
much! My girls- MW.AZ.CM.AI.JBIBCha;. my best Iriend always! 
Shelby and Joey. thanks for everything! Beave your the best! 
Jordan, these past 3 years with you have been amazing.! love you so 
muchi PNDT I'll never forget you girlslCoach. thanks lor all you 
have donelMSOD the place to belNF.SB.ME-lhanks lor all the 
inspirationlMK.MJ.Mt.MS-tOVE VOU Att! Good times Prom.Secret 
Santa. TMacs. Rascal Flatts.JOOS Slate Champs. UDA.BCoopsi To 
friends ol mine joining the military. you guys are my sate. Til 
miss you- TA.JW.EW.NE Congrats and good luck class ol :200i1i 
"To the moon and backl" 

Laura Ann Wieners 

Marissa Wiley 

Evan Richard Wllleij 

Maria I love you . you will always be in my heart and 
I think about you everyday. Ronnie I love you. The 
tirst time I met you I knew we were meant to be. 
Mike and Jenny you made my life miserable but I 
love ya anyway. Mom and dad I love you thank for 
helping me through it all. Grampa and Nana if it 
vveren't for you I would not have made it through. 
To all my friends I love you all. AB.BO.CK, 

"Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of 
choice. It IS not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing 
to be achieved." -William Jennings Bryan. To the class 
of 2009, I hope everyone chases after their dreams 
and accomplishes their goals. To my closest friends, 
I hope you succeed and find happiness in everything 
you do. I want to say thank you to my mom and 
dad, my teachers, and friends, I could not have made 
it without you. Thank you everyone for making me 
the person I am today. 

The Last twelve years of school have been long, but it's 
worth It. I'm iust excited to finally graduate and start my 
life, July 6th 2009 is the day 1 have worked for all my life, 
the day I start the transformation into a marine. I'll miss 
everyone at north, Jill White whatever you do with your 
life you'll do It fine, you will be successful To my brothers 
Walsh, Fraz, and Bolle we been through a lot we will stay 
in touch, hope the corps treats you good Fraz and Walsh. 
"My only answer as to why the marines get the toughest 
iobs Is because the average leatherneck is a much better 
fighter. He has far more guts, courage, and better offic- 
ers. We have a pride in the corps and will fight to the end 
no matter what the cost." 2nd Lt. Richard C, Kennard 
Peace ... do or die 

Stephanie Wilson 

Jenny Woodford 

Corey Woolson 

"Bui the stars are burnin' bright like some mystery uncov- 
ered. I'll keep movin' through the dark with you In my 
heart, "-Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, mantown. 
Prom, girls tourny. the Taurus, powderpuff, my names not 
Frankie, BCoops's house, team dinners, and Maine. ACL 
champs, I love you lady eagles. Jlllian and Emily thank you 
for always being there, I love you guys. To mom. dad. 
Patricia, and Jennifer thank you for everything, you've al- 
ways supported me, I love you. Class of 09' stay fine! 
"Yeah and Its over before you know it, it all goes by so 
fast. Yeah the bad nights take forever and the good nights 
don't ever seem to last."- Petty. 

Mom, thank you so much for all of your love S support 
throughout the years. I love you! Mike, thanks for always 
being there for me; I couldn't ask for a better brother! I 
love you! To my bests-my girls S guys, I love you all so 
much! Most amazing memories! Greg's basement, sum- 
mer beach nights S tent nights. Star Land, homecomings, 
prom, volleyball. Six Flags, window markers. Earth Fest, 
football games. PNN, log cabin. Curlew, JP's summer par- 
ties. DMB. Jack's g Hanson. Route 44, Pennsylvania g 
PEI, scavenger hunts. Class of 2009. I wish you all the 
best! "May the shimmer of summer always light your way 
and make you feel younger than today. "-Ben 

"You know who I am and if you don't you probably 
aren't reading my senior bio"-Clay Conley 

glow sticks, going on adventures, ya fun times . . . 


■""■" JH^ ' " 



p; M[^^ Hli 

W : .|^B^ ^ jff^l^H 

^' /i:^^^BR''''!^V^^^^I 


B^BI^^^^^HIlK tl fr'JIi^^^^^l 

h^^^^VjIih'^ i^^^^^l 

^Hlfr' ' V>-V 'Sl^Hyji^^^^^l 

^^^^H " ' '"" '^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Alexis Brianne Wylie 

"To succeed in life you need three things; a wish- 
bone, a backbone, and a funnybone"-Reba McEntire. 
Many thanks to my parents for always pushing me 
to the best of my ability and believing in my full 
potential. My brother and sister for being there for 
me and just being the kinds of people that they are. 
And to the entire family thanks for the love and 
support. I love you all so much! I also want to thank 
Audra, Colleen, Erica, Amber, Jackie, and the rest 
of my friends for lots of great memories and laughs. 
I wouldn't have gotten through high school without 
you girls. Good luck to everyone in the class of 09! 
School activities: basketball, NHS 

Amy Zakl 

An endless thanks to Dad.Mom.Twiny and Nancy. wouldn't have 
made it wo ur love. wisdom, faith, love u so much!"Now I look back 
and I have to smile, cause boy it was fun" — Corey Smith, oxfest! 
Countless times at squids. T-macs,JJs.|oes basement. pimp 
mobile. roxeanne.bubbas.Mancave. secret santas.PTOWN w. the 
chicks. Prom 08"get weird". "Shepit". 'Cold blooded. CM/JW" "it 
happens"~patty .DMB, OAR. PETTY. 3 I I .FARMAID ,3L. Pond 
nights .PKerrs van.crazyness w, cdunn .clubhouse, bretls gym.ginos. 
newyears.3rdS-1th's. 24 I .Mccualeys, Savs all nighter.LEGITFIRE. 
LB's I Sth.faegins class W- Fitzy! TJ celts points? AntoniaSRose so 
incomplete w/o u. its a trio<3 Tyler Reid/Fitzy BFs always! "in the 
end my friend we'll all be together again"-OAR 

Rebecca K. Wynne 

Wow senior year I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be 
writing my senior bio. After I i years of school iny senior 
year I'm finally getting it right and we're finally 
DONElCongratulalions class of 2009!Thanks 
Mom, Dad, Phillip, Connne, and Jason (or being there tor even 
my smallest accomplishments. Too many good times 
Mary, Brittney, Tina, Kendall, Tony, Jon Jon. andJohnLay I 
couldn't have asked for better friends, thank you for al- 
ways being there when I needed you and for being there 
when 1 wanted you LOVE YOU GUYS!To all my friends, 
teachers and experiences, good and bad I will never forget 
you AM.AW.JW.SW.CM.PC Knobby! CP. Sharpie. OH 
Dave'Wheres Kelsey? "Home is Not Where you Live But 
where they understand You "CHRISTINA MORGENSTERN 


Dan Zopatti 

Let's try to fill this space with as few extras as possible: 
Football, lineman jokes, the aristocrats, taking her to Rancid 
(her first concert). Lars Frederiksen and Ms Robbins. paving 
Ms Laracuente's street, leather jackets. 4 speed-327 350 
396 427 454. road trips, driving schools. autocross, 1/4 
mile. Boston, Hull, drive a thousand aimless miles for fun, 
bowling, getting Mr Lefebvre to go. NHS volunteenng. Movie 
quotes with DPM, Kayaks with DCB. gang signs and Wendys 
with SWD. Talking cars with Mr. B. Thank you to iny family, 
teachers, my Greek-HMD-, and to friends who laughed with 
me. Here's to (our years past, but believe me, it ain't over 
yet. To many more, DZZ 

Adorn Zaki 

Dad, Mom, Nancy, Amy, thanks for all the support 
and faith. Without you I wouldn't have made it this 
far. Great times with my closest friends: Derek. Chris, 
Suave, Daver, Bobo, Deve, Nick, Courtney, Audrey, 
and Amanda. Unforgettable concerts ADTR Scream 
the prayer and mayhem fest. Rides with KB, Bender, 
and Scarface in the party wagon. "Where you end 
up isn't the most important thing, it's the road you 
take to get there. The road you take is what you'll 
look back on and call your life"-Tim Wiley 



student Lite ' CduGs, Avvatds and Aetivitiiki 


Caroline Metell, Ashley Howard, David Rosinski, Elijah Longille, Jack 6arvin, 

Ms. Rachel Falbn - Co-Advisor, Megan Owens, Lezah Burgess, Tracy Velk>so, 

Katelyn Kenyon, Emma Cdnducci, Anna Sorvin, AAatthew Hajjar-Betters, 

Shawn Flanogan, Morgon Davis, Ms. Tracy Anzuoni - Advisor, Chelsea McDonald. 

Kathleen Normile, Graham Allen, Anranda Hayter, John Patrick Hogan, 

l^kol Sreenleaf , Molly Reardon, Danielle Lopes, Amy 6rccn, Shayna Ferguson, 

Shane Indeglia, Emily Bott, Kristi Goodman, Caitlin Ricker, Kelsey Lawson, 

Brandi Diaz, Jenn Robinson, Kirsten Schranze, Emily Ashton Eisner 

Lit AAogazine 

Samantho Levangie, Katie-Ann Moll, Akiyo Goler, Brandon 

Muir, Abna Pradham, Fbrence 6onsalves, Brandi Diaz, 

Amando McDonald, Ms. Donna Petrangelo - Advisor 

Peer Mediation 

John Trainor, Meghan Petrell, Tim Serrilki, tsbtalie Silmore, Jessico Surro, 

Andrea Norton- Advisor, Becco Brady, Samantho Henderson, 

Stephanie Wilson, Shana Follette, Allison Reid 

Prudential Spirit of 

Comnf\unity Awards 


Elizabeth Hogan 

Comcast Leaders 

and Achievers 


John Prince 





Sports Day 

Lauren Dougherty 


Shonna Follette 







Greg Hughes 

Tiffany AguioPI 

Principal's Leadership Award 
Nominee Alana Pradham 

National Honor Society 

Anna 6orvin, Brandon Muir, Alexis Wylie, Sorah McKeen, Caroline Metell, Joshua Brooks, 

David Broderick, Ryan Roork, Brianna Gorland, Andrew Cullivon, Andrew Cohill, Amanda Hayter, 

Stephanie Fecney, Nicholas Kerr, Conor Dugan, AAark Holmes, Wes Robinson, Sarah Forman, 

John Prince, Allison Dexter, Dan Zopatti, Dan Murphy, Alana Prodhan, Antonio Cappob, 

Tiffany Aguiar, Emily McCauley, Saroh Bramhall, Jessica Brown, Eli2abeth Hogan, 

Michael Stanton, Justine Achille, Greg Hughes, David Ingalls, Tyler Ferreira, Ashley Paton, 

Mrs. Diane Bbisdelt - Advisor, Lindsay Borgen, A^akoyb Elliott, Stephanie Wilson, Lauren Foley, 

Molly Reardon, Danielle Lopes, Elizabeth Colbert, Sarah McCormack, Christina Silva, 

Kate McSrath, Amanda Brisbois, Mrs. AAory Humberd - Advisor 

National Honor Society Executive Board 

Mrs. Diane Blaisdell - Advisor, Elizabeth Hogan - V-P, 

Ryan Roork - V-P, Mrs. Mary Humberd - Advisor, 

Lindsay Borgen - V-P, Justine Achille - President, 

Sreg Hughes - V-P 


Mr. Lonnie Simnwns - Advisor, Nicole 6rassi, Katie-Ann Moll, 

Kevin Edson, Kelly Young, Amanda McDonald, Erika Prince, 

Ashley Goldberg, Shayna Ferguson, Brandi Diaz 




Shelby Ferreira 

Kalica Johnson 

Anime Club 
AAatthew Hajjar-Betters, Megan Hinshaw, Elizabeth Zurolo 
Advisor, Conor Murphy, Daniella Diaz 



Rotary Club's 



Cynthia Grew, Emily Mabb, Maggie Burt, Kyle Leonard, Megan Abaspour, Dexter Driscoll 

Adrian Figueroa, Jade Silva, Katclynn Kenyon, Holly Jasmin, Allison Dries, 

Tyler DeMoura, Julie Costigan, Hillary Ruggiero, Heather Slazebrook, Deidre Hudson, 

Samantha Dion, Aja Thaler, Nykol Sreenleaf , Chelsea McDonald, Morgan Davis, 

Kayla Walsh, Amy &reen, Brittany Paton, Ashley Goldberg, Kelsey Lawson, 

Kirsten Schranze, Kendall Kolb, Samantha Dickson 

Chorus Executive Board 

Kyle Leonard, Adrian Figueroa, Jade Silva, Nykol Greenleof , 

Hillary Ruggiero, Dexter Driscoll, Morgan Davis, Samantha Dion, 

Kirsten Schranze, Kendall Kolb, Amy Green 

The Eagle Newspaper Editors 

Tyler Ferrcira, Caroline Metell, Rosemary Kelly, Michael Stanton, 

Shelley Jaruse - Advisor, Sheib Fey, Lauren Foley, Elizabeth Colbert 


Ms. Linda Goggin - Advisor, Nicole Grassi, Kelley Brennan, 

Hannah Bailey, Derek Grabhorn, Ms. Michelle Lewison - 

Advisor, Erin Kirby, Alison Ivkovic, Amanda McDonald, 

Kyle Maynard, AAeredith Lone, Brandi Diaz, 

Samantha Pickett, Shannon Fernando-Cole 



student Council Executive Board 
Nicole Katsikis - Treasurer, Victoria banner - President, 

Danielle Lopes - Vice President, Heather Sraden - 

Corresponding Secretary, AAs. Lynn Larracuente - Advisor, 

Lauren Foley - Publicity Coordinator, Olivia Natola - Historion, 

Molly Reordon - Recording Secretary, Wis. Betsy Robbins - Advisor 

Pilgrim / Yearbook Staff 

Ms. Donna Eddy-Advisor, Sheila Fey, Heather Sraden, 

AAs. Christine Sampson-Advisor, Torrcy Danner, 

Sarah Bramhall, Lindsey Crane 

Student Council 

Karen Roth, Joycelyn Kerr, Christina Noyes, Connor O'Dwyer, Emily McCauley, Antonio Cappoki, 

Nick Kerr, Rosemary Kelly, David Rountree, Jessica Brown, Heather 6raden, Mikayla Colantonio, 

Katelyn Petrell, AAeredith Lane, 6emma Henderson, John 'Sug* Reardon, Florence 6onsalves, 

Lindsay Borgen, Nicole Katsikis, Sheila Fey, Victoria Danner, Donielle Lopes, John Prince, 

Erin McDonald, Shannon Lbyd, Alex Brunstrom, Ms. Betsy Robbins, Ms. Lynn Larracuente, 

Mary Kate Joeger, Amber Alves, Lauren Foley, Molly Reardon, Brionna Fazio, Cdrissa Brown, 

Olivia Natoki, Adrianna 6arrett, Kacey McAAahon, Koyb Durand, Hieu Nguyen 

National Merit 
Greg Hughes 




m^ ' r 



^^^^B ^^^^r 


jo ^fl 

^^ J 






J V 


\ —^ 



My Turn 

Nick Anostos, Roy Gngan/, Jordon DePiiw. Ashley Hamrd. Kotclynn Keffyon, Ajo Tluler. Kristy Sylvia, Lam Dominguei, Jillion White. 

yon 6raham. Jade Siha. Oiebca McDonald. Oei(^ Hudion, Dovid WariKr. Meghan Quirke - Cdr«er Specialist, Vvan) Osborne. Amanda Hill, 

Ryan Schneider, Joanyn Sihn, Heather filazebrook, Kiley Leduc, Nytol Sreenleof , Zock Darbyshire, Shayna Ferguson. Kelli Forsberg 

Medical Careers 

Laura Vorrosso, Nykol 6reenleof , Kyle Leonard, 

Ms. Justine Naper - Advisor, Nicole Calvino, 

Shayna Ferguson, Laurie Hunt 105 

Sarah Bramhall 

Jewish Brotherhood Award 
Lindsey Borgen 

Winter Percussion Competition Ensemble 

Mr. Jonathan Porter-Instructor, Chris Taylor, Kelley Brennan, 

Josh Hamblin, Connor Flynn, Kara Negrini, Matthew Happel 

Stage Band 
Mr. Jonathan Porter, Elijah Lungille, Brendan &ill, Kelley Brennan, 

Tyler Ferreira, Connor Flynn, Kyle AAoynard, Catherine Arruda, 

Elizabeth Hogan, Shawn Flanagan, Amy Barry, John Patrick Hogan, 

Caitlin Ricker, Graham Allen, Tyler Sravelte 

Peer Leaders 
Pat Kirkbnd, Rorrie Melbr, Hannah Bailey, Kelley Brennan, Kyle AAoynord!^ 

Jessica Saunders, Lauren Fender, Sarah 6uevremont, Ms. Michelle 

Lewison-Advisor, Alex Brunstrom, Amy Riordan, Alison Ivkovic, Jessica 

Brown, baveRountree, David Ingalls, Jessica AAacKenzie, Shannon Lloyd, 

Samantha Pickett, Shona Follettc, Stephanie Wilson, Carisso Brown, 

Kendall Kolb, Nicole Holntes 

Marching/Concert Bond 
»r. Jonrthan Porter. Chris Toykr, Jade Gmnkos, Etijoh Ungille, Brendan 6tll. Josh Hamblin. Cabot Peck. Hatlhtm Untini, Kelley Brennan. Jomcs Lchon, Kyle Moynord. 
Kiannj Cobbett, Audro Martin. CorHierine Arruda, SiMwn Flanagan, Matthew Hoppel, Meghan ftll. Emmo Canducci. Tyler firavelie. Tyler Uwson, Connor Flynn. Amy Barry. 
106 John Potrick Hogan, Elizobeth Hogan, gmham Allen. Mebssa Whittokcr. Lezoh Burgen, Holly McNecly 

Boy's State/eirl's State \ 

Alana Pradham, Greg Hughes 

A/Uith Team 
Ryan Roark, Andrew Cahill, David Broderick, Wcs Robinson, Andrew Cullivan, Joshua Brooks, AAork Holn«s, Conor Duggan, Brian AAoson, 
Edward Raeke, Ryan Hess, John Prince, Meghan Petrcll, Anthony Melkonian, Ashley Goldberg, Sarah McKeen, Dan Ahlstedt, Kevin Cambell, Sarah 
Forman, Allison Dexter, Kate Mc&rath, Dan Murphy, Dan Zopatti, Natalie 6ilmore, Sam Henderson, Shawn Flanagan, Fbrence Sonsalves, 

Erika Prince, Allison Dries, Cora Sidoti, Lindsoy Borgen, David Ingalls, Svenja Spanuth, Greg Hughes, Justine Achille, Elizabeth Hogan, 
Michael Stanton, Akina Prodhon, Jessie Harvey, Kelsey Lowson, Amy Barry, Emily Bott, Christina Silva, Molly Reardon, Danielle Lopes, 

Nicole Katsikis, Amanda Brisbois, Elizabeth Colbert, Ashley Paton, Mrs. Mary Humberd 

Math Travel Team 

Ricky Weathers, Dan Ahlstedt, Doug Maccafcrri, John Prince, 

Michoel Stanton, Anthony Melkonian, Amy Barry, Nick Taormina 

Kevin Campbell, Svenja Spanuth, Justine Achille, Elizabeth Colber 

Nicole Holmes, Fbrence 6onsalves, Meredith Lane, Cara Sidoti, 

Alana Pradhan, 6reg Hughes, Mrs. A^ary Humberd - Advisor 

The Eagle Newspaper Editors 

Tyler Ferreira, Caroline Mctell, Rosemary Kelly, 

Michael Stanton, Shelley Jarusc - Advisor, Sheib Fey, 

Lauren Foley, Elizabeth Colbert 

Model U. M Boston 

Mork Holmes. John Pnnce. Conor Duggon. Andrew Cullivan. Bnonna Sorlond. Mr. Dovkl Clark - Advisor, 

West flobinson, Antonio Cappoie. 6reg Hughes. AKson Ivkovic. Boi'b u i'o Srogoia, Cora &oodman, 

Molly fteordon - Head Delegate. Damelle Lopes - Heod Delegate, Shoyna Ferguson 

AlUxiel U.N. Ham York 
Mr. Dovid Clark - Advisor, Catherine Arruda. Alison Ivkovic, Loircn Stanford, Derek Srabhom. 
ttoTf Saunders, Amy Barry, Johom Westeott, Kelsey Schronze, Nellie Johnson, Kyle Moynord 



The fearsome foursome 

The Fairy Dance 

Penelope does the 'bend & snap' 


"You are going to stay with me forever" 

The Crew 

The Players 

Bottom - Matt Bruninghause 

Quince - Abby Arenstam 

Flute - Chelsea TuffS' 

Starvling ~ Ashley Hathaway 

Snug - Gavin Dineen 

Snout - Alexandra Keaton 

The Fairies: 

Morgan Davis 

Kelsey Lawson 
Kirsten Schranze 

Emily Aisner 
Erika Christensen 

Janet Murphy 
Rachel Bambrick 

Oberon 'sfottowers 

Derek Anzuoni 
Nick Tosi 

Amanda Hasler 

Brandon Muir 

John Allen 

Anna Garvin 

Jake Garvin 

Kaiia Braley 

Clare Moore 

Kale Antos 

Hannah Bailey 

Cynthia Facchini 

Kelley Brennan 

Laura Dominguez 

Colleen Marsh 

& all other kids who have 

helped out 



Plymouth North Drama Club Fall of 2008 
The Princess Bride 

Mother- Abby Arenstam 

Kid- Emily Aisner 

Grandmother- Brandi Diaz 

Buttercup- Jenn Robinson 

Wesley- Shawn Flanagan 

Humperdink- John Patrick Hogan 

Vizzini- Derek Anzuoni 

Inigo- Kirsten Schranze 

Fezzik- David Rosinski 

Rugan- Graham Allen 

Albino- Emma Canducci 

Ancient Booer- Caroline AAetell 

Yellin- Mr. Hymeld Gaignard 

Miracle Max- Elijah Langille 

Valerie- Molly Reardon 

Priest- Amanda Hayter 

Rous- Caito Rkiker 

King- Scott Durocher 

Queen- Ashley Hathaway 

Crew - Stage Manager- Abby Arenstam 

Assistant Stage Manager - JakeJackJohn Garvin 

John Allen. Emily Bott, Kelly Brennan, Lezah Burgess, 

Morgan Davis, Anna Garvin, AAatt Hajjar-Betters, 

Joe Hill, Katelynn Kenyan, Kelsey Lawson, Kyle Leonard, 

Brandon Muir, Kathleen Normile, Brie Reily, Tracy Velluso 

"Are you sure no one's following us? 

In the fire swamp 

John Patrick tells Mr. G. what he must do! 

The battle of the wits has begun. ** | nCOIlCCiVBblC ! ^' 

"Get some rest. 


The crew busy at work. 

Vhat happens when a freshman misbehaves? 

"Did you hear about the six- fingered man?" 

M will always come for you." 

Wesley puts out the fire spurt. 

•The Cliff of Insanity" 

The Pit of Despair 

The reading of "The Princess Bride' 

The two in charge ! "^ ' Morgenstem 

The Pit of Despair 

An awesome swordfight. 


Rymouth North MVP winrtng pitcher Joe Rynn greets Jared Canney at home plate after scoring the winning run on a RBI single 

by Tom Maclnnes thus clinching a perfect 26-0 undefeated season for Rynwuth North. This was the first l)aseball state title for 

the Town of Plymouth. PN Basebdl finished the season ranked #1 in the state by The Boston Globe and The Herald, as well as #7 

in the country by USA Today. Our PH Eagles have achieved the highest ranking for a Massachusetts Ngh school baset>all team. 


Standing: Assistant Coach Bill Drew, Jameson Wood, Andrew Cahill, Joe Brigida, Anthony Clark, Ed Raeke, Jeff Agnew, 

Ray Tallent Pat Lane, Sam McKenna, Captain Evan Martinsen, Billy Mitchell, Phil Cash, Jordan Wylie, Assistant Coach Jim Wylie, 

Emmett Cosgrove, Ryan Hess, Billy Irvine, Assistant Coach John Siever, Assistant Coach Paul Coffin, 

Head Coach Dwayne Fdlette Kneeling: Assistant Coach Pat Lamb, Billy McAlister, Jared Canney, Matt Walsh, Mike Higgins, 

Steve McSharry, Captain Joe Rynn, Captain Keegan Gn^Dhom 
Our thanks for the ph<dos by Matk Gardner - Gatehouse New England 

Spor-ts at PNHS 

Boys' Varsity Soccer 

John Landers, Greg Gardner, Brian Mason, Ryan Hess, Brendan Duggan, Zach Prifti, Kevin Campbell, 
Ben Fleming, Coach Bill Farrell, Eddie Raeke. Brett Chasnov, Ryan Rourk, Wes Robinson, Humberto 
Martins, James Sanderson, Mark Holmes, Conor Duggan, Greg Hughes, Joe Brigida, Rorrie Mellor 




_^ — _ 

Freshman Soccer 

Coach barcie Eneo, Peter Stasinos, Jared Bramhall, Chris Roth, Andrew Gallant, 

Ryan Holland, Anthony Valero, Connor Follettc, Pat Morgan, Tyler Gravelle, 

Jake Stearns, Connor Flynn, Jay McStowe, Chris Russo, Chris Meorls 




' ''*' , 

6ir\s' Varsity Soccer 

Nicole Hicks, Brooke leronimo, Nellie Johnson, Ashleigh Berg, Alexa Seracic, Sydney Wood, 
Jen Wilson, Jo Jo Flowers, Meaghan Petrell, Lauren Dougherty, Bri McDevitt, Alison Reid, _- , 

Chantelle Winslow, Lindsey Lincoln, Shona Follctte, Emily Admirond, Alison Dexter, Meaghan Coppola, .^{.^-^ 
Tiffany Aguiar, Courtney Burton, Stephanie Wilson, Lauren Plourde, Lauren Fender, Alison McDonald 

©ipis' J.V. Soccer 

Bccca Brady, Allison Pcjouhy, Emily Garda, Mikayla Colantonio, Katlin O'Neil, Coach Dana Perlow, 
Ashlynn Tuf fy, Sam Flowers, Florence Sonsalves, Rachoel Milroy, 5am Henderson, Kristy Sylvia, 
Courtney Talbot, Megan Coppola, Bri Fazio, Riley Stefano, Lacey Battles, Cathy Lindquist, Adrionna Sorrett 

Freshman Girls' Soccer 

Coach 6omes, Rachel Cdmbell, Katetyn Petrell, Riley Stefano, Rachel Post, Gemma Henderson, 

Megan Roy, Erin Costa, Casey Walsh, Emily Peroni, Danielle Flocck, Ashley Sallagher, Joycelyn 

Kerr, AAary Kate Jaeger, Michelle Roth, Nicole Russo, Taylor Bousquet, Holly Duddy, Sam 

Basler, Amber Alves, Nicolette Durkee, Alex Bergamo 

Members of the PHNS Golf team with Coach Mike McCosh 



Coach Bethany Ball, Emily Torrencc, Diamond Simoes, Melanie Dc'Angelo, 
Meghan Mclntyre, Coach Caitlin Naughton, Katelin Furtado, Sarah Suevremont, 
Brittany Hathaway, Kellie DcCoste, Rachel Lynch, Allie Bryant, Kaylo Sroczinger 

J.V. Field Hockey 

Courtney Lawrence, Tyler Frahlich, Cancbce White, Chrissy Noycs, Uuren Stanford, 
Cailcigh Quinn, Emily Pickett, Taylor Jonak, Casey Farrand, Anniko Leydon, Coach Fultz, 
Kaib Braley, Erika Prince, Svenjo Spanuth, Lena fsJguyen, Holly AAartz, Ashley Lambert, 

Barbaro firogoza, Caitlyn Pozerski, Shannon McDermott, Briane Gorton, Kendall Kolb 

Varsity Football 

Paul Coffin, Pat Lamb, Mike Cuomo, Jeff AAcCormack, Chuck Rossetti, Joe Dcsisto, Bill Burkhcad, Dwoyne Follettc, 

Steve Moore, Darren Rowell, Carl Freyermouth, Joe Conley, Scott Brown, Nick Kaiser, Cody Mcrritt, Brandon Parks, 

Jameson Wood, Zach Strickland, Christian Small, Bob Hill, Mike Cahill, Perry Wilson, Dan Cabral, Tom Faucett, 

Ricky Weathers, Henry Regalado, Allen Burgess, John Trainer, Jeff Wilkerson, Tim Serilla, Jason Bergeron, 

Jeff Torrance, Hieu Nguyen, Ben Paronich, Sean Harrington, Alex Johnson, Zack Zaniboni, Dana Boudreau, Jared Cullivan, 

Alex Coughlin, Jayson Naidoo, Kevin Dory, John Concannon, Adam Cuomo, James Krebs, Jeff Synan, Justin Maskell, 

John Dee, Scott Ringuette, Liam Cosgrove, Doug Maccoferri, Matt Walsh, Frank Aguior, Tony Perry, Matt George, 

David Broderick, Bryan Moloney, Tom Maclnnes, Ryan Milian, Tyler Reid. Joe Flynn, Anthony Clark, Corey Kneeland, 

Matt Brouillard, Ryan Bishop, John Savoia, Andrew Cahill 

Freshmon Footboll 

Coach Jimmy Antosca, Matt George, Alex Rozak, Nick Boutin, Jimmy Burke, 

Tyler Green, Ryan Duval, Coach Shaw, Cody Holmes, Vinny Tavernelli, Joe Kingsbury, 

John-Hansen Machado, Alex Ariagno, Jake Holn^es, Robert Alberghini, Jason Russell, 

Coach Reardon, Mike Wetterberg, Nick Curtis, James Dahill, Drake Fontaine, 

Matthew Ryan, Carlos Solomon, Erik Hansen, John Reardon, Matt Josephine, 

Bobby Sovoia, C.J. Ward, Jamie Dougherty, Connor Elliott 


Carl Freyermuth, Dwayne Follette, Joe DeSisto, Chuck Rossetti, Darren Rowell, 
Bill Burkhead, Jeff McCormack, Pat Lamb, Steve Moore, Paul Coffin, Mike Cuomo 


Varsity Girls' Volleyball 

Jessica Surro, Bryonna Joseph, Kelly Young, Carly Martmsen, Kori Pickett, 

Hannah Bailey, Jenny Woodford, Karen Gutowski, Amanda Hill, 

Chelsea Small, Ashley Dion 

I J 

J. V. eirls' Volleyball 

Coach Frank Marino, Sarah AAoscone, Kristi Goodman, Casey Cambell, 

Becca Mitchell, Molly Martinsen, Sydney McDowell, Coach Dunn, 

Clare Moore, Maggie Burt, Brittany Dhooge, 

Jocelyn Labrecque, Mary Faraday 

^r i 

' w 

*' ^^^m^^F^ ""^^^^^^A 




^^^^^^p ^^M 

^^^^^^^B ^^V 



Boys* Winter Tpock 

Raymond Tollcnt, Brendan 6tll, Doug AAaccafcrri, Ricky Weathers, Ryan Roork, Andrew Cahill. 

Mike Cahill, Dan Cdbral, Brendan Duggan, Dan 6ordon, Zach Strickland, Steve Lentini, John Lutz, 

Allan Burgess, Tyler 6recn, AAatt George, Dan Murphy, 6reg Hughes, Matt Brouillard, 

Zach Zaniboni, Jason Bergeron, Scott Ringuette, Tyler A^arcotte, Tyler 6eorge, 

John-Hanson AAachodo, Pat Horgon, Christian Small 


Winter Dance Team 

elonie D'Angelo, <elii DeCoste, 

Amy Byrne, Ashley Brisbois, 

Hannah MacLeod, 

|Olivia f^odriques, Brianna Fazio, 

Kirsten Schranze, Alex Post, 

Jenna Grant, Cara Sidoti, 

Johanna Westcott, 

Rachel Bambrick, 

Stephanie Collas, 

Amanda Brisbois, 

Sarah Bramhall, Jillian White, 

Makayla Elliott 


Junior Varsity Ice Hockey 

Coach McClay, Nick Tosi, t>evtn Hood, Dana Boudreau, Bobby Savoia, Sean Folan, Alex Areigno, 

Emily Aisncr, Cam Kingsbury, Cam DcSaust, Derek Hahn, Derek Anzuoni, Nick Taormina, Alex koiak, 

Jim Burke, Cam Sroezinger, Joe Kingsbury, Scott Soule, Josh Corrigan, Coach Coleman 

Varsity 6iris' Basketball 

Coach Paul Coffin, Tiffany Aguiai| 

Alexis Wylie, Natalie Silmore, 

Nicole Grassi. Riley Stefano, 

Sarah McKeen, Nellie Johnson, 

Coach Jonelle Fillippini, 

Coach Sarrard, Emily McKeen, 

Antonio Coppola, Svenja SpanutHI 

Shona Follette, Enuly Admirandji 

Lauren Dougherty, Jastnyn SilvtM 

Freshman Girls' Basketball 

Karen Roth, Cdsey Walsh, 

Hannah Conley, Shannon Raeke, 

Ashley Galbgher, 

Coach Tim Walsh, Jordan Flowers, 

Jennifer Wilson, Samm Bosler, 

Alexa 6eracie, Nicolette Durkee, 

Joycelyn Kerr, Danielle Floeck, 

6emma Henderson, 

Mary Kate Jaeger, Amber A Ives, 

Katelyn Petrell 

Varsity Boys' Basketball 

< Qch Chris Coffin, Coach Rick Fultz 

Perry Wilson, Ryan AAilian, 

Chris Josephine, Eddie Roeke, 

Coach Bill Drew, Lxiine Drew, 

J. Ward, Matt Walsh, Ben Tirlia, 

Ryan Hess, Brett Chasnov, 

Tyler Chasnov, John Ckiudio, 

Corey Kneekind, Anre bowell 

J.V. Boys' Basketfooll 

James Teehan, Adam Cuonw, 

Jeffrey Synan, 

Coach Chris Coffin, 

Justin Androde, Alex Johnson, 

Dan Fratus, Cody AAerritt, 

Tyler Chasnov 

Freshman Boys' Basketball 

Coach Mike Curley, Andrew 6alkint, 

Jared Bramhall, Chris Roth, 

Alex DePelice, Erik Hansen, 

Tyler Spencer, Aron Pierce, 

John Myette, Mike Wetterberg, 

Jamie Dougherty, Connor Follette, 

Jake Stearns, 
AAatthew Josephine, James Dahill 





"^ssk: ^. 




"VW ^1 

at' / *^^ 


44^ ' 9 




' .k»«l 

Varsity Softboll 

Caroline AActcll, Liz Colbert, 

Lexie Fontaine, Lauren Foley, 

Lauren DeSalvo, Assistant 

Coach Jim Kelley, Nellie Johnson, 

Sheila Fey, Alyssa Bisson, 

Antonia Coppola, Abby Drone, 

Lauren Paton, <Ashley Probosco, 

Allison Dexter, Coach A.J.Butters 


JV Softball 

Erika Christensen, Meghan O'Reilly, 

Meghan 6ill, Emily Sovard, 

Kayla 6roezingcr, Bryanna Joseph, 

Condace White, Colleen Taylor, 

Victoria Danncr, Sarah McKeen, 

Elizabeth Hogan, Sarah McCormack, 

Racheal Pozerski, Abby Colbert, 

Carly AAortinscn, 
Assistant Coach Eugene Irvine, 

Coach Kim Allen, 
Assistant Coach Tom O'Reilly 

Freshman Softball 

Coach Darcy Enea, Erin McDonald, 

Nicole Holmes, ^rctchen Roth, 

Erin Kirby, Brittany Dhoogc, 

Brooke leronimo, Brandi Diaz, 

Sarah Crosby, Diana Barbicri, 

Cahssa Brown, 
Clare Moore, Caitlyn Pozerski 

Varsity Baseball 

Jameson Wood, William Irvine, 

Matthew Walsh, Ray Tallent, 

Joe Conley, Dwayne Follctte, 

i Steve McSharry, Emmet Cosgrove, 

Jordan Wylie, Corey Coleman, 

William Mitchell, Sam McKenna, 

Tom AAacInnes, Joe Brigida, 

Jared Canney, Mike Higgins, 

Ryan Hess, Pat Lane, 

Evan AAartinsen, Joe Flynn, 

Keegan 6rabhom 

JV Boseboll 

Anthony Clark, Nick Kerr, 

Ray Tallent, Dave AAarathas, 

Dan Zopatti, Mike Higgins, 

Chris Josephine, Patrick Kirkkind, 

AAark Holmes, Jeff Agnew, 

Billy McAlister, Eddie Roeke, 

Ryan Hess, Coach Billy Drew, 

Jameson Wood, Brendan Mitchell, 

Dan Fratus, Terry Jaeger, 

Angelo Bertoni, Charlie Phachansiri, 

Dan Norton, Philip Boisvert, 

Nick Brisbois 

Freshman Baseball 

Zach Zaniboni, Zach Prifti, 

Dana Boudreau, Cam Kingsbury, 

Doug AAaccaferri, Justin AAaskell, 

Justin Stevens, Coach Mike Cuomo, 

Scott Ringuette, Kevin Dory, 

Rick Weathers, Mike CahitI, 

Cody Merritt, Jeff Synan, 

Liam Cosgrove, Brian Fasinello, 

Tom Faucctt, Alkin Burgess, 

Eric Foley, Tyler Barrows, 

Connor Hamilton, Tyler AAarcotte, 

Coach Paul Coffin, Dan Cabral, 

Brendan Duggan, Scott Browne, 

Josh Andrews, Adam Cuomo 

©Iri's Tennis 

Kelsey Schranze, Kendall Kolb, 

Rachael Milroy, Adrianna Garrett, 

Mikayla Colantonio, Kacey McAAahor 

Elizabeth Lincoln, Emily Mongello, , 

Sarah Forman, Lxiuren Stanford, 

Lyia Brcch, Florence Gonsalves, 

Lindsay Crane, Alex Post, 
Abna Pradham, Coach Martin 


Girl's Lacrosse 

Shelby Ferreira, Liz McKee, 

Natalie Gilmorc, Meghan Petrcll, 

Sam Henderson, Rose Kelley, 

Coach Cionna Almeida, 

Abby McKee, Jess Smith, 

Kate Mc&rath, Emily McCune, 

Stephanie Facchini, Siobian AAullane, 

Tiffany Aguiar, Lindsay Sawyer, 

Jackie Swanton, Sarah Bramhall, 

Nicoletta Katsikis, Jess Browm, 

Emily Bryant, Emily Vannozzi, 

Alyssa Cavicchi, Amanda Nadile, 

Lauren Hess, Manaqer Scott Wormald 

Bo/s Tennis 

Kyle Payson, Derek 6rabhorn, j 

Kevin Broderick, Shawn McNicolas, i 

Andrew Cullivan, Spencer Withingtor 

Coach Andy Dugan, Chris Carco. 

Chris McIsoQC, Jored Barnes, i 

Nick Taormino, Pat Donnelly 1 

,C^>v^rtibAcAm&frm.\ktCia&iif{:iDW Coi^rfltulatioMS from the class of 2010 




iioa ccMx <xcm€/Se i/t; 

CCMX feeccMue it. 



Meghan TetreCC- Secretary, J^ataCie QiCmore - Tresident 

MeCanie VoCCoff- JAcCvisor, J^ieu SNguyen - Treasurer, 

Sfiana JoCCette - yice- Tresident, "RacfieC JaCCon - Co-J\dvisor 


Coi^ratkUrtioKvs frowi the cUss o{ oow Cow^nrtuUrtiows frowi the class o{ QOio 

Emily Admirand 
Jeffrey Agnew 
Daniel Ahlstedt 
Victor Alcantara 

Abigail Arenstam 
Catherine Arruda 
Brittany Athanase 
Rachel Bambrick 

Amy Barry 
Tyler Bartlett 
Troy Bearse 
Cole Belanger 
Charles Boucher Jr. 
Rebecca Brady 
Alexander Bridgewater 
Nicholas Brisbois 

James Brophy 
Alexander Brown 
Eric Brown 
Alison Bryant 
Andrew Bulman 
Briana Cabral 

Alexander Cadete 
Emily Cahill 
Kevin Campbell 
Ellie Caramello 
Michael Cazale 
Erika Christensen 

Dennis Clancy 
Alexander Cobbett 
Abigail Colbert 
Stephanie Collas 
Joseph Conley 
Gabriele Contenta 

Joseph Costa III 
Julie Costigan 
Lindsay Crane 
Colin Crociati 

Jeanine Crowley 
Ashley Curran 
Jeffrey DeFlavis 
Tanairy Dejesus 


David Dicker! 

Mark Dion 

Samantha Dion 

Chelsea Dituilio 

Laura Dominguez 

Lauren Dougherty 

Anre Dowel! 

Dexter Driscoii 

Mattea Elliott 

Andrew Ellis 

Casey Farrand 

Benjamin Farrell 

Mikaela Feroli 

Shelby Ferreira 

Justin Figlioli 

Taylor Finn 

Nicole Fitzpatrick 

Edward Flanagan 

Shana Follette 

Tyler Frahlich 

Daniel Fratus 

Joseph Fucci III 

James Gallant 

Gregory Gardner 

Jade Gianakos 

Meghan Gill 

Natalie Gilmore 

Ashley Goldberg 

Daniel Gorton 

Jenna Grant 

Kiersten Grattan 

Kayla Groezinger 

Derek Hahn 

Matthew Hajjar-Betters 

Sean Harrington 

Jessie Harvey 

Paige Hatfield 

Bryan Hayes 

Heath Heger 

Samantha Henderson 

Ryan Hess 

Robert Hill 


Kristy Hinckley 
Megan Hinshaw 
Gregory Holmes 
Laurie Hunt 
Victoria Ingalls 

Terrence Jaeger 
Melina Jelley 
Alexander Johnson 
Kalica Johnson 
Bryanna Joseph 

Christopher Josephine 
James Kerr 
Timothy Kessler 
James Krebs 
John Landers 

Elijah Langille 
Victoria Lariviere 
Kelsey Lawson 
Kiley Leduc 
Kyle Leonard 
Elizabeth Lincoln 

Catherine Lindquist 
Rachael Lynch 
Cameron MacDonald 
Michael MacGrath 
Tayla Maddy 
Brandon Malaguti 

Humberto Martins 
Carly Martinsen 
Brian Mason 
Christopher Mccabe 
Chelsea McDonald 

Emily Mckeen 
Sean McLellan 
Kayla McNicholas 
Anthony Melkonian 
Nicola Mercer 

Brendan Mitchell 
Rebecca Mitchell 
Emily Mongello 
Michael Morano Jr. 
Paul Murnane 


Kara Negrini 

Christopher Newell 

Hieu Nguyen 

Katherine Noyes 

Ian O'Brien 

Stephen O'Donneii 

Anna Olkhovik 

Meghan O'Reilly 

Timothy Osborne 

Yvana Osborne 

Kimberly Parkman 

Ben Paronich 

Joshua Payne 

Cabot Peck 

Nicole Pelissier 

Christopher Pernaw 

Meghan Petrell 

Molly Phoenix 

Kori Pickett 

Dillon Pollard 
Alexandra Post 
Caileigh Quinn 
Tristan Quintal 

Edward Raeke 

Peter Randall 

Allison Reid 

Cody Reilly 

Adam Reszenski 

Christine Rosa 

David Rosinski 

Samantha Roy 

Christian Ryder 

Taylor Sampson 

Caitlyn Sanderson 

Christina Saunders 

Mary Saunders 

Emily Savard 

Corey Sayward 
Kelsey Schranze 
Vrndavani Sears 
Timothy Serrilla 

Cameron Shea 


Lucy Shea 
Richard Shea 
Cara Sidoti 
Chelsea Small 
Christian Small 
Richard Smvthe 

Kristi Souza 
Daniel Sparrow V 
Lauren Stanford 
Nicholas Stephen 
Zachary Strickland 
Daniel Sullivan 

Jessica Surro 
Kristy Sylvia 
Raymond Tallent III 
Anthony Tatalias 
Jeffrey Torrance 

Rebecca Trinkaus 
Andrew Tnideau 
Ashlyn Tuffy 

Jacleene Turner 
Emily Vannozzi 
Laura Varrasso 
Brittany Walsh 
Eleace Walsh 
Eric Watson 

Johanna Westcott 
Candace White 
Jeffrey White 
Jay Whitley 
Micajah Wholey 

Evan Willey 
Cerissa Willingham 
Chantelle Winslow 
Jameson Wood 
Stephen Woods 

Jeffrey Woodward 
Michael Wylie 
Anthony Young 
Kelly Young 
Mario Zanellato 


CoK^rfltulatioM£fro»M.the doss of 2011 CoM^rfltulottoM^frDiHtkecla^ofaoii 


a4 «&/^e ^yU H^ >u^Atl |A;t4 <^f4Mn^ . . . 

Wjie.€. jh^/r^ K^^^y rt^^AAtJkAJ^j ■^i'^S.J^^J^^^'^^' 

'Brendbn O'Brien - Tresidenty Dan QordJon - yice-Tresident 

Xatfiy Scfiram - JAdvisor, JAdrianna Qarrett - Treasurer 

Meredith Lane - Secretary, Linda Qoggin - JAdvisor 




Coi^iiitulatioiA^foMi the Class of 2D11 Coi^iiitiMioi/isfbni the class (>f 2011 

Frank Aguiar 
Emily Aisner 
Patrick Allen 
Justin Andrade 
Joshua Andrews 

Katherine Antos 
Lauren Artus-cooper 
Hannah Bailey 
Diana Barbieri 
Tyler Barrows 

Brianne Battles 
Lacey Battles 
Jocelyn Benvie 
Ashleigh Berg 
Jason Bergeron 
Chandler Blute 
Dylan Borofski 
Dana Boudreau 

Vinicius Braga 
Kaila Braley 
Ashley Brisbois 
Theresa Brouillard 

Carissa Brown 
Megan Brown 
Scott Brown 
Alexandra Brunstrom 

Allan Burgess 
Margaret Burt 
Matthew Buscemi 
Katherine Buxton 
Daniel Cabral 
Nicholas Caccialini 
Joseph Cadorette 
Michael Cahiil 

Lauren Callahan 
David Campbell 
Megan Cappola 
Colleen Carey 

Diana Cavicchi 
Kelly Cazeault 
Rebekah Chandler 
Christie Charlie 


Tyler Chasnov 

Lindsey Chen 

Mikayla Colantonio 

John Concannon 

Joseph Cook 

Christopher Corbo 

Alexander Corthell 

Alycia Corvini 

Liam Cosgrove 

Mark Cotti 

Alexander Coughlin 

Sarah Crosby 

Jared Cullivan 

Adam Cuomo 

Chantelle Cyr 

Carla Da Silva 

Christopher Davidson 

Morgan Davis 

Brian Day 

John Dee 

Cameron DeGaust 

Emily Delano 

Tyler Demoura 

Brianne DePina 

Brendan Devlin 

Brittany Dhooge 

Camila Dias 

Brandi Diaz 

Angelica Dinatale 

Gavin Dineen 

Patrick Donnelly 

Kevin Dory II 

Allison Dries 

Andrew Duggan 

Brendan Duggan 

Kayla Durand 

Jennifer Dwyer 

Benjamin Eaton 

Kevin Edson 

Adam Egan 

Boontieng Eggleston 

Stephen Eldridge 


Joshua Enloe 
Mary Faraday 
Brian Fasanello 

Thomas Faucett 
Brianna Fazio 
Shannon Fernando-Cole 

Shannon Ferreira 
Sharod Finley 
Samantha Flowers 
Eric Foley 
Kellianne Forsberg 
Ashleigh Fowler 
Marissa Gallagher 
Emily Garcia 

Jason Gardner 
Kaitlan Garland 
Adrianna Garrett 
Michael Genduso 
Kariane Gentrj' 
Danielle George 

Matthew George 
Nicholas Giard 
Elizabeth Gilbert 
Brendan Gill 
Shawn Glazier 
Akiya Goler 

Erica Gonsalves 
Florence Gonsalves 
Cara Goodman 
Daniel Gordon Jr. 
Briane Gorton 
Derek Grabhorn 

Ian Grant 
Nicole Grassi 
Raymond Gregory 
Cynthia Grew 
Barbara Grogoza 

Mayra Guallpa 
Sarah Guevremont 
Joshua Hamblin 
Connor Hamilton 
Derrell Hampton 


Amera Hassan 

Brittanv Hathaway 

Velen Havnes 

Caitlyn Healey 
Maura Hecht 
Nichole Hicks 

Graham Higgins 

Joseph Hill 

Richard Hollinshead III 

Nicole Holmes 

Brooke leronimo 

Alison Ivkovic 

Holly Jasmin 

Ellen Johnson 

Taylor Jonak 

Nicholas Kaiser 

Samantha Kapolis 

John Kelleher 

Michael Kenyon 

Chad Kierstead 

Cameron Kingsbury 

Erin Kirby 

Audrianna Kivlin 

Zachary Kneeland 

Kristianna Knisley 

Kendall Kolb 

Olivia Krabowski 

Danielle Kumor 

Ashley Labbe 

Jocelyn Labrecque 

Ashley Lambert 

Meredith Lane 

Michael Lankowski 

Jack Lapsley 

Sarah Lapworth 

Stephen Lentini 

Jennifer Lento 

Michael Lenton 

Samantha Levangie 

Molly Liolios 

Shannon Lloyd 

Darren Lopes 


Alex Lowe 
Devon Lownsdale 
Douglas Maccaferri 
Jessica MacKenzie 
Hannah MacLeod 
David Maniero 
Jacquilene Mann 
Tyler Marcotte 

David Margeson 
Cody Martin 
Claudia Martinez 

Holly Martz 
Justin Maskell 
Kyle Maynard 

Brianna McDevitt 
Amanda McDonald 
Erin McDonald 
Kacey McMahon 
Holly McNeely 
Sean McNulty 

Mikayla Medeiros 
Cody Merritt 
.Ali Milbry 
Rachael Milroy 
Katie-Ann Moll 
Larkin Moneyhun 

Clare Moore 
Yvette Moore 
Kaylee Morrison 
Christopher Morse 
Sarah Moscone 
Laura Mulligan 
Brittany Murphy 
Conor Murphy 

Jack Murphy 
Lawrence Murphy 
Jayson Naidoo 
Olivia Natola 

Dakota Neary 
Lena Nguyen 
Brandon Nicholson 
Brendon O'Brien 


Thais Oliveira 

Katlin O'Neil 

Shawn Pait 

Britney Paton 
Allison Pejouhy 
Anthony Perrv 

Amelia Petrel! 

Samantha Pickett 

Kyle Powers 

Caitlyn Pozerski 

Katherine Pradhan 

Zachary Prifti 

Erika Prince 

Zachary Proctor 

Whitney Pumphret 

Stephanie Quartucci 

Henry Regalado 

Nicole Rego 

Johanna Rehlander 

Scott Ringuette 

Amy Riordan 

Alyssa Roach 

Seth Robidoux 

Colin Robinson 

Jennifer Robinson 

Ryan Rodrigues 

Gretchen Roth 

Samantha Rudolph 

Hillary Ruggiero 

Alexander Salwak 

Gabriel Santiago 

Krystiana Sargent 

Krystina Sargent 

Ashley Saunders 

Alecia Schneider 

Kirsten Schranze 

Corey Sears 

Joseph Sessine 

Kayla Shannon 

John Sharp 

Ashley Short 

Alina Small 


Daniel Smith 
Jorge Soler 

Justin Stevens 
Ryan Strohman 

Kristi Sullivan 
Reardon Swenson-Hayward 
Jeffrey Synan 
Courtney Talbot 
Nikolas Taormina 
Christopher Taylor 

James Teehan 
John Thimas 
Shannon Tolles 
Nicholas Tosi 
John Trainor IV 
Jonathan Tuffy 

Sean Turke 
Casandra Varao 
Samantha Varao 
Kayla Walsh 
Matthew Walsh 

Christopher Warner 
Joshua Weatherhead 
Richard Weathers 

Jared Weinstock 
Matthew Wentworth 
Eric Whall 
Emily White 
Jeffrey Wilkerson 
Perry Wilson 

Jacob Wood 
Sydney Wood 
John Wood Jr. 
Erin Woods 
Zachary Zaniboni 
Michael Zoccolante 


oj CoH^rfltulatioi^ fn>iH the cla^ of 2012 CoM^rtrtuUitiot^ frm. the doss of 2012 





Don't compromise yourself; 

You're all you got. Janisaopun 



gemma Henderson - Secretary, %ate[yn (petreH- ^ice-resident, 

^eggy ToCey - C(^sJidvisor 



(U>\^piYflMQAo¥^{ro^\l^tCi^ Cow^ratiMioi^froiu the Class (^2D12 

Megan Abaspour 
Ashley Abrams 
Damon Abrams 
Michael Ahlstedt 

Deandra Alberghini 
Robert Alberghini 
Bianca Alcantara 
Olivia Allegrini 
Graham Allen 
Amber Alves 
Derek Anzuoni 
Alexander Ariagno 

Kimberly Arthurs 
Samantha Easier 
Joseph Becker 

Adam Benedict 
Alexandrea Bergamo 
Cameron Berlo 

Michael Botelho 
Emily Bott 
Taylor Bousquet 
Nicholas Boutin 
Emma Bowman 
Jared Bramhall 
Jillian Bratti 
Libby Brigida 

Tyler Brodeur 
Lezah Burgess 
James Burke 
Amy Byrne 
Casey Campbell 

Rachel Campbell 
Emma Canducci 
Erin Cappellucci 

Joseph Carreira 
Nicholas Cash 
Cuinn Chaplin 
Joevon Cheeks 
Emily Cleland 
Taylor Cloran 


Hannah Conley 
William Connolly IV 
Shauna Conrod 
Michaella Cook 
Darion Cooper 

Angela Corbo 
Brandon Corless 

Sean Cormier 

Joshua Corrigan 

Erin Costa 

Adam Crane 

Jeremy Crispo 

Alice Cunha 

Mhayte Cunha 

Nickalas Curtis 

James Dahill 

Tiffany Damon 

Melanie D'Angelo 

Maxwell Banner 

Karmyn DeAngelo 

Alexander Dearn 

Kelli DeCoste 

Alexander DeFelice 

Eric Delaney 

James Delano 

Stefani Dempsey 

Stefanie Deneault 

Amber Desrosier 

Daniella Diaz 

Erica Dickson 

Amanda DiCrcce 

Angela DiZoglio 

Stacia Donlan 

Nicole Doucette 

James Dougherty III 

Darius Dower 

Glenn Drew 
Holly Duddy 
Ryan Duval 
Maliza Egan 


Connor Elliott 
Derrell Elliott 
Nicolas Ellis 
Janaina Falcao 

Connor Farrand 
Nicholas Filkins 
Brittney Fitzpatrick 
Shawn Flanagan 

Danielle Floeck 
Jordan Flowers 
Connor Flynn 
Sean Folan 
Connor Follette 
Drake Fontaine 
Joseph Fratus 
Michael Fratus Jr. 

Brittany Freeman-Hayden 
Corey Furtado 
Katelin Furtado 
Hayden Gabriel 

Ashley Gallagher 
Andrew Gallant 
Ashlyn Gamerman-Medeiros 
Jack Garvin 

Kelly Gatslick 
Tyler George 
Alexa Geracie 
Cody Gleason 
Mercedes Gomes 
Brett Goode 
Ivristi Goodman 
Tyler Gravelle 

Tyler Green 
Cameron Groezinger 
Christopher Grubbs 
Ryan Hagg 

■ Erik Hansen 
^ Aryanna Harkin 
Kara Harper 
Tvler Hart 


Steven Hastings 

V'edel Haynes 

Gemma Henderson 

Nickolas Hernandez 

Kayla Hinckley 

Kayla Hoag 

Emma Hodgson 

John Hogan 

Rose Hogan 

Rvan Holland 

Cody Holmes 

Jake Holmes 

Kimber-Lee Holt 

Devin Hood 

Patrick Horgan 

Ian Huer 

Bryan Hughes 

Danielle landoli 

Ian Imes 

Kai Imes 

Shane Indeglia 

Amanda Izzo 

Chadd Jackson 

MaryKate Jaeger 

Heather Johnson 

Matthew Josephine 

Tyler Joubert 

Macayla Kelley 

Kayla Kincaid 

Gina King 

Joseph Kingsbury 

Brandon Kirsch 

Katie Kitchell 

Courtney Lawrence 

Tyler Lawson 

Robert Leaman 

Daniel Leary 

Stephanie Lehan 

Matthew Lentini 

Annika Leydon 


Chantal Lopes 
Kevin Lovell 
Nicholas Lownsdale 
Jeremy Lurie 

John Lutz 
Emily Mabb 
John-Hanson Machado 
Daniel Maclnnes 

Dylan MacNevins 
Tiffany Macomber 
Ludmilla Magalhaes 
Molly Mahoney 
Brianna Manning-Blake 
Danielle Martin 
Molly Martinsen 
Kevin McCarthy 

Shannon McDermott 
Sydney McDowell 
Meghan Mcintyre 
Tamara McPherson 

Brendan McRae 
Jaymz McStowe 
Christopher Mearls 
Rosario Medina 
Philip Millar 
Brendan Miller 

Cheryl Mitchell 
James Mitchell 
Delaney Montana 
Niyolpaqui Moraza-Keeswood 
Lauren Morris 
Joseph Mulligan 

Alicia Murphy 
Isaiah Musari-Berry 
John Myette 
Ariana Nardo 

Kyle Nickerson 
Mindy Nickerson 
Kathleen Normile 
Christina Noyes 


Connor O'Dwyer 

Danielle O'keefe 

Nicholas O'Sadcia 

Megan Owens 

Sarah Peacock 

Matthew Pearson 

Katelyn Petrell 

Emilv Pickett 

Aron Pierce 

Emily Pieroni 

Rachel Post 

Michael Pratt 

Shannon Raeke 

Jessica Rampino 

John Reardon 

Cody Rector 

Tyler Remy 
Caitlin Ricker 
Brianna Riley 

Christine Riley 
Ramon Rocha 
Jamie Rodgers 

Olivia Rodrigues 

Christopher Roth 

Karen Roth 

Megan Roy 

Alexander Rozak 

Jason Russel 

Christopher Russo 

Nicole Russo 

Matthew Ryan 

Scott Santos 

Brian Saunders 

Robert Savoia 

Sarah Schoeneberg 

Leah Schut 

David Seaverns 

Sean Serrilla 

Kyle Shirley 

Kelsey Sieminski 


Diamond Simoes 
David Smith 

Rachel Smith 
Carlos Solomon 

Alyson Sparrow 
Peter Stasinos 
Daniel Stearns 
■Jillian Steeves 
Riley Stefano 
Brittani Stephan 
Dominique Sterile 
Dathan Stone 

Aaron Surdam 
Nicole Tanner 
Vincent Tavernelli 
Mercedes Thayer 
Brandan Thomas 

Emily Torrance 
Marcos Trozeski 
Anthony Valero 
Sharlene Vallecillo 
Mitchell VanGough 

Tracy Velloso 
Drew Wadman 
Robert Wallace 
Joshua Walls 
Casey Walsh 
Benjamin Waltuch 
Christopher Ward 
Andrew Welsh 

Michael Wetterberg 
Melissa Whittaker 
Jamie Williams 

Jennifer Wilson 
Trevor Wood 
Scott Wormald 



Local Sponsors 

Cest Wishes 


Class €f 






J, /' ^ ^^^^^^j>^5^*^B 


; JL '^^^^S^^j 





Custom Homes 

Chris Post 



Ken Gra4y 


Rancly Post 


C508) 747-4.261 


CCass of 

Tom Fey 
E Mail: 

Custom Scale 

Web Site: 

34 Woodbine Drive 

P.O. 80x3315 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

Phone 508-747-3519 

Fax 508-747-3520 
Phone 800-696-3519 

Class of 2009 


V ^ ^ Photograhy 

1 57 Main St., Carver, MA 02330 





^orn. e 

Make tiine tc play« reep ycur mind open fo learn, 
Ccntinue fc evctve Cest €f Luck Cla§s cf 2€C)9 


John Prince Alana Pradhan Greg Hughes 

Justine Achille Liz Colbert Michael Stanton 

Josh Brooks Andrew Cullivan Wes Robinson 

Ashley Paton Molly Reardon 

Amanda Brisbois Danielle Lopes 


Andrew Cahill Scott Durocher Sarah Forman 

Sarah McKeen Dan Murphy Rachel Pozerski 

Ryan Roark Christina Silva Svenja Spanuth 

Dan Zopatti Dave Ingals Conor Duggan 
Allison Dexter Nicole Katsikis Elizabeth Hogan 

Katie McGrath Mari^ Holmes Joe Brigida 
Lindsay Borgen Mary Humberd, Advisor 





On Plymouth's 



Plymouth, MA. 


CLASS OF 2009 






Trcm tkc members CE 


Barry Cowgill - Advisor, Mark Holmes, Adam Cuomo, David Brodcrick, Doug Maccafcrri, Tom Faucett, Danny Sullivan, Tim Serrilla, 

Andrew Cullivan, Mike Higgins, Andrew Cahill, Joshua Brooks, Tyler Ferreira, Kevin Edson, Justin Ellis, Anthony Clark, Matt Brouillorc 

David Rountree, Alex Johnson, Kevin Campbell, Karen Gutowski, Colleen Taylor, Nicola Mercer, Katie Noyes, Chelsea DiTullio, 

David Marathas, Chrissy Rosa, Eli2abeth Lincoln, Svenja Spanuth, Ariana Nardo, Alycia Corvini, Brian Fasanello, John Reardon, 

Tony Perry, Amanda Morey, Rachael Lynch, Cathy Lindquist, Nicole Katsikis, Jessica Brown, Ms. Kathy Schram -advisor, Kristy Sylvio 

Kayla McNicholas, Candace White, Patricia Ponte, Sean Folan, Jasmyn Silva, Adrianna Sorrett, Brianna Fazio, Carissa Brown, 

Florence Gonsalves, Sam Flowers, Marissa Wiley, Lindsay Borgen 


Master Lie. #11108 
Fax (508) 830-0141 

Mike Flowers 


Plumbing & Heating ^^ 

Specializing in Service and Repairs 


38 Curtis Dr. 
Plymouth, MA 02360 

toll free 1 (877) 530-2255 

(508) 746-2255 

WiNOKUR, Serkey & Rosenberg, Pc 

'At --: — zr ' ijj'ci 




TELEPHONE (608) 746-1023 TELECOPIER (508) 747-6967 WEBSITE: WWW.WWSRXOM 


20 Pilgrim Hill Road 
Plymouth, MA 02360 
Tel.: 508-747-2325 

"We'll Make Your Special Event A Success" 

the series 


every dau a i/vew weblsode! 

see behlv\.d the saei/ves footage a^^d the m-aitli^Q of 
pLuj^M-oK-tlo Rotte sti/cplLos 








Class of 


Cold Spring 

188 Court Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 














PNHS Robotics Team 

Jade Gianakos, ban Zopatti, Myles Ramey, 

Chris Newell, Kevin Campbell, Ricky Smythe, 

Brandon Malaguti, Michael Bastoni- Advisor, 

Christian Ryder, Emily Vannozzi 





CLASS OF 200! 

Insurance Broker 
Notary Public 

All Types of insurance 
and Tax-Deferred Annuities 

Walter R. Correa, M. Ed., E.A. 

Licensed to represent Taxpayers 
before the Internal Revenue Service 

Tel. (508) 746-7718 
Fax (508) 746-7798 
Email - 

22 Jaye Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 





t^ ' jb 






JB .^^H^^5^2 


(508) 746-0051 BUSINESS 
(508) 789-6333 CELL 
(800) 649-0520 TOLL FREE 
(508) 747-4759 FAX 



Owned And Operated 
By NRT Incorporated. 

20 North Avenue 
Pl'i'mouih, MA 02360 

■nvrw. N ewEnglandMo ves . com 














MVt 8 uniif/9 btond of Tti Ctu, Thflrapsufc Exbkbs, Yogi, ObowcAoncs & Bntthtnk 

^^Suzanne Soynton 

^^ »S 'Boston Vniversity 
V Stott Certified TiCates Instructor 
\ J^CSM Certified CCinicaC 

/^ ' lExercise SpeciaCist 

\^^ Certified Vreatk-wort 

70 Court St 

Tfymoutti, MA 



True Blue to oui><»mmunities 

We are proud to support 
the programs and efforts of 

Plymouth North 
High School 

©Eastern Bank 

Cl9%% of 


^ i Keep iTOiliDgl 

Matthew T. Boynton, D.IVI 

Cosmetic and- Family Dentistry 

(508) 746-1666 
Fax (508) 746-3630 




Plymouth, Massachusetts 02360 

Serving ^Oul neeCS lOr TOTAL DENTISTRY 




Love and Best Wtsbes, ^oe 



13 Court Street • Plymouth, Massachusetts 


■ laNp6CAPiN(;,iNc 

design and construction 

L/reamscape Landscaping Is a full-service clesignXbull4/maintcnance companij well-known for 
creating unic^uc naturalistic landscapes. W^ talce great pride in our work and our relationsnip witn 

all our clients. 

Oill W^nnerberg, | resident 



Robert A. RituccL DMD, PC 

Specialist in Orthodontics 

Children, Adolescents & Adults 

Early morning, Evening, & Saturday Appointments Available 

Member American Association of Orthodontists 

110 Long Pond Road, Suite 122 Plymouth, MA Phone (508) 747-4667 

Giving our neighbors 
our best. [^^ 


Bridgewater • Lakeville • Middleboro • Plymouth 
Rochester • Wareham • West Wareham 
508-947-4343 • 

Your deposits are insured in full! 

Member FDIC • Member SIF 

Hare • Specialized 

Ironhorse • Jamis 

Fuji • Redline 



lie iO^'^ . 


- Repairs- 


Seth Lawrence ^ ^ 265 State Road 

508-746-2756 Plymouth. MA 02360 

-*.♦ ' • -c*' 

!i :-^ Domenico Vis^&etio .^i:*:^- **^ ' domehi^wj^xpm 

^ ' *^-z^ Sales Consufrnpt^ ■^^'^V> mail : info ©domenicstwce^.-f 

^^^fi4 CENt^'*^ 

A Professional Store 


Professional Equipment 

319 Court St., Plymouth 



A fixture in Plymouth's North End for over 50 

Family Style Atmosphere 

Lunch and Dinner Specials i 

Voted Plymouth's Best Pizza 93-99 and 02 

330 Court street, (Rte3A) Plymouth (508)746-3444 


CCass of 2009 

We Cove you 




TELEPHONE: 746-12S1 

Wish the 


fi^ik. rJSSi, jS^ .«5?. ?~ m \ i 

The Best of Luck 




FAX: 508-746-5488 



"The thh-ee gi-e^t essentials to achieve anything worthwhile at-e, 
first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense. 

Thomas Eciison 

2VVVW. PI LG Rl MS AN2lS2i« 

■.riMV4.f.-n Ave •> Piymoc.tli. NVMVKK^ '/., JY f^fi'-C ' " "^ P J LA ' 

Good luck. Ryan - Best Wishes to the Class of 200! 


(508) 747-VEn 
Fax: (508) 747-0016 

151 Samoset Street 


9 Men Cl^ii 



FRIMMA J. BUCKMAN (508) 746-8091 

VICE PRESIDENT FAX (508) 746-8640 

Gluten Free is Our Speciality 


X^Jm HealthyAppetites 





44 Lons Pond Road • Plymouth, MA 02360 
508.747.8100 Fax 508.747.6916 

liJackets •Tees • Uniforms 


187 Court Street • Plymouth, MA 

508-830-1 075 

Low Minimums • Fast Turnaround 
(Vthletics • Hats • Sweats 


wood's seafood 

ejio^ 4 2009 

Town Pier - 508-746-0261 




Where Each Relationship Matters 




275 ROUTE 44 

RAYNHAM, MA 02767 

P 508.880.2037 F 508.732.7411 


Event Photography 

Affordable Photography for Weddings, 

Bar (Bat) Mitzvahs, Christenings, 

Portraits: Family, Children, and Maternity. 

Custom printing, framing, and photo restoration 
14 Union Street Plymouth, MA 02360 508.243.3634 


PartyLite Gifts 

A part of the Community 

Part/Lite Gifts is an international marketer 

of fine candles and accessories and one of 

the largest employers in Plymouth. 

As a supporter of many local organizations 

and community events, we feel very proud 

to call Plymouth our home. 

We want to offer our hearty 
congratulations to the 

Plymouth North 
High School 

Class of 2009 


Decorate Your Home • Celebrate Your Life • Illuminate Your Spirit 

JVU# %rt^el "XXa/iv/tv^ QdUii, 

congratuu^tions to our talented seniors 

With Love. 
The Plymouth Band Parents Association 

^ . , Carpe diem 


Amencan Assoculion rA 


^eter 'X Cressman, Tf.M.T). 






DUXBURY, MA 02332 




CoH0fati46atio$iS III 
Ceass of 2009 
Best WisUcs 





Education Association of 
Plymouth and Carver 

Michael Riordan, President 
Frank Smith, Plymouth Elemenary Vice-President 

Georg-e Ayers, Plymouth Secondary Vice-=President 

Connie Koffman, Carver Vice-President 

Cathy Crosby-Norton, Secretary 

Donna Eddy, Treasurer 


attorneys at law 

David L. Delaney 
Kathleen P. Muncey 
Peter N. Muncey, Jr. 
Joseph J. Coppola 
Bryan E. Fecteau 
Kathleen M. Mulvey 
Jason M. Rawlins 


Eugene V. Blanchard 

Of Counsel 
Frederick J. Sheehan 




24 North Street 
Plymouth, MA 02360 
Telephone: (508) 746-1 840 

Web Address: 



\ ^ 





(508) 746-2162 FAX 747-3929 



family Style/ Ke^toMraMt Sl LotAM^e^ 
^omcdony KootMy St Catering 

pU/mouth' 122 Water Street 

Cari/er - 73 Mai^ Street 

McurskfieJid - 928 ?Uin Strtet Kin^ito^ - 134 Maitv Street 

781-834-3050 781-585-9847 

Hajtoi/er - 333 CoUrndpuv KcL 

PojmMy I 

Pucz/b Madey to Order '^ VUie^ Ik/ or TaJce^ Out'^ AutkeMtlo TtaiioJi/ food' 

CongratuCations ancC'Best ^isfies to 

J-CarCan yaCenziano - CCass 0/2009! 

from The ytscarieCCo JamiCy 

ganj^.Ltjncfi ^^ 




Sandy Krupa 





Sons of the American Legion 

Squadron # 40 

199 Federal Furnace Rd. 

Plymouth, Ma. 02360 


Sgt. of Arms 

EflrL A. FowLer 


Back Row 

Jr. Vice 

jaso\A. M. KeLLey 

Front Row 


Matt "B^etters 

Adj. Finance 

Petej. ALshetkvter 

Sr. Vice 

Bobj. Ftrrtlra 




' Proudly Suppports 
and the continued success of its students 

Way to shine 

Class of 2009! 

Best Wishes to Stephanie Wilson 



Beet h/ieke^ 


Cfass 0^2009 

Ami to 

rCoft^ (^atoa/s/ii 

oeojt HigffHSj ojfd 

De^(0^ rfudsoH 

Standish Design 

Custom Upholstery and Marine Canvas 

Quality Craftsmanship Fabric and Leather Repairs 

Automotive * Marine * Recreational 

Residential Commercial 


Plymouth 508.747.7856 

AFAA Certified 
WNBF Pro Body Builder 

Kim Sweeney 

Call for Appointment 

CongratuCations on graduating. I am very 
proud of a[[ you havt accompCisfied and 
I unshyou the aSsofute Best in tvtrytfiing 
thai you do. I am aCzvays fiereforyou. 

Love, Andrew 



"What lies behind us & what lies before us are tiny matters compared to 

what lies within us " Ralph Waldo Emerson 

The Painted Lady 

the Graduating Class of 2 09 


21 Court Street 
Downtown" Plymouth 
(508) 746-2776 

patricK, NicK, 

Justin, g:cott, Curtis, 


Never pass up a chance to share 

smiles, hugs, dreams and laughter. 

Never taKe life for granted. 

"Realize good happens to those 

who are good, ^pend time with 

your loved ones; they will not be 

around forever. And.... 

'^hen you come to the f orK 

in tine road, taKe it." yogi Berra 

Wishing you happiness, health 

and success. 

May God Keep you safe. 

With much love, 

Elaine Conneii, Donna Eddy 

and Christine Sampson 

p.s. Keep In touch 




Tour Neighborhood Sporting Goods Store" 










Th© Plymouth North High School 
Athletic Booster Club 




Parerrt© Remember 



you hflve filled our hearts with love fliA-d pride right froi^ the very start. Through the wears. It has beeiA. our 
pleasure watchliA^ mou grow, we are so proud o-f all Mour acco^M.pLlshi^eiA.ts ai^d the wout^g woi^aiA. wou hnv 
becoio^e. we feel blessed to have mou as> our daughter, we lei^w ijou will be s>uccts.2'ful Iia, college a^vd bewoi^oi 

U9ve, Mo^vt aiA^d E>ad 


My "Schmavey Mavey Wavey Cravey.' I remember the moment 
you were tx)m and you looked up to me as if to say "well here I am" 
and now here you are all grown up and ready to begin "your* future. 

From your many years playing baseball, gdf, rally car racing and 
of course my all time favorite Third Semester* you have brought so 
much happiness and have made me so very proud. 

So now you go off to nnake yourself a future and I want nothing 
Pfiore than for you to be happy and to seek out your passion in life. I 
will however miss your visits to my woricplace looking for the green 
"sheets' while you're away to college! You've grown into a 
responsible young man with a big heart and lots of talent, so 
"Go Get Em Deejr Love you Schmave, MA 


We are all wicked proud of you and how wicked smart are. You are wicked 

good and wicked good for you! Wish you wicked good luck. 

Love you wicked lots, Your family 


Tyler, we are so very proud of you and ail your 
accomplishments. Over the years we have 
watched you become the smart, caring, 
accomplished, dependable and conscientious 
young man you are today and we look fonward 
to hearing all about the new discoveries that 
God has in store for you as you begin a new 
chapter in your life at college. It is such a joy 
having you as a grandson!! 
Love. Grandma Sandi and Grampa John 

Tyler, May you walk strong and believe in the possibilities of 
your hopes and dreams. Always remember who watches over 
you and is always there with you. Be comfortable with the 
unique quahties you bring to the world. I love you, Nana 

Tyler, It seems like just yesterday we were painting sand dollars and 
trying to sell them. Playing with my dolls in the driveway :) You're 
amazing, Ty, in everything that you do. I couldn't be more proud to 
have you as a brother. Congratulations on graduating. 
Now go and get famousi I love youl Always Em 

Tyger, when ever you're in doubt, turn to music (especially Bob 
Marley). You have grown up into an amazing young man. I am so 
proud to call you my brother and one of my best friends, 
((and always remember...when I say sbhhh you say it!)) 
Love you, Cait 


Tyler, our world changed when you became a part 
of it. And now you have become a handsome, 
caring, fun, dependable, honest & loving son and 
brother. As you enter your next journey, hold your 
head high and remain confident that wherever you 
go and whatever you do, as long as you stay Tyler 
Ferreira, you will change the world like you did ours. 
With love and pride, Mom & Dad 
"Keep on drumming" 


Tyler, the best title in life I 
have ever received is being 
your dad. From reading 
books, playing baseball, 
drumming and skiing, I am 
reminded by your words 
when you were a youngster, 
"Dad, will you teach me?" 
As you continue on to the 
next phase of your 
education, may you know 
how proud and honored I am 
to be your dad. 


From childhood dreams to 
the reality of tomorrow, 
may your guiding light 
always be strong. May 
God bless you and keep 
you safe in the palm of His 
hands. We are very proud 
of you. 

Mum, Dad and Lauren 


Dear Sheila^ 

Your enthusiasm for life helps us to see 
the world in new ways. You are always 
eager for the next adventure-the next 
challenge-and you always rise to the 

Thank you for including us on your 
incredible journey from our little "peanut" 
to the beautiful-poised-intelligent and 
confident young woman you are today. 
Your strength is inspiring to the whole 

Always know we are here for you and 
that you've brought us more pride and joy 
than youll ever know. 

We wish you love and happiness as you 
continue on your path in life. 

Congratulations on all of your 
accomplishments...with love from 
Tonif Ginny, Zak, Chris, Dan, Ben, 
Patrick & Mallory 



dshootfor the moon! Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. JL ^ 

Les Brown 

Congratulations Scott. 

You have brought us 

joy every day of your 

life. We are proud of 

how hard you work at 

everything you do. 

Stay the smiling, 

caring person that you 

are. May God guide 

every step you take. 

Love you. 

Mom, Dad, Chris 

Brian & Cosmo 

Dear Michael- 

Zongratulations. We are very proud of you'. Always remain 
'rue to yourself and you will go far in life. We love you very 
much. -Mom, Dad, Bobby and Bandit 

M: makes her family so proud 

E: enjoys friends and life 

L: loves all animals 

I: ice skates with all her heart 

S: sweet Melissa 

S: snowboards and loves to play in the snow 

Missy: For someone so young and brave to go off to college 
so early. So few could have accomplished what you have done 
We love you very much. Love Mom and Kate 

The dunes, the grass, the half gray sky. 
A boy plays alone with the wind at his side. 
We climb the dunes, you and I. 
Our marks in the sand are like a goodbye. 
I My child you will see the golden sand. 
Come walk with me and take my hand. 
At the top of the dunes well stop and stand. 
And see the beauty of another's hand. 

We are so pleased with all of the 

decisions you have made in your life. 

We may not always agree but we will 

always love and support you. We are 

so proud of the young man you have 

become. Enjoy this new chapter in your 

life and work hard for what you want. 

Love always, 

Mom and Dad 


lb our dearest 'XicoCetta, 
You arc a ray ofsunsfiine m our fives. You have Brought such joy and happiness to our home. Congratufations 
on aff your accomplishments thus far Jls parents ive couCdnot have wished for a Setter daughter 'You have 
groan mto a foivfy, seCf-assured young woman. 'H^e arc so very proud of you 'NicoCc. jAsyou emharh^on your 
next journey pCease ({tiow we wiCCafways 6c here chccnng you on and offering unwavering support. Cjo see^ 
your dreams, ma^ your choices. 'We l^now they wiffhe the right ones for you. CMay aff your hopes and dreams 

come true. You deserve the very best. 

Love jACways and forever, 

'Mom and^Dad 


"If it is to be... 

it's up to me'" 



'Success is never final 
Failure is never fatal 
It's courage that counts 



1 ^ 



yesterday you were just a baby... 

time goes by so fast. 

You are an awesome big brother. 

You are a son who makes us so proud. can do anything 

you set your mind to. Aim for the sky! 


Mom, Dad and Lauren 

"QZ/a nolao^ wAere tAebatA mtm lead; 
ao^ miteadwAere t/iere i6 nabatA 

>lng the Campflre gtong! !^> 
I love you, LaLai 

2 ThfliA^fe Ypu. foy btl\^Oj 
there for w^t, thfliA^fe 

sister, but \M.DS.t of flLl, 
tV\a\AJiz Ljou. for beliA^g 

JohiA. PfltrLc>e 

TM d/v ^/^ gojfskii^ 0^ 
oar iive^/ iVou rtock 
"svtucw/iert' over- tkt 

uomt drt'Oms M0» (rue-/ 

/Horn &: Paef \ 

You dont raise heroes, you raise sons. If you treat them lilce sons, 
they'll turn out to be heroes, even if if s just in your own eyes. 

(Walter Schirra, Sr.) 

Anthony, since the day you were bom you have brought so much happiness into our lives. It has been a joy being 
' parents. We are so proud of you. Remember that whatever you do or wherever you go, our love and support 
) with you. 

We love you! Mom and Dad 

IR^ I 

' Anthony, congratulations on graduating tronn high 
school. We wish you good luck in college and in the 
future. We are so proud to have you as our brother. 
Love always, 

Jake and Heather 


Dear David. 

You've filled our lives with wonderful, happy memoriesi 
We're so proud of the man you have become and what you] 
hove accomplished. Parents, teachers, and coaches can se 
an example, but you're the one who decides which road 
you'll follow. Time for you to head out on a new road... 
We'll miss you next year! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Dear Da;id, 

Congratulations and Good Lucb! 
Welcome to our world- 
Love, Jenna and Kevin ^ 

Always tliLkvIe "why lA^f 

Act tkoutghtfi/tLLy oi^ yoKr Ldeas 

Lenn/v sontethui^ from, everyokve yow to^ct 

■&« wko you are 

Shoot for tloe I'vuJOiA- 

iZjt\MztM.ber evtru dau Ls a great day 
■ Be i^oppy 
k^ep fflkvi-LLy flku^ frleiA^s close 

we love you 
Mom., v>aci, Kathruin,, § toutg 

This time like all times Is 

a very good one If we 

but know what to do 

with it. 

Corey, I can't believe 

you actually made iii 

I'm proud of you. 

Love, Amanda 

Corey, Congratulations! I'm 

so proud of you! Good luck 

with whatever you choose to 

do! I love you tons. Kristen 

May the good Cord 6e -with you down every road you roam. (But whatever 
road you chose, I'm right 6e hind you, win or Cose. Torever young, ^stewan 

To Our Baby, We are so proud of you. You have given us so much happiness in watching 

you grow into a young man. You have the best personality; don't ever lose your sense of 

humor. Your smile, laughter, and jokes have brought us so much joy. We will miss all your 

football and basketball games (#22), but will never forget the ones we had. Thank you for 

the past 18 years! We wish you all the best as you start your next joumey. Remember, 

we are always here for you. We love you so very much. Love, Mom and Dad 

ThaoKs for Introducing 
me to soccer!!! g^tacia 


We are so proud of you! We 
admire the way you set goals for 
yourself and worked so hard to 
achieve them. We can't believe 
how fast these years have flown 
by. We know you vA[[ succeed 
in vThatever you decide to do in 
the future. Just remember your 
family v/ill always be there for 

We love you very much! 

Mom, Dad, David & Lisa 


Itiee^ni^UJc^yuytth^^hyn^a^^y-youywere^my "little^ 
buddy." It'yiO'hcu'd^to-helle^/e^tlruU^yowcire^yiOMf 
^adiuxtivi^. I cim/yy-prx>udyof^fve/mxMvyou/ha\fe' 
hecotne^cn^idl VfUhciUuayyheythere^fbr y<yu/! 
Lo^eyyou/Bug^. Aihley 

These are the days we will remember 
Jhese are the times that won't come again 
\The highest of flames become an ember 
lAnd you gotta live 'em while you can 

Keith Urban 

Where does the time go? 
Time has passed so quickly since that rainy night you came into our lives. We've seen you grow from a 
beautiful little baby to a beautiful young woman. It seems like yesterday that we were watching you finish 
preschool, now here you are graduating high school. 

We'll always remember the vacations spent together: Florida, Mexico, Wyoming and Montana. It 
was special because we were all together. We watched you from t-ball and soccer to softball, band, 
and whenever we saw you on stage, you stole our hearts. Words cannot begin to describe how 
proud we are of you and all your accomplishments. Your future is waiting for you, go and live 
your life to itsfiillest. Always remember as you go through life that we love you with all our 

Mom and Dad 


. *^ 


IfMr T 





^«",_ V 

Dear Nicole, 

We want you to know, no matter how far 
your journey takes you-you will always be in our 

As your journey unfolds and new paths await 
you-remember the foundation your life was built 

Words cannot express the love we have for 
you and watching you grow has been our 
special joy. 

We love you. Mom & Dad xxoo 

Dear Caitlin, 

You have grown up right in front of our eyes 
into a beautiful young lady. All the wonderful 
things you do for your family and friends, make 
us think of all the great times we have had. 
From dancing as a ballerina in the kindergarten 
circus to dancing in the shows at Hedge with 
all the girls. Taking on the role of "big sister" came 
easy for jou because jom are the "older" sister. 
The trips to the Vineyard wall always be fond 
memories for years to come. You are ready to take 
the next step, in your "Toms", on a journey that will 
lead you into the world. We are so proud of a\\ you 
do and who you have become. 
All our Love, 
Mom and Dad 

Dear Courtney, 

You, as well, have grown up right in front of our eyes 
into a beautiful young lady. There were days when all 
you wanted to do was play with the boys and we 
thought to ourselves, here we go again just like your 
big brothers. You were the strong "person" in the circus, 
you got into robotics, but still did a little chorus line dance 
at Hedge. You had a spirit that said "I can if I say so!" and 
you did it just that way. Your trips were to the soccer field, 
where you never let a lose stand in your way of the next win. 
On an afternoon when the girls on the sidelines sang louder 
than they played, you hung in there and played your heart out. 
Your drive and determination on and off the soccer field will 
lead you into a bright future. We are so proud of all^oii do and 
who you have become. 
All our Love, 
Dad and Mom 

Dear Caitlin and Courtney, 

Whut Up! We are proud of both of you and want you to know 

that we \o\eyou even if we can't caW you by your 

nicknames G and M J ! And you know 

what we mean. 

Love from your Big Bros, 

B andT- !! 

ThoAxhyou/fbr yyuilUvig^u/yi<y'\fery 
proud/ ofyow. NeA/er itxtp beltevwi^ iw 
you^nelf: Lo\^e/ Movtv &r Vad/ 


CongratuLatCot^s 'B>ecizijl We Love ujou h^ore thaki...aU the stars C^i the sky. 

MoioA,, PhU, Corii^ne^jctsoiA,, a kid "Pad 



'MflM the road ns.t to m^et ijou, m,flu) the wIia^ be flLwflujS at yoixr bwcle, mi^y the suia. 
shliA^e wflrvR ixpoiA, Mowr ffl&e, kM.«ij tkie rfllkts fflLl S£)ft utpoiA, yowr fields, avui, ut^ttlL we 
Kvteet flgnliA,, lo/tflw <::iod lioLd ujow. It^ tV\e p«Lm. of H-ts hfliA^.' oLol Irish BLessLiA^ 

Love, Mon^, "Dfld, CflltUiA- fli/vd BreiA.dfli/v 


Jessica, We can't believe how fast 

this day has come. YouVe 

brought us so much joy and we are 

ail very proud of you. As you start 

your next life ch^ter, consider the 

words of Emerson, 

"What lies behind us and what lies 

before us are tiny matters 

compared to what lies within us." 

So, follow your dreams! Live your 

life and enjoy the journey. Above 

all, be true to your heart 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad 

Carissa, Adam and Andrew 

"Sister, I hear you laugh ray heart tills Bessie, You have always been there for 

up. Keep me please. Sister, when 
you cry I feel your tears running 
down my face. 
Sister, Sister keep me-DMB 

me and through everything I've never 
stopped looking up to you. I don't 
know how I am going to get by next 
year without your advice. I love you 
Jessie! Love, Carissa 


We are so proud of you and all 
your accomplishments. 

Follow your dreams and know we 
are always here for you. 

We love you. 

Mom and Dad 


You did a great job. 


Tim and lolm 

You have so many wonderful traits that define who you 
are: a great student, a talented atfilete, a loyal friend, a 
carir^ brother and an exceptional son. Our wish for you is 
to ahvays be happy, healthy and that your life is filled with 
all the things that bring you laughter and love. 

We do not know what the future has in store for you 
but we do know diat you will make this world a better place. 
So whether we are ailing you Hidiael, Hidiael William, Hike, 
Hikey, Willy or even Marvin, all these names belong to one 
remarkable young man that we are proud to say is our SON! 
Hay all yoi^ dreams come true. 

Horn and Dad 




My buddy. I am so very proud of you and all tha 
you've accomplished so far. I know its only the 
beginning. Your life will be full of many 
adventures and successes and I'm sure some 
disappointments. Cherish them all, for even the 
disappointments help build character and often 
open doors that you can't see at the time. 

Always remember. Family comes first, always 
keep your sense of humor and Auntie is always 
ready to meet you on the Rue de Baga on the 
next trip to Disney! Much love to you always! 


Our little brother 

It is said to save the best for last; way to 
go Mike! We are proud of you and all your 
accomplishments. Love, Marc & Kevin 




Thanks for being the best sbter in the world! 
You're truly amazing you're the Qptain of your 
lacrosse team, you won Ail American in the senior 
dass, you get straights A's and you win random 
citizenship awards. How the heck am I supposed 
to compete with that'!?! Those are big shoes to 
fill! I'm proud of you Seer! 

fke £eu, to hobpfKe^e is kav-kO' a/^e^ams, 

ike £eci to eac&eee is maK^fnO' ^oa/^ Of^eame &ome tf^ue. 



'your anioal Into our lloas was hvbj e miracle; iometbing toe dreamed aboul for a very, long time. 
'TlJbere bos the time gonel '^f seemj like only yeaierday thai we bad io nudge you onio Ibe scbool bus - 
you haoe come so far from ibai shy little kindergartener. HlJe baoe cberisbed tbose post 18 years and 
baoe thorougbly enfoyed watcbing you grow and blossom Into tbe hoely young woman that you are today, 
'you baoe so mucb to sbare witb those around you IDe admire your kinehess, strengtb, bard work, 
dedication, and commitment Those special qualities, along with that warm, beautiful smile of yours will 
lake you whereoer you choose to go in life. Tlnd and follow your dreamsl ^e are so oery proud of 

J^ooe. 9llom & 'Dad 

Jillian Kerry White 

Jill, We are so proud of you! 

Congratulations and the best 

of luck always. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad & Taylor 

"Jhe pitwie Betonga ta thoae 

ufAo- Sietieite in the Beautif. 

0/ tAeix (heama." 

And when you finally fly away I'll 
be hoping that I served you well 

For all the wisdom of a lifetime 
no one can ever tefl 

But whatever road you chose I'm 

right behind you, win or lose 
Forever young. 

-Rod Stewart 



You arc a tough act- 
to follow. 
I will miss you. 


We are so 

Proud of you. 

You have grown 

into the 

amazing person 

we always 

knew you 




would be as 

proud as we are. 


Mom & Dad 

M \ I i 


May the good Lord be with you 

Down every road you roam 

And may sunshine and happiness 

Surround you when you're far from home 

(R. Stewart/J. Cregan/K. Savigar) 

c^e fove you, 
and we arc bicsscd to have you for a son. 





t:,>r^^-„ ,v^:.^v^: 

I've always 
looked up to 
you as my big 
brother and 
friend. Good 
luck and I'll 
miss you. 


Where have the years gone? It seems like just yesterday that we 
fell in love with our new baby boy. As the years passed, we've 
watched you grow into an intelligent, caring and respectful young 
man ready to go out into the world. 

We are so proud of the person you have become and honored to 
call you our son. Let your heart guide your choices. We believe in 
you and know you will accomplish great things. Remember that we 
are your greatest fans and will always love you. 

Congratulations! Love, Mom and Dad 


My di^ar son %>mn, 

you and I haV(z bi^izn through a lot tog^zthj^r 

Ovjzr thjz past sjzVjzntjZj^n years. WiZ have 

overeoiDe a number oj obstacles and 

shortcomings together. When I needed 

strength - you were there for me. I hope 

you will take com/ort in knowing I will 

always be there to give you strength and 

support you may need to achieve your 

dreams and goals, 
finnmarie and I love you very much, fill 

we want is for you to be happy and 

successful in whatever you choose to do. 

Continue on your journey through life 

with your kind and gentle ways. 

Strive to be happy. 

fill my love and respect, f)ad 


You are one amazing kid. You found your path and took it. You 

set high goals and standards for yourself and worked diligently 

to attain thenn. We are in awe of your scholastic accomplishments. 

We hope college will be as rewarding for you as high school has 

been. Best of luck on the next chapter of your life. We admire 

and respect the diligent, hardworking, and honorable young man 

you have become. 
We love you. Mom and Dad 

io Ugli school anil I feel si licky to lave lieei aUe to 
mtxk it kippeD. I an pad of all your arcomplishnients 
afll koow whatever path yoo choose ti t^e, pi will be 
SDccessfnL I am going to iiss po a lot when yoo go away 
to school especially your hsBor; it's so cootagions. I hope 

Love yoD, Das, aodcoopt^ Alison 
Oh yeah, can ikorrow $20.00? 


I can not believe you are graduating high school-it seems like just yesterday 
you were still a little boy! To have watched you grow and mature has been 
both a pleasure and a privilege. You have pushed yourself to try new things 
and to take chances. I am so proud of you and all that you have 
accomplished, especially these past 4 years. You have become a fine young 
man who is much loved by your family. 

Love, Mom 



t- J ' 


As you know, my pregnancy with you was very difficult and full of complications, and I 
spent weeks/months worrying about my unborn child. But I knew if we made it through 
this pregnancy, you were going to be one precious, blessed baby ~ and that you were. 
From the moment you were born, and Dad and I looked at each other and said, "She has 
RED hair! " we knew you 'd be special. You 've been an absolute joy to watch grow into 
the beautiful young woman that you've become. 

From cheering you on in sports, watching you in concert on flute, and your roles in 
various plays, especially Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz", which of course we thought was 
"Oscar " worthy, you 've excelled! Your awards and achievements were many; your 
sisters were in total awe. ami Dad and I were filled with pride. Your quick wit, infectious 
smile, intelligence, and compassion, are just a few of your many attributes that will serve 
you well in Nursing, or whatever career you ultimately decide to pursue. So it is 
bittersweet that we send our baby off to college -our red haired beauty. We 'II miss you 
terribly, but will be anxious to see what your next stage in life will bring. Always 
remember Dad arui I, and your sisters are there for you, no matter where, no matter 

We love you Boo! 

Mom and Dad 

Katie. Laura, and Allison 

6jou, qjuuu- up oxxu- too- ^ait! It u, iaJL to- 
tiji\k' aAout ny^ (ittU, Mten, qalKAo^to- 

hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your 
hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your 
heart has ever known ~ Author Unknown 

I can't believe our baby is graduating! I'm so very proud of you, and 
love you to pieces! Love, Ya 


We are verg proad of gou, BudI 
Love, Dad, Teirg and Tori 

c&^SfCtiJC iSG^za ^^sy. Yoar <^<iici^t?azx Qxtd camxazCm^xi^ (o qxcqJS^jxcq 
Aas <?^rziG^ ypa gr^t PG/sp^c^ ajid wiJ2 provQ (o b^ yoar p^cjpG for 
saccGSS zuw ^zuf in C&g /hizzzv. Wh <3t«? so proad oftbjG nsspoosib/G 
^jxd cozisiJQrQ^ yvaxt^ za^n yoa AJi^ b^ame axxd looi forw^^rd (;o 
w^^Aw/Sr r^:^ar /tttor^ ^ccawptisixxx^xxds- 

Wki low, Mam, Pad, Sf Wyxtian 


It is hard to believe that you are 
graduating. It seems like only yesterday 
we were playing wif f le ball. I am sure you 
will succeed in what you choose. If you 
ever need anything y^xst call. Good luck Big 
Brother! Live life to the fullest, be happy, 
be safe, and be yourself. 

Your brother, Tyler 


You have grown up so quickly and now you're about to 
start a new life. You are an amazing person. 

Whatever road you choose you have our love and support. 
We are looking forward to the next chapter in your life. 

Congratulations. We're so proud of you. Always 
remember the road home. 

May you always be true to yourself and continue to shoot 
for all your goals. The future hold so much for you and our 
wish is for all your dreams to come true. 

Never forget to Live, Laugh, and learn. 
Love, Mom and Dad 


I don't even know where to begin. The years went by so quick. You were my 

little precious girl and now you're a beautiful young lady. You have always 

made us so proud of you with everything you have done. Reach for the stars 

Kaitlyn and no matter what you choose to do in life you will be successful. 

Like Nana Bea always said to me"You have a good girl Beth"and she was right, 

I am honored to be your mom! Enjoy your college years the best is yet to 

come for you Kaitlyn. We love you so much. 

Love you whole heart 

Mom & G\ga ^tl 


I don't Hjiawivfiat I am going to 
do wften you are at codege-U^ot 
only are you my sister, you are my 
Sest friend, too. I don 't ^aw who 
else I can sit up wth at midnight 
eating ^tcfiup andpotato chips. 
Bonding R^ we never Have Before. 
I Cove you. Tou are a great girCl 

K.K, sta 

I love you! You are my best 

friend. I am going to miss 

you so much next year! 

GOOD LUCK! "Having a 

sister is like having a best 

friend you can't get rid of. 

No matter what, they will 

always t>e there." Amy u 

Love always, Rae.sta 

Congratulations! We are so proud of you. 9^ow is the time for 
you to go shine your Rgfit on the rest of the worCd. 'We ^nowyou 
will Be a great teacher and ma^ us even more proud. We LOV^ 
you a SusheC and a pec^ and a hug around the nec^l 

Love Mom, ^Dad, Za^andjacoB 

You have made 
us very proud. 
We have no 
doubt your 
future will be 
filled with 
happiness and 
success. Stay 
true to yourself 
and never lose 
your sense of 


IMom, Dad and 



You have brought us so much joy since the day you 
were born. We cannot believe how quickly time has 
gone by and now you are graduating and looking 
forward to the beginning of the rest of your life with 
countless opportunities before you... 

You are an amazing person, thoughtful, caring, loving 
and humble. We are so blessed and thank God to have 
you as our son. We pray you will always be happy with 
what you choose to do in life knowing that we are 
always here for you. 

Gramps is smiling down on you.... 

We love you so much. Mom & Dad 

Over tJie years, we have watched 
you evolve into a beautiful, sensitive, 
and confident young woman. You 
have brought us love, laughter, 
warm hugs and tears of joy. We 
admire the way that you have 
always followed your heart with 
conviction. On whatever path you 
choose, we are sure you will make a 
difference- just as you already have. 

Amanda, we are so very proud of 
you and we can't wait to be part of 
the rest of your journey. 

With all our love. 
Mom and Dad 

The future Belongs to tfiose wHo BeCieve in the Beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt 

Dear Bri, 

We are so proud of you, 
little sister. We're 
gonna miss you when 
you go off to college. 
We are especially 
gonna miss harassing 
you and screening your 
dates. We'll always 
have your back. 
We love you. 
Josh & Jeremy 

Dear Brianna, 

Through the yean vA/e've watched 
you grow; you have inspired us, as 
parents, with your strong 
determination, hard worb-ethic, desire 
and ability to achieve your goals. 

We love your sensitivity, kindness and 
sincerity towards others. 

The beauty that shines on the outside 
is the true beauty that shines within 
your heart and soul. 

We are so proud of you Bri, our 
beautiful daughter. 


Love Always, 
Mom & Dad 

/ hope you stiCC fceC smaCC -wfien you stand Beside tfit ocean 

'Whemver one door cCoses, I ho-pe one more opens 

(Promise me that you 'CC give fate a fighting chance 

fAndiuhen you get the choice to sit it out or dance, 

I hope you dance, I hope you dance. 


Reach for the stars, follow your dreams, be happy!! 

Love always and forever, 




Our youngest son who has always 

made us so very proud... you 

complete our family. We are so 

lucky to watch you grow and achieve 

your goals. Work hard and follow 

your dreams. 

We love you very much. 

Love Mom, Dad, Brian, Amy & Steph 


You can do anything you wish k do, 
Have anything you wish to have, 
Be anything you wish to be. 

■Robert Collier 

^ ^ Happiness Is not a destination. It Is a metiiod of life 

^^mrnt Ow' 

BM/CLndy CcUt, 

We^ (M-e/ ioproud/ of 

you/ cLYid/oXi that 




Mom/, Vad/Sr CrcU^ 

I^yan, I ean't bi^lij^Vii you tur?, graduating high school! It siz^m* liksz. just 
9ii«tiirday w^ WiZ-rjz: littlji Kids playing togjz^th^r all day! I am r^z-ally going to 
miss you ni^Xt yiz^ar wh^n you arjz^ away at school, but 1 know that you arii 
going to do gri^at in eolljigiz. and in lifjz:. you arjz^ such a grj^at little brothjz^r 
and I loV(2^ you so much! lsoV(i always, flnjanda 

Ry-Cuy, G>ngrab on gradixiting. Pm very proud of you and all you have 
accomplished. You're going to be doing big things someday. Los;e, Andrew 



My "little man." I can't believe how the time has gone. I'll always miss 
"little hot dogs and a table for two." You have become such a wonderful 
young man. This is an exciting and wonderful time for you. Your future is 
so bright; you'll be making decisions for your life ahead. Remember to 
always keep your sense of humor. We are very proud of you. You have 
given us so much. Whatever path you choose, we know it will be the right 
one for you. We love you so much! Dad and Atom 

Mac, Always remember Eddie, Invisible Eddie, Trenzo, Guys, 
Tonka Trucks and where you kept them the first night you got 
them, the castle and catapulting the knights (and who taught you 
that one!), Log-Man's Log, "Whippoorwill, Whippoorwill", "Bob- 
White, Bob- White", Pocono's forts, Hershey Park (6 times). 
Princess Cruising, grenadine shots. El Toro, chefs hat, Hat-of- 
Wannth, Viking hat, lighted hats, the Chiefs and their goahe, #23, 
yoiu" little "Honey Bunny' Lion King Sega, Pokemon, Optimus 
Prime, crashing Hot Wheels in Aunt Mary's basement. Cousin's 
Picnic X 17, playing "The Goat", announcing "lovely Ladomia" a 
thousand times, sledding in PA, Klondike's with Grandpa, Uncle 
Tom's marina, the playgroimd near Nana's, real waves at Jones 
Beach, Fiddler on the Roof-in NYC and Plymouth, Macbeth, 
baseball, football, hehcopter rides, Holtsville Zoo, grilled cheese 
sandwiches-all the time, Mr. Rogers ('nufFsaid), the "Gockie", 
monsters on Sesame Street, Chewbacca, football in the backyard, 
Whiffldjall in the backyard, burying Robinhoods's buddy in 
Manorville, loosing Rd)inshood's buddy in Manorville, Father 
MacDonald's "YES!", driver's permit, driver's Ucense, Target, 
guitars, drums (Tama and snare), piano, "Rebel Rebel", Layla, salt 
water fishing, fiesh water fishing, skiing at "the Hideout", catching 
the Montauk Grand Slam in record setting fashion, Fari and his pet 
goat, MeUssa, Aubrey, Elizabeth, Mom and Dad. . . 

and that's just the FIRST 1 7 years! 

We are all proud of you Mac! 
Congratulations on your graduation! 


Love, hAo}M. «iAxd Riofe 

X/ea/i G>nvu!u, 

C'u/i viiAn ton. uou in Uvat ttvifi. uf« hexameA oXC VruiX «w>t4. «ia>vt U to. UjouA, 3t«MTva. ivtou- oio. 
and uou/t tiot/Me^ atau anvaU. Mou. fte^Se^ rt£<3 to oovul nuyu. Vnan *um can noXo 

Why are you tryluvg so hflrd to fit Lia, 
vvkie^v y DM. were borkv to st«t/v.e( out? 


Wg ar^ Vizry proud 

of gou and 

all your 


you havg grown 

up to b(z a 




IooV(z, Mom 



& Tueker 


Well, sh(3 was an 

flm^zriean girl 

raised on 


§he couldn't help 
thinking that 

there was a little 
more to life 

somewhere else. 



fl/ter all, it was a great big world 
with lots of places to run to 

Tom pfztty 


Congratulations, Isaurizn 
^j|^ 1j>oV(2, ^ad. Mom & Casing 


Joey-I am so proud of who you are, all that you have done, and what I know you will accomphsh. Always remember to care and 
serve others if only in a small way, for there is growth and satisfaction in being part of something larger than yourself. 

I love, respect and admire you more than you know. In all we have shared together, you have brought so much happiness into my 
life and I look forward to many more wonderful times. May your future continue with success and happiness with each and every 
door you open. You have the best guardian angel: YaYa. Remember his words: "never be a quitter.' So, go gettem King Fish. 
Congratulations! Be good-be safe. I wiU always be here for you Freto. Love Mom 

Joey-I can't believe you will soon be in college; it 
seems like yesterday we were playing in the 
backyard . I look forward to watching you play 
baseball at the next level. Make it a good one- 
no regrets... Love Jay PS. Hit the weights kid! 

To my nqjhew & Godson Joey (Captain)! 
Congratulations on this notable and festive day. As 
you embark on the journey of life always remember 
your roots and those that love and respect you. 
Remember you can do anything you dream once you 
put your mind to it and woric hard. But, above all, 

f have keU M>u^ ka/fd tk/s ^ 
/\/o«, ft is ti0» ^f mt to &,t^ 
/ ag£ 0Oa to Ueomt, tke> mo/f 
f kavc Mtistcl ^ to U, 

PMmi'st, 0» 0oa &cu( U tkat matt, 

A/fcf ntvt^ ^'vc af> OK aj^ 

/i/o matttf ukat ^ ma^ tkrow ^ov^ loa^. 

/^ itt^ So^. l»9e>^ /ffom (Uk/ 7t^ 

Jok)( - /'mjaet ficM't^ to ea^ / &Hfe ^a. 

Ainxm rtrt»mUr, Wl l^i^ fO*, mj^ tOK 


Good luck next year, I'm coming 
to visit! Love you, Rach 


It has been a pleasure watching you grow, 
evolve, and mature. From "I'm going to talk to 
Jackie," to climbing trees in the yard. Power 
Rangers in the driveway, great drawings. Camp 
Clarke, football, vacations at Universal and now off 
to college, and oh... I almost forgot about girls. 
Anyways, Me, Risa, Truman, and Gracyn all wish 
you the very best in your next chapter of life... we 
will always be thinking of you. Congratulations! 

Love Dad and Risa 

Mar^our (Biuf! 

M^e caCCyou ^luf Because you are everyone's friend. We are so proud of you and aCC of your 
accompCisfiments. You have turned into a very ^nd and wonderfuC young man. !Nb matter wfiicfi 
career path you choose, we ^nowyou ti4CCej(ceCat it andvue want you to ^now we are hereforyou 
and to support you. Love, Mom and (Dad 



We are so proud of your past accomplishments. 

We can't wait to see what the future holds. 


Gisfi, Nunno, Gram and Papa 

/ ^ 


We should have known when you arrived 
17 days early it was only because you 
were so anxious to s^t a head start on 
your life. The time since then has just 
flown by. We know great things lie ahead 
for you, and we can't wait to go along 
for the ride. You have been the best son 
any two parents could ask for. 
We love you. 
Mom and Dad 

Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, 
and suddenly you arc doing the impossible. St Francis of Assisi 

MeatAa, and £uuiaey., my. thanko fax yawi time, effo>it and tUdicatia n gitten to- tAia ifxwtBoak. 

Xo the Cliss of 2009: AAiy e«£h pige of your yviiiooK provi^ cherished memories, 

much KappiKess ^4 liughter for yeirs to come. AAiy &o4 keep \fOo sif e. 

•Tiyi. Alex, LinJsey, AJim, Ricfiei $ AArs. Cimstiive SimpsOA 

S . T 

Wishing Health and Happiness for the Class of 2009 
from Grandma Eddy, Tyler, Amanda, Call d Oeclan 

"It's not wfiere you're from; it's wfiere you're going. It's not what you drive; it's 
wfiat drives you. It's not what's on you; it's what's in you. It's not what you 

thin^ it 'S what you ^nOW. " — Gatorade commercial 

Pljmowth PwbMe 3ekmb 

Mary M. Mortensen 

Mary E. Callahan 

Assistant Principal 

41 Obery Street, Plymouth, MA 02360 
Tel: (508) 830-4400 Fax: (508) 830-4405 

*A Community of Self -Directed, Lifelong Learners'* 

Derek D. Thompson 

Assistant Principal 

Kevin £. Farrell 


Dear Graduates, 

The faculty and staff of PNHS join me in saying, "High five, standing "O," and way to go to the Class of 2009!" 
We acknowledge your academic, civic, artistic, and athletic achievements, and we thank you for the difference you 
have made in our lives and our school. 

It is our hope that we have challenged you to reach your full academic and personal potential and that you have the 
knowledge and skills to become life-long learners and to contribute to society as thoughtful, informed citizens who 
accept responsibihty for their actions. 

May you find passion and follow it, may you live well and fully, and may you be the change you want to see in the 

Be§t wishes for a happy and sjjccessM-ftrtnrer--^ 

Mary M./^ortensen 

It has Seen a pleasure Being around the Class of 2009. 
^Ihe personalities within this class are strong and 
muCtifaceted. Jis we Ibo^to the future, it is clear that 
the Cl^s of 2009 wiHwor^creativeCy and diHgentCy 
to ma^ this country, indeed this world a Setter place. 
If we could leave you off with one piece of advice it 
would Se this: never settle for less than your aSsoCute 
Sest. If you wor^hardeach day to ma^yourseCfa 
Setter person and help those aroundyou do the same, 
you wiUhave achieved success. 

(Best ofCuci^to the Class of 2009. 

CHs. %pn^[[en 

Mr. [^ndy<Dugan 

CoM^rotuUittoMS b the Class of QDO^ Coni^ratuUrtioMS to the Class of 20C^ 

Best of luck. Class of 2009! 

"You have brains in your head. 

You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. 

You're on your own. 

And you know what you know. 

You are the guy who'll decide where to go. " 

-Dr. Seuss 

. . .^J Aee/i/r/z/eodu^/ 














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